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Luck guys what’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by auto top now my name is max and today we’ve got the all new 2021 vw golf r the mark 8 golf r and this is the the golf r’s are always super highly anticipated and we’ve been looking forward to driving this car for quite some time but as you can see the weather is crap and to make matters

Worse we only have this car for like three hours so it is now 4 30 as you can see we pick this car up at three and we have to return it at six so we’ve got three hours with the car and of course it rains so unfortunately nothing we can do about that but we’re going to make a review nonetheless i’m going to show you around it show you all the cool stuff on it

And then we’ll take it for a drive towards the autobahn for a little wet autobahn blast but before we begin don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell to receive updates when we upload a new video and check us out on instagram if you like at 0. for some behind the scenes footage so we’re going to cover the new golf r and we’re going to focus on the

R stuff of course r it is a new r and at the front i mean we know this look from the new gti that flat nose with the led bar running across which is not on right now let’s see if we can get that on i think this should turn it on yeah so now it’s turned on as you can see everything is turned on and of course we’ve got a more aggressive front bumper with air

Intakes and stuff like that this car has the optional performance package which means that you get 19-inch wheels really like these wheels they are quite beautiful wrapped in hankook rubber and we’ve got new bigger brakes with aluminium brake calipers 357 millimeter discs at the front perforated discs braking performance should be much better than before but as

I said performance package which gives you that upgrade from 18 to 19 inch wheels and it also gives you this rear wing which is more aggressive and a bit motor sport inspired you can see that it’s actually quite a big wing and it looks really cool i think on this car you also get two extra driving modes with the performance pack but we’ll talk about that later

This car also has the optional akrapovic exhaust which looks beautiful perforated as well with an akrapovic logo on there and the bangs you get with revving are actually super super loud when you’re driving though it is almost completely silent but the revving is loud now i’m going to show you the trunk because i noticed someone asked me to show you guys the

Trunk in the review so here it is it fits two arms as you can see nicely one foot as well uh no anyway it is a very practical car the golf r i think that’s why it’s so popular because it is you know very practical and very cool at the same time and that’s i think that’s some something people generally really like something they can use every day and is fast

And cool as well aspirational people call that again no gas powered strut or spring whatever that’s called to keep the hood up uh and in here we’ve got the ea888 two liter 4 cylinder turbocharged engine with 320 horsepower and 420 newton meters of torque this is up from 300 horsepower and 400 newton meters in the last golf r so yeah it’s not that big of a jump

But i think maybe they are yeah they don’t want to get too close to the rs3 of course and uh maybe this is around the limit of what they can do with this engine and still be reliable i don’t know could be a couple of reasons but 320 horsepower is still quite a lot okie dokie so we’ll start it up and in here well let me just go into race mode neutral i’ll give

It a couple of revs yes yes so you’ve got a few nice bangs and sometimes oh my god i hate this did you guys just see that notification i got a notification with an eco tip do not use throttle while standing still i’m in race mode for god’s sake come on let me just rev the hmm the car okay anyway on the interior we’ve got a lot of blue accents so we’ve got

These r bucket seats with that check on there in blue blue stitching these are actually what is that is it like alcantara feels softer maybe but they are nice and supportive and sporty quite comfortable actually quite soft but still you’ve got nice ball strength we’ve got an r steering wheel with blue accents and an r logo as well blue stitching beautiful

Steering wheel with pedal shifters that are bigger than in the gti which is great because this is so much better to drive the gti’s pedals are a little bit too small if you ask me i don’t think we should talk about this anymore i’ve bashed it enough in the past this is absolutely horrible okay i’ve seen so many things recently even after my review with the golf

Gti i’ve done three reviews i think now with the gti mark viii and every time i drive this car i am driven absolutely mad by this system um the climate control stuff here is not illuminated for instance which is also rubbish and i’ve seen a lot of videos of people who are saying that their systems crash and it’s absolutely horrible and then there are also the

Ergonomic reasons uh for this system being rubbish like it being everywhere six clicks into the system to get anything done but anyway i’m not going to spend too much time on that it’s my least favorite part of this car now we’ve got digital speedo of course and we are going to change that because we have a lot of different modes so i’m going to use the one with

The biggest ref counter and speedo this one so this is the r speedo i would say we’ll put that in drive we’ve got uh the seven speed dsg gearbox of course and if we go into mode right here you can see that we’ve got comfort sport and race and i think within race mode i don’t want audio see this is horrible stop stop it in within race mode you’ve got drift and

Nurburgring mode so nurburgring is the basically the settings they use to set the nurburgring lap time which was like under eight really quick but drift mode is the drift mode is the one we’re going to use yes we want to use drift mode everything ready yes here we go drift mode is available with this car and that we’re going to talk about that quite a bit because

It it changes the way the golf r feels a lot and it’s also the biggest change uh in this car compared to the previous one i’m going to try and do a 180 and force it a little bit because we don’t have you know crazy drifting corners so you can see that it actually sends a lot of power to the rear if you want it to i’ll try to do that again in the previous golf r

If you would try to do this you would just understeer into a wall but you can see it actually sends power to the rear and that is because we’ve got an r performance differential at the rear so we’ve got we’ve got the regular haldex system which sends up to 50 percent of the power to the rear and on top of that you’ve got that r performance differential which

Has two electro mechanical clutches that can send up to 100 percent of the power going to the rear to either wheel so it’s like a torque vectoring differential and that means that especially in the wet i mean if we do launch control in drift mode yes if we can do that yep here we go oh it actually crips i was not expecting that because i was doing this earlier

In sport mode in race mode or sport mode and it was spinning its rear wheels quite a bit so oh that’s because the esc is in sport so we’re going to turn it off now okay of course of course so it doesn’t happen now but i promise you when i did this earlier it was spinning its wheels all over the place it’s rear wheels and you can actually feel this happening

Because it feels a little bit unnatural sometimes but the fact that you can do it is really cool the drift mode itself is really cool of course but the fact that it’s got that torque factoring rear differential sound check yeah it’s it’s pretty quiet on the outside the fact that it’s got that torque vectoring differential means that in this corner third gear

Full throttle i can actually feel the right rear being pushed forward and that is such a great feeling because it makes the car feel more nimble more agile less understeered which is really really good but because that’s basically the character of a golf r the previous one is just understeer if you start pushing it you know on a wet day or on a hot day with hot

Tires it’s understeer and with this one it feels more neutral more balanced more aggressive um yeah and i would say that that’s actually a really really big step up for the golf r in general why did the freaking thing change does that change every time you change driving mode or what the hell is up with that okay so this is the thing we want and i’m going to

Install the speedo cam brb okay so we’ve got the speedo cam installed we’re in race mode we’re going to go for sport for the gearbox as well and we’re going to see what it’s like at the autobahn now it is quite wet so i don’t know how when it is at the autobahn but we’ll see we will see what happens full throttle so the sound in here you can hear is a bit

Artificial sounds like a computer game and the shifts are lightning quick especially the downshifts are quite a bit quicker than with the previous car but the upshifts are super fast as well now we’re in race mode right now so that means that everything is in its most aggressive setting but it’s still quite comfy i would say that was to 66 on the speedo now

Because we have the performance spec that also means that our top speed is limited at 270 kilometers an hour instead of 250 of course we’ve also measured the 100 to 200 time which was 11.89 seconds which is respectable i would say i’ll put up a screenshot of the list on screen right now so you can see where it fits in but 11.89 is not bad at all now something that

Is really impressive is that we’ve actually been able to measure a zero to 100 in these conditions zero to 100 kilometers an hour in four and a half seconds that is really really quick uh vw says it will do 4.7 seconds but 4.5 on a road this wed is absolutely insane so everything has gotten faster quicker better yes yes to all that are engineered probably they’ve

Spent even more time hey that’s my car hello beautiful so kick down it still has to think for a second like with the last car but anyway everything has gotten better and more efficient faster more powerful but i mean is it a lot of fun to drive no not really um it’s a bit clinical this car you know it’s a bit distant it doesn’t really try to to get you to have

Fun or anything like that yes it’s called drift mode but i don’t know everything just feels very very efficient those brakes are very powerful though really good brakes so we’ve got a new aluminium subframe at the front which means that the weight at the front is down of course that’s a quick uh sq7 actually not bad that’s 270 on the speedo the stupid speedo cam

That keeps falling off i’m just going to turn that off i hope you guys can see this one still anyway as i said new aluminium subframe which is lighter brakes are lighter everything is better and i do think that they are moving in the right direction with the golf r because they are focusing more on driving pleasure than before i think with that nurburgring mode

And the drift mode but you know it’s still not a lot of fun it’s still not as much fun as the gti for instance so that’s 278 on the speedo we have to break here because it’s a border zone breaking hard yeah that was almost 280 on the speedo not bad in a golf you do need some space as you can see but it is a really impressive car it’s just not as fun as some of

The competitors and i mean still i think golf gti club sport is is more fun to drive than this but it is a very capable car to drive every day and i think that’s the most important thing about this car that’s the thing that people you know that’s why this car is so popular because it can do everything and it’s really good at everything and it still is i mean it

Is probably the best golf ever but does it make me smile like you know a golf gti on a on a nice road or even better a renault megane the trophy or you know yeah there are more fun cars out there but this is probably the most capable one anyway that’s a long ending but i’m going to end it here i hope you enjoyed it you can subscribe by clicking the big button

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