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Wallys Weekend Drive and the 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric Limited

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Sit back and buckle up! Wally Cahill is out at Camelback Hyundai to show you the 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric Limited. Learn more at

Well hi and welcome to another one of wally’s weekend drive we’re up here today at camelback hyundai and the reason we’re up here is simply because if you looked at the gas prices lately i really need something that gets good mileage or doesn’t use gas at all let me introduce you right here to the 2022 hyundai kona and this is the full electric version and the

Only thing cooler than this is mo our sales guy standing right here mo you’ve been up here at camelback hyundai for a while what do you enjoy about camelback hyundai in general uh camelback hyundai they’re really coming out with redesigned body styles they’re ramping up technology safety features things of that sort those are my absolute favorite there you go

Well that’s the reason that we’re up here for sure so let’s take a look the first thing that we notice here on this hyundai kona is number one it’s from hawaii i guess because it’s kona right absolutely but and they believe in doing things cool so they put it right up front here where it’s cool and easy to get to and then if you look also it’s electric for sure

Everything lighting wise is led now mo could you open the hood for me real quick one thing that you’re going to notice here is hyundai what they did was they made pretty much the same profile for the electric motor as the gas motor we’ll take a look here in a second is we have a 2022 gas cone is sitting right next to us but if you look here everything’s easy

Don’t touch the the orange wires here those are high voltage you know it goes back to the battery in there and when you speak of the battery we’re getting about 260 mile range on this and really it’s quite frugal i think i could probably squeeze 300 out of it if i just lighten up my foot a little bit absolutely now we’ve got 201 horsepower here in this electric

Well what do you got over there with the gas i have a 6 speed 147 horsepower in the gas kona there you go now do you happen to know what kind of mileage it gets absolutely 30 city and 35 highway there you go okay so that’s going to you know that’s definitely going to be a little bit more price wise to fill up than what this electric’s going to be because i think

This electric is going to cost you about 20 to recharge it every time you charge it up and that’s going to take you 250 miles where gas is going to cost you right now probably about 50 bucks to go the same distance maybe even an arm and a leg that’s right that’s right even an arm and a leg so if you come around here to the side one thing that we have here is 17

Inch aluminum wheels here and we like that and you can see right here on the side too we we have the blinkers right up here on the mirrors does have blind spot and if you look up here on top sunroof for sure now we’re getting to the point now to where the sun will burn you up so you might want to put that cover on but matty if you go around to the other side

Here let’s go ahead and take a look at inside on the controls because they’re definitely something different now we’ve got three different driving modes right here and it’s all controllable right here in the center so if you hit we’re on eco right now that’s where i’ve been driving so let’s go to normal mode and then to sport mode and if you go to sport mode and

You disable the traction control this little thing will actually spin the tires for about 30 feet when you take off and it’s as simple the shifting is right here these four buttons you have drive you have park you have reverse and you have neutral simple as that right here is the parking brake and right up here you have all your features happening right there

There’s your gps it’s a 10 inch a little over 10 inch screen right there that’s mated perfectly to that telescopic smart steering wheel in there but let’s walk around the back here because we do want to like drive around and commute a little bit again this is the same whether it’s electric or gas so when you’re thinking of the hyundai kona this is what you get

From a storage room in the back it does have a 60 40 split that you can go ahead and kick up and one thing that i like right here a little bit extra storage underneath here and if you look in here this is where you actually put the charger that comes with the vehicle so with that being said mo what else do you guys have up here for cars um so i want to take you

Guys over here to the santa cruz it’s an all new hyundai pickup first ever made it’s first class it’s got a redesigned body style as well the intricate grille is amazing the headlights led it’s fully loaded here you’ve got 19 alloy rims as well so it’s great for off-roading there you go okay so if you’re looking for a new kona whether it be electric or gas again

The gas ones are available right now as you can see electric ones not so much make sure you get up here to hyundai on camelback ask for mo and if mo doesn’t make you smile talk to smiley

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Wally’s Weekend Drive and the 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric Limited By AZTV7