VW ID Buzz spotted in Norway

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Uh we are now at the skyline i was just charging within the falcon here and luke was just showed up here what the heck is this guys guys id bus id buster showed up and of course okay it’s the id family you still you see it’s been camouflaged freaking id but with the german license plate what the heck okay look look where we’re at we have to film this okay

They’re gonna charge here actually um i don’t know if they know but uh this charges kaput well brought to you by tritium but hello wow it actually looks quite spacious you know it looks like uh like an uh let me see i was about to say env200 we just happened to have an ev200 here let’s now compare env200 it has this actually pretty big nose um let’s compare

That one to the id bus wow you know i think the ib id bus is bigger the id bus has a much smaller nose look at this very small nose ah they covered and they covered the dashboard this you know i heard it’s going to have over 100 kilowatt hour battery 113 or something humongous battery and it’s probably id tech okay let me i need to check out more you see do

We have any radars here now there’s a raid out there okay let me check here this looks spacious i wonder how many seats they will have in here of course it’s been camouflaged but well it’s it’s not like the camouflage helps a lot because we can kind of see the shape let me give you an idea how tall it is see i’m still 173 centimeters yeah so it’s roughly

As tall as me i think this is way bigger than the np200 again let me show you eb 200 has this big nose where this one doesn’t have it so eventually i’ll be able to test it okay i just want to see as much as possible because i think we can’t we can’t look inside what kind of wheels do we have here 265 45 20. what about front bridgestone let me see um 255 45

20. ah okay so they have staggered let me check something uh we have disc brake in the front what about the back do they still have the drum yes yes ah yeah it’s it’s still mmb platform so they have it has drum brakes in the back wait is this river drive where’s the is where’s the battery wow wow where can i see inside well i can’t see inside now they they uh

They covered everything i can’t see inside here okay wow let me let me get another let’s take a look i’m going this side again id bus it’s coming it’s coming wow what is he is he is he moving okay oh he’s covering up from stuff oh look at the light look at that oh let me see i’m trying to check the lights these are probably also the id uh looks like id3 lights

Okay yeah so i’m guessing maybe it has id3 lights also but it’s a compact car i just wonder with this nose how safe will it be okay well i need i need to get my hands on one eventually we’ll see oh this place is always busy well but i d bus all right what do you guys think huh i wonder how many seats it has i’m guessing maybe seven or how was it again i don’t

Remember how it was in the uh the the prototype let me see what do we have lights yeah we have radar grill seems to be some kind of light here also the id light here but interesting the camera is here what the heck why the heck do they put the camera there okay that’s uh that’s an interesting placement i wonder if that has any advantages or disadvantages

But okay anyway not much more i can see because we are we are not allowed to go inside it just looks like regular uh regular seats ah okay there’s oh looks spacious in there oh oh okay okay all right okay okay i’m getting through the way now but all right anyway um that was a lot of fine so i think that’s gonna be it for now i hope you guys enjoyed this video

As always thank you for watching and talk to you later

Transcribed from video
VW ID Buzz spotted in Norway By Bjørn Nyland