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Wat je (niet) moet weten over de Toyota Corolla Cross (2022) | Autovisie | 4K

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Is de CH-R voor velen iets te gewaagd van lijnenspel? Het zou kunnen, want Toyota lanceert in het C-segment een tweede SUV. Abonneer je nu op het YouTube-kanaal van Autovisie voor meer:

Toyota builds the crolla family and further we have all those 5-door hatchbacks we have all those touring sports the station wagon variant and then they have a four-door they then but that comes a fourth lead to that corolla trunk and various that is then called corolla duckweed hybrid actually somewhat predictable it is almost all hybrid what toyota delivers but that

Designation cosby’s of course not new within the theo the family we have all these years ‘s-cross we have all those aiko duckweed now it is true that both hunters and with that corolla write in full kross and with he he go you are now just a little more today mark no toyota that exactly where distinction is one of the themes within that aygo is that something figure you

See and standing there if you look very closely then see you also go there x shapes in the design moreover with those aids to that is a bit more playful some reindeer and that suits such a looking city car like that aiko kroos moreover the is only one car and that is the aygo x the aygo grass and with corolla it is therefore the fourth loot on the trunk of data is here

Or write in full because it is a derivative of those corolla models mark take a look if you look at this car you would don’t say at first sight that it is a family of those 5 so they are of those touring sports no you are a completely different car model it is true that the technical basis is that ghc platform is identical to that of that corolla men the other side it is

Also identical as with that wheelbase of two meters 64 identical to that she edgar that will deliver and that is the suv within the c-segment what toyota offers and where does this car come what can we position right away that comes also in that c-segment so what jew days do is we are going to do two models are they going to be active in that c- segment yes in the department

Of sport utility vehicles yes if you look after this car look about role then you might think go this car is a bit more conservative in line a bit more predictable than you see sarah and maybe those cars were right fashionable the trendy for a large part of the public that’s why they might create space for this second suv in toyota’s c-segment yes with this car they are

Going to compete with, among other things, the volkswagen t rok and there are many other ford puma of course how big is the house from bumper to bumper is 4 meters 46 and with that it is exactly 7 centimeters longer than the jury char he is also three centimeters wider and their height shields it 6.5 centimeters you want perch i want to be two meters 64 is identical that

Platform narrow walk to the front because you can already see the big difference with that cola is the rest of course there what you already see that which how long the body is of course deviation from my regular corolla yes you see a very large whole pontifically a picture quite hog of course i don’t place that corolla and if you know that the jew that supplies worldwide

Exists because alcohol lacrosse in thailand but has a different nose that is closed for some years a bit more different this nose is applied to the japanese version but for europe did they then adjust that bridge of the nose, among other things, by prescribing the new lift yo niche and making that yellow a little more refined which is not a funny detail if you look at

That logo here you see that there is that blue in it like we do from that hybrid theo bag are used to indicate that it has a hybrid powertrain such as that car will be fitted as standard , but that logo they are going to change that is just say two-dimensional but then also performed in black have asked why you did not immediately apply that to that corolla duckweed she

Says yes those cars are actually ready and that walk will be added later small detail a little bit within this video yes and if you stretch out about role design time fill yourself we think this event is the life for puma that is also clear to indicate that the nose is disconnected from that windshield style and again very bad must make it tough, the same also applies

To those wheel arch extensions and that attachment mounted here on the wheel arch yes to make that car look a bit rougher to make it higher as you also ate with that plastic panel here at the bottom of the door is on the door attached and a very small detail is if you look at that line that runs here then you see that there is a bite out here yes on you what is that well

Then follows the clean design style feature because at the back you also have it then you see here i have that he also walks back and then he does go over here in that pool protection but you also see that it has the line of the door that runs here parallel downwards as me on the wheel arch but the loop that goes inside what are my function if you look at that door point

Of view that it is actually just a bite out of here and theo it he says that can make the difference between yes easy boarding and a little inconvenience that you get in plus moreover they have a small child you have a small child and you are standing here yes then you are not very quickly against those doors that open wizarding school china not extreme say but the knee that

Little time then leave it here in the back take or could put shay strip here is corolla duckweed in processed nice detail but that aside that rear that is also fighting height car is a mee peat 62 half high with such a major car accident deal of course nicely finished that makes it robust to that car that tough powerful that crocs character to give it that the car is being

Built in japan it will take a while before it becomes liveable on the dutch market only in the naja ar of 2022 the first copies will appear in europe yes and why does it take so long well the cars axles that can be seen here bonnet can’t open tried anyway can’t open crown don’t want to look ecstatic and didn’t start because there is a brand new powertrain light they have

Put a 2 liter four-cylinder engine here electrically assisted of course with us is in not the powertrain delivers 197 hp the strongest four-cylinder with their displacement of two liters within the program of toyota yes you have that sardines and also with the one point 8 him and the 2 liter engine therefore distinguishes itself not from that cj char but by its pregnancy

And of course by its and fashionchick and by its yes powertrain in general because he is the whole powertrain has been revised they call this the hybrid powertrain 5 point 0 moving away are not allowed to see and why yes because it is new so that also explains why that car is only on the on the market because that salutation line is currently still under development they

Have yet to find defining defining touch for that address line and still have some time to spare he is just a pound of cabbage new what i like you so ice is there we did they do to make that drivetrain lighter they just made sure that yes the whole drivetrain consists of fewer components because it also becomes more efficient because less friction less friction and dates

Bowl of soup also made powerful that’s why the 197 horsepower that this will deliver to directive what i said drivetrain is not quite nice yet youtube that’s why it will take so long before it is there yes and moreover there are introduced in japan dance unlivable but that is drivetrain four point 0 you get in europe the same as the 510 so that they do not first introduce

The car for a year, say what parents note and then come to her for an update where rdoor that motor just stronger engine block is of course in the front you can on the rear axle you can also get an electric motor then it makes my four-wheel drive but the dutch importer has chosen not to deliver it in the netherlands because that car yes they do not expect very a lot of

Demand for and that car is no longer extremely efficient and so yes fiercely attractive to the buyer public i said it already that car is now available in japan and we have to wait for it yes why because not only the powertrain is undergoing an update but also the infotainment system they call that at the jot 10 meters away looks or can put power on it beeps very briefly

But call it that, among other things team know what you are looking at now is a 12.3-inch large screen is behind the steering wheel and centrally on the dashboard chalk you get to see a 10.5 inch large screen and the team point 5 inch large screen which is of the next generation and that has a higher resolution more functionalities and that will also only be introduced

Later on that japanese version also that system they are now working on developing that the big difference is for the nowadays with digitization that he gets updates about that of course an automatic transmission linked to the hybrid powertrain and the dashboard also tight you have it here it has some sort of leather finish it because of the stitching of course this car

Has no empty on board everything that is leather is just fake leather because it needs a durable interior are yes the second row of seats that consists of three seats let say with one in two parts they separated the rear seat you in the ratio of 40 60 you can already see the rear seat back on the left is the flattened well it is quite high so you do not get a flat loading

Floor in this sport utility vehicle and why on the one hand because there is of course a battery pack but the the battery pack there is under the rear seat fold in enjoy better see me for an example and that also the packages are located under the rear seat so that the rear tire is higher it has no increased let flow below there is space so now just hidden there so of

Course because the eve presentations and such that briefly hidden under here are thin yes the places that apply here so i do not know whether it is sound-insulating to let run that this new one works and you see that the loading floor is not flat but that an increase in does not yet increase the volume of that luggage space data and why not ask because in japan and scarf

Livable come back to that point here is another brake line with and optimize the battery they have to see how that is unpacks exactly for the european market yes this is the corolla duckweed as you did not know it before avelon on the current corolla program where i said you will be liveable autumn 2022 with only at the moment as is provided a 2 liter hybrid drivetrain

For the third time 197 horsepower purely front-wheel drive how the program sees the skin in terms of prices in terms of decoration that is all unknown look what is known is he has that measure package safety packages with all that driving assistant completely under such a lane keeping assist the then keeps between the white lines it has traffic sign recognition among other

Things he always has cruise control and all those things that i now mention that they also default yes the new toyota corolla tros

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Wat je (niet) moet weten over de Toyota Corolla Cross (2022) | Autovisie | 4K By Autovisie