Walkaround used ARE Z series truck cap for sale. 04-12 Nissan Titan crew cab 5.5 bed charcoal Grey

Walk-around of a used truck topper that we have for sale, it fits 2004 to 2012 Nissan Titan crew cab with a 5.5′ bed, dark charcoal gray, very good condition. Z Series is the top of the line ARE top.

I got a cab high uh ari z series it’s the 04 to 12 nissan titan with a crew cab in the five and a half foot bed so you know some pretty nice shape the z series has the uh the frameless back door along with the frameless windows on the side doesn’t have a whole lot of damage not i don’t see many scratches and next the roof looks really nice and clean no damage on

The roof dark charcoal gray paint’s in really good shape on the side no damage on this side the front has the sliding window in the front paint good shape on the front as well it has a couple of nicks right there and another one right there but all in all the front looks really good as well the side roof looks good no damage on the roof this side looks really

Good as far as the paint on the top here no damage a little bit of dirt but i thought they washed these but that was just dirt and we got a small spot right here it’s got a pretty good scratch right there and right there that’s the only damage on this top that i see no damage on the side here it does have a little bit of a i don’t know a little paint blemish

Right there but it’s not really a scratch not not really sure what that is might actually wash off i’m not positive with that but really the only damage on that is is right here it’s got a pretty good size scratch the frameless windows on this side as well had famous windows on the other side the interior is carpeted with a gray carpet screens are in good

Shape no damage on the screens looks really good on the screens the front window is a tilt down front sliding window pull the levers like this and then it tilts in to pull in might be stuck right now that clean drops down so you clean the front of the truck cap window and then the back of the cab picture screens look really good on this side as well it does

Have a closed hanger this drops down like this so you can hang your clothes up here on the top so pretty good looking unit pretty good shape i said it’s a it’s a nissan titan crew cab five and a half footbed it’s a cab high ares z series um charcoal gray but uh down below there’s a link down below to uh to this unit to on our website so you can uh get more

Information on as far as the price and location of it is and and information like that also there’s a link to our website in general so if you’re looking for repair parts truck cap parts bed storage units things like that deck units that’s all on our website and you can purchase it through there thanks for watching bye

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Walkaround used ARE Z series truck cap for sale. 04-12 Nissan Titan crew cab 5.5 bed charcoal Grey By EZ Wheeler