VW Golf R remap Stage 1 – 55 BHP + 75 FTB gain from just an ECU calibration at R-Tech Performance

In this video we take Matt’s MK7 Golf R to R-tech performance for some ECU magic on the engine & gearbox, truly awesome result that has transformed the car.

Foreign good morning youtube and welcome back to the channel today we are in coventry with matt’s marks even go far at our tech performance to get the stage one calibration completed which will include the ecu and the dsg gearbox so follow us on today’s video where we go through the process foreign ly on our way to our tech automotive traveling down the

M40 from just outside of london so it’s about an hour and a half two hour drive for us the traffic thankfully has been pretty good and we’re going to get the car stage one tuned today now essentially that is a remap which is an ecu calibration we’re hoping to go from around 300 horsepower to 380 horsepower roughly at the flywheel so we’re going to make our way

There now the only other modifications to the car as we mentioned in the comparison video are the ram air intake and air filter and it has had a res delete but the res delete is purely for noise it doesn’t aid any performance so yeah hopefully should be there shortly and we’ll get the car on the dyno and see how the fingers crossed it delivers a good base figure

Foreign foreign so we’re now inside and pip has given the car once over pip if you want to run through what happens before we’ll have a quick talk through go for a think um we’ll start while it’s down anyway usually saltwise so i’ll probably work underneath back to front but we’ll do it in reverse order why is down so first thing we do check the d check the

Turbo intakes off i’m sure you’ve got a few clips yeah anyway clips to overlay have a look at the turbo simple things bonnet release these are prone for snapping couple of cable ties around them stops it check the oil and just generally have a look around the car see what’s happening uh see what’s been done while ain’t been done mechanically on the engine side we’re

Hoping today everything is going to be fine but everything’s good fun while i can see so far nothing’s going to stop me today we’ll go up and i’ll show you we’ll go through the underneath as well foreign we’ve now got the car jacked up and pip’s going to run us through some bits underneath as well so basically i work from back to front one of the main things on

These are the heldux filters getting blocked up avoided on this one it wasn’t too bad i always mark it up just oh no i’ve checked it um it’s just a case of unplugging the how decks i’m not sure if you can see the plug but you’ve got plugger here you’ve got two plastic clips above you just pop them out 210 mils whole thing comes out clean the house clean the filter

Itself clean the house in pop it back in chop together top up that’s it and we were talking off camera when we picked that a lot of this isn’t standard volkswagen servicing so they do get overlooked this especially clusters are non-serviceable items so i’ll ask um i mean thankfully was okay today which was good to see but we’ll ask him to send some pictures of one

That you had in was it last week that wasn’t yeah i’ll get the picture but it wasn’t looking very good but i might have to get up on my phone perfect uh where’s the lead blown a little bit we’re just tidying up the clamps on it a lot more solid than what it was now perfect it’s not the bed rest elite to be fair a lot of them go smaller this one slides over you get

The ones that slide in so obviously they’re smaller than the stock this one is a little bit smaller than a stock but not the worst i’ve seen slides over nasty on the original clamps and then we always go to the front as well under tray comes off all the boost parts are checked common common thing on this as well it’s the thermostat so we always have a look at the

Thermostats they’re coming for leaking this is one of the rare ones that ain’t got no leak whatsoever so well good we’ll always check over the car underneath as well tires wheel bearings cv gators cv boots genuine cv boots are always harder than the replicas so especially with performance cars you want the harder plastic so always stick with genuine on them both

Of these are genuine they’re nice and tired you can’t push them into either aftermarket ones they’re just push in as soon as you’re tuned they will explode yeah there’s like they don’t last five minutes and this we were saying off camera as well this is quite a nice service that you actually offer on every calibration every car every car that comes in it has to go

For a health check first and before it’s even caesar diner it’s literally just bring the car in throw it on it was refreshing to see today that all the checks have been carried out even the simple stuff like the oil level and then like say with the ldx diff as well which was really pleasant foreign the workshop it was time to get the car into the dyno cell

And into nikki’s capable hands nikki did say that unfortunately with health and safety we couldn’t do any filming in the dyno but pip sacrificed his hearing to go and get some clips for us a big thanks to him and nikki for the work completed today absolutely fantastic result what is it foreign do you ask him anywhere to actually drive around here we’ll

Carry dre everything’s moving everything engine level cool that’s different which performs quick but it didn’t give it the it’s quick it’s definitely more the mid-range grunt that you feel do a roll on it like 4k that’d be interesting it’s certainly a lot better than an a tune and that’s for sure cool yeah that’s a shot yeah much more of a shove man that is

Mental if any tuning was like that it’d be worthwhile doing it but a rich man yeah but there’s a proper back in the seat pool now and from just a map huh the throat was a lot more responsive as well and it doesn’t feel harsh at all the box still feels like a nice shift and it’s impressive we’re just traction as well because it just off you don’t like hanging

About or anything god that’s well tough there that is proper when it comes up what three and a half per gets like a little fight of still wouldn’t say dct level hello it’s got a lot of pad for it now yeah true okay pay the man get some food i’m starving marvel dinner time thank you so we’ve now left our tech a very very good day indeed so for those that didn’t

See on the dyno graph obviously it’s easy to get caught up on peak figures where you should always look at the mid-range and the drivability which is fabulous in this outcome so to give the peak numbers we’ve gone from flywheel 315 horsepower to 370 horsepower so a huge chunk of peak power increase and we’ve gone from 305 foot-pounds of torque to 380 foot-pounds

Now along with the dsg map we are still in some residential areas at the moment so we haven’t had a chance to properly experience it but we’re going to take a trip now to caffeine and machine my favorite place for those that have watched the previous video and we’ll have a little chat about the car after we’ve done some back road driving so hope you enjoy foreign

Wow man wow poor man what what a difference god oh man i’ll take have worked wonders what a difference oh it’s getting dark can’t do too much filming let me know in the comments if you want to see a proper first drive video with the 370 horsepower package generally super impressed this is the part of the video where i’ll end it and i should say that you need

To like and subscribe blah blah blah all the normal stuff but unfortunately the wind just made this audio unusable i’d like to say a big thanks to our tech and the team for welcoming us down there today had an awesome time and the car drives absolutely fantastic now if you need any volkswagen tuning work done they are definitely the people to go and see if you

Saw from the clips i’ve never seen so many edition 30s in one place in my life but genuinely really happy with the service we received and look forward to getting some proper reviews on the golf r later this year put this on so we can have your audio i’m not gonna say anything oh you are because you’re gonna love it it’s gonna be 75 foot pounds of go-go

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VW Golf R remap Stage 1 – 55 BHP + 75 FTB gain from just an ECU calibration at R-Tech Performance By Stone Automotive