Walk around video of a 1998 GMC Savana 3500 15 passenger van 64,000 miles

This is a walk around video of this 1998 GMC Savana 1 ton van with 64,000 miles

It’s january 11 2022. we’re gonna do a walk around video this 1998 gmc savannah uh savannah van it’s a passenger a 15 passenger van it’s an sle it’s also a one ton it has the 350 v8 engine with uh automatic overdrive transmission i believe it’s also got 373 gears in it i have the window sticker an owner’s manual for the van as well i said we’ll do a walk around

Video here this is a rust free truck or van it runs and drives really good it’s got front and rear heat and air uh like somebody a really really good work van or church bus or just a good family vans what i’d used it for but uh it is missing a piece of the trim down the side of it you can see it missing between the door and the rear tire here on the driver’s

Side does have a good hitch on it the truck does have the heavy duty towing package is what they call it again this van has no rust in it it has all the seats in it we’ll open it up and i’ll show you that it does it does have a have a couple scratches in it probably got a few door dings in it here and there as well but it is a 64 000 actual mile van like i said

It is a one ton van you can see where the molding goes there’s a couple a little bit of touch up that’s been done there again you can get the molding put on it and that all go away but no rust in the bottom of the doors just a good van no rips or tears in the seat so there’s one tear in the back of the passenger seat it’s on the back side i’ll show that to you

Here in a minute but headliner’s good door buzzer makes a lot of noise power windows power locks cruise control intermittent wipers am fm stereo with cassette and you can see 64 048 miles and uh we’ll start it up here in a minute but uh get the factory floor mats in it still and let’s raise the hood and you can just see it’s just it’s clean under the hood

And it does have a power antenna but the power antenna is broke it just stays right there at about half mass but uh are pretty fair on it all the way around they all match and the dash is nice there’s no cracks in the dash seats are good no rips or tears and seats only rip in the seat now look here it’s in the back of the seat here the rest of the seats are

Pretty nice it does have two vinyl seats in the middle and the rear two seats are cloth and then of course the front two seats are our cloth you see the front and rear heating air carpet oh yeah there’s no rust in the step this van’s got no rust but it does have scratches in it some of that would probably rub out you can see them through here it’s got a spot

Here where this door has probably been repainted but it’s a it’s a nice man there’s just no rust in it i mean you still see the black paint in the frame see all the original paint on the floors there’s no rust that’s even still a sticker on the drive shaft you see the hitch all of the back seat you can take all these seats out and make a work van or cargo

Van out of it or you can haul all your friends and family in it and do whatever you want with it but again it’s got good tires and like i said it’s got a few little places here and there in it but all in all it’s a really nice van let’s fire it up it runs really good it’s a power mirrors as well i’ve got the owner’s manual window sticker you’ll see that in

The rest of the ad again truck don’t smoke motor sounds good just a really good running driving van yeah see it’s got some scuff marks here something got up close to it it’s got another scuff mark here you can see it down here there’s a little spot in the paint right there but like i said it’s there’s no bondo good good van there you have it 98 gmc sle

Savannah 3500 one ton 15 passenger van 64 000 actual miles rust free truck or van if you any questions please feel free to email text or call the the numbers in my ad as with everything i sell i’ll start the bidding at a thousand dollars and it will sell with no reserve we’ll uh we’ll start it back up here in the next video and do a startup and a drive by and uh thank you guys

Transcribed from video
Walk around video of a 1998 GMC Savana 3500 15 passenger van 64,000 miles By Jason THOMPSON