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All right it is thanksgiving day i just got up from like a two hour now i don’t know what day it is i’m gonna make a video on my bmw 428 i i did a lot of research online pros the cons of the car what people liked what they didn’t like and a lot of what helped me out the most was video lacking online oddly enough this video about the 428 i they haven’t been out

That long they’ve been out since 2013 the first model was 2014 that’s what this is 2014 428 iku i bought it with 19,000 miles i put 3,000 miles on it so far so i have 20 2013 miles on it so i’ve definitely had it long enough to where i was loud i do have some things that i cannot stand about the car and of course i have things obviously i love or would have

Bought it so first and foremost i absolutely love this car it was between this car and two others and i couldn’t decide if i wanted i had a bmw 328i for like 2010 at 2013 and then i went from a car to a jeep wrangler and limited 2013 i wanted the crap out of that thing and then i wanted to get back into a car i was tired of the crappy gas mileage and constantly

Worried if something was going to break on that jeep you know how to had a three inch lift on it did a lot of stuff to it and so far this car i think everything was bone stock it’s kind of hard to tell because i thinks it’s so low to the ground already there’s not much of a wheel gap i think there’s like that much of a wheel gap in the back a little bit more in

The front which i want to lower it a little bit i want to do some foil overs i’ve switched out the kidney grilles on the front i put some vinyl on the sides just to give it a pop of color and i have got new wheels and tires so i’ve done a little bit to it there’s still quite a bit i want to do that’s less than my list but anyways let’s jump right into what i do

And do not love about this car so first thing would be the way it drives i love the way it drives but it’s so different from my last bmw the first week that i had it i honestly thought something was wrong with it because it has this thing called efficient dynamics in the newer model bmws and it literally forces you to alter the way you drive the vehicle so if

You have a real heavy foot on the gas that usually does not work well with this car you know going fast obviously is no problem but the way that you accelerate the way that you break all that stuff it comes into account when you drive this car otherwise there it’s real twitchy whatever it’s shifting itself so i have the automatic the manual option and i saved

Manual it just gives you kind of the option to whoa i thought my drink as well it gives you the option to use the shifter as a manual shifter and also has the paddle shifters on the steering wheel which is kind of fun to do but more times it’s more work than it’s worth so that is the first thing i am not a huge fan of with this car whenever i have somebody else

Drive it it’s real you know jerky but they just kind of have to get used to it second thing i’m not a real big fan of with this car is the length of the doors which obviously that’s just any coupe so i got myself into that though the doors are really really long and so i always try and make my passenger aware hey the doors are really long you know watch out or

I have opened my driver’s side door up into things countlessly which is my own fault luckily i haven’t taken any pain offer or gin in it or anything i’ll give you guys a little look at the interior so this is kind of what the what you see when you’re the drivers so steering was really nice eventually i think i might like to show you to an m sport that’s really

Not on the top of my list or the top of my thoughts of what i want to do to this car comes with the keyless entry keyless push start which is really nice but i will say i usually keep the key in my back pocket and i have opened the trunk accidentally from sitting down on it a number of times so it kind of has its own convenient and inconvenient factors to it

I cannot think of what this is called but whenever you’re driving you get to a stop the engine shuts off or whatever to help with the fuel economy that’s an option on this i hate that because it freaks me out so i turn that off first thing and i keep it off the control panel – everything’s up here the gps the radio everything so all that’s right here obviously

The temperature control climate control in the car is right there the controls – all that goodness right there is right here which that’s kind of cool because it keeps one here your eyes on the road because it’s really convenient just sticking your hand right here and being able to go to what you need it took a little little bit of time to get used to but not

Completely used to it so it’s it’s good obviously comes with the moonroof which is nice and i love having backseat is huge so one thing they did to the 428 i that is different than the 3-series so they did this with the 4 series coupes compared to the tree as they lengthen the length of the car completely i’ve done the wheels did the tires have a little bit bigger

Size went with size up on the wheels i think it came with stock 70s i put 18s on it not a huge deal i didn’t want to go to 19’s because there the price difference from 18 is unreal and then obviously i wasn’t gonna go with 20s because we have really cracked roads and i could just see myself running my will within a week so i didn’t do that i went with the german

Black vinyl i wanted to give it a little pop of color you’ll see why you get this almost completely black the only accents that i have color wise are the center caps the t sw center caps just forgot to tell you that’s what will i want was i believe my tire is a cooper mt 5 so the only color that i have are the t sw center caps the red from that a little bit of

Silver on that and then the light right here and then obviously the the front light right there next thing i did or actually the first thing i did was i took out this stuff or stomped kidney grilles which if you know what those look like it’s all silver right here and then these are still black but it’s not glossy just kind of a flat black so that’s the very

First thing i did and that’s one of my problems with bmw anything you want to do whether it’s changing out a fog light which coincidentally i need to do changing the kitty girls anything that you do yourself it’s super super hard i don’t say that to discourage anyone from doing things themselves but like i said a second ago i came from a jeep or you could do

Anything you wanted to it and it was super easy to do but bmw just go they make it hard to even do anything it was so hard to get these things out so hard to put them back in but it happens so high should stop complaining one thing i will say about the height that the car like i said earlier i plan on putting some coilovers i really haven’t decided on coil overs

And springs but i want to get rid of this right here there’s about that much of a gap not a big deal but i want to get rid of that there’s an even bigger gap at the front it’s not too much of a difference but i want to get rid of that if you have a crap driveway a driveway that’s a steep is anything i would be really careful my grandparents have one and i have

Bottoms out lunch before and so i didn’t even go up their driveway anymore and that’s with had nothing done to the suspension at all so i can only imagine how it’s gonna end up being wherever i get this extension done to it but i mean it’s i’m a careful driver i know not to drive in a freaking pothole so it shouldn’t be really that big of an issue i was kind of

Debating which we between sion emperor and a subaru brz nicer in my opinion german in series i’m a huge fan of like i said before i had a bmw for three years and i loved that thing but i kind of rotate my cars every two years so behind so if you are i did buy used it like six times so i will never ever find another vehicle where i go i hope this video helped i

Hope it was some kind of resource to somebody like i said when i was on the fence as to whether or not i wanted to purchase a 4 series i googled the crap out of 4 series and i looked at everything i could i watched every video i could and there were not a ton of videos out there for reviews or from actual customers who bought a four series so i hope it helps i

Hope it was of some value and i hope you have fun in your new 4 series at the end up buying it

Transcribed from video