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VW Life on the Hope-PrincetonHwy

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We leave the Okanagon and head to Vancouver bc via hwy 3 , The hope/Princeton highway.

So this is penticton it’s at the southern end of okanagan lake central region british columbia front here is an old stephen ask your steam paddle wheel there we go and this is the south beach conover lake i have a quick pit stop here and then we’re gonna get back on the road so i thought i’d drive by the beach for you so yeah i lifted this uh community in 1993

I think it was um yeah this is ben taken well it turned into a beautiful day noon it’s a lot sun is like yes thank you so that’ll make a nice drive from the mountains again his wedged between two legs we were just at the north end of town which is uh lake okanagan down here well this is known as gaha like again i used to live here oh god 30 years ago

And uh yeah great little town in the off tourist season turns into a little town and uh but in the summer oh my god awesome cool town so we’re gonna come back and visit this i’m on a mission so let’s get on the road foreign last the coastal mountains this is the start of the coastal like that yeah we’re gonna go see hell’s gate no i mean pope princeton’s

Line okay so we’re at 350 55 kilometers estimated four hours volkswagen style five what what a gorgeous day couldn’t ask for more anyways next stop i think we’re going to uh probably rock which is this this side of princeton it’s a beach campsite and everything we’ll pull over there and we’ll uh gel from it and let the dog out of course we need to stop in

This small little town of hadley me and the dude here we pulled over here bromley rock it is one of my favorite pullouts uh provincial parks it’s just uh east of princeton uh the highway is kind of known as the hope princeton highway because that’s where a huge landslide happened after an earthquake we’re gonna stop there next i love traveling i don’t like

Sitting behind the wheel for long distances of time so we’re going to be pulling over and taking out fine views like these i’m not sure the name of this river but i do know this is called bromley rock and that’s called the volkswagen there you go the brahmanock provincial park and we are on the samalkamine river not a lot of campsites but i’m telling you one of

The most serene spots you will find even though we’re right on the highway so only 23 bucks a night and uh yeah there’s a it’s almost almost 20 campsites right on the river i’m happy to say though this is the law last long leg of the trip i did once we get to uh vancouver tonight i’ll be hanging with my friends and um they’re taking off to whistler tomorrow

Morning and i’m gonna head to vancouver island so i think i’m 45 minutes from the ferry so a nice short trip to get to what i call home vancouver island i didn’t video a lot of this highway it is the highway three between uh caribbean in front of us the whole highway is back and forest which backs and a lot of cool camping we’re getting close to the next

Stop i hope for instance ouch i don’t know how well this is gonna show because it’s reflecting off my dash but this is my favorite highway whenever i’m heading i come along highway three and this is a joy to see that i’m doing this they are resurfacing this beautiful highway cool happy about that anyways we’re gonna pull over up here we’re gonna go check

Out the whole slide quick little uh squirt for the boy and uh recalculate how far i have to go see you there this is all new fresh eggs oh it’s so quiet in here if you can actually hear me talking nice this is known as sunshine valley i wonder why okay i just saw the sign for the whole slime that’s where we’re going so uh yeah check it out foreign what’s

Up what’s going on uh yeah okay yeah i’m just gonna go pee and you know great back up thanks bud notice he’s doing some kind of construction up here i don’t know what it is whether they’re salvaging the rock or what but i think i just told me uh they’re closing it down at 8 30. so do what you need to do and get the hell out of here this is the hope slide it

Happened back in the 60s there was a an earthquake yeah mountain slid down into the valley and kills a bunch of people buried them alive and uh yeah there it is so these are the rug rugged uh west coast al mountain range tell me they tell me back in 1965. there was this huge earthquake sent the mountain tumbling down here and actually up that side fill

The valley 70 meters or 250 feet deep full of rock and i believe there was five cars buried they sent out a rescue to rescue crew and they crashed into the side of the mountain yeah it was a devastating uh place that night in the winter of 1965. yeah it’s weird like it’s kind of like being at terry fox it just has a feeling up here of a tragedy you know and

But calm and peace so cool place to start if you wanted to read the story here press pause for now we’re heading uh into vancouver two hours away five o’clock about a two-hour drive from here buddy mr michael and uh let them know so the town hit next is hope it’s famous for um rambo rambo one was filled uh a lot was here in the whole valley and uh

Sorry i’m driving through i have an idea we’re gonna work on something cool you guys are gonna like it but i just need to get to the island so here’s uh where ramble was filmed trust me this west coast of canada we’re going to show you a lot of different things coming in the future but for today i’m signing off i’m going to get into uh see my friend in the

Morning or tonight and uh we’ll wake up with you guys in the morning okay peace love granola because the puppy’s sleeping hey guys and i’ll see you tomorrow the next day foreign

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VW Life on the Hope-PrincetonHwy By Brent’s VanLife