Watch out Hyundai – 2023 SsangYong Torres Review

You might not be familiar with SsangYong brand, but SsangYong is a Korean Car Manufacture that specializes in making SUVs and pickup Trucks. And SsangYong just introduced all the SUV called Ssangyong Torres. It shares its platform with SsangYong Korando and it is designed to compete against rivals such as Hyundai Santa Fe and Kia Sorento. But dimensions wise it is closer to Hyundai Tucson and Kia Sportage. Now, let’s go out and drive SsangYong Torres and see if you like it.

Hi guys today we have a brand new suv from sangyong called sangyong tourist so let’s drive it and see if this is something you would like to buy for yourself and if you guys are watching from north america then you might not really be familiar with the song young brand but they do make suvs and pickup trucks here in korean really really happy to report you that

Sangyong finally has found new home and it will be back on his feet financially very soon because a korean congressman called kg group has bought 59 of its shares really hope zhangyong will come back strong this time and introduce us many many new models so we can share with you guys all so stay tuned guys and what about the name well sangyong says taurus comes

From torres del paine’s national park from patagonia i think it sounds pretty good taurus actually shares his platform with sangyong korando and sangyong is claiming this is a mid-sized suv that should compete against rivals such as hyundai santa fe and kia sorento but if you take a closer look dimensions wise it’s very close to mitsubishi outlander so i think

Buyers will relate more closely to something like hyundai tucson and kia sportage and even price wise this is priced more closer to hyundai tucson then hyundai santa fe and what do you guys think about the exterior design we’re going to show you the exterior design a little bit more after driving but it seems like sangyong took design cues from popular suvs and

Try to stitch it all back together i mean the front vertical grille does remind me of seven slots grow from the jeep and the tail lamp design and overall thick pillars from the side those remind me of defender model so i think sangyong was really playing safe here just like what calendar did with the genesis model what about the interior what looks like sangyong

Has changed everything for this new suv look we have a new digital gauge cluster 12.3 inch infotainment screen on the top and another one on the bottom eight inch screen just for the climate control looks very outish or range rover or jaguar so guys do let me know what do you think about it and really really loving the fact that there’s no more toggle switches

For the gearbox rather we’re givens paddle shifters finally very very good job sang young and soft touching material on the top the bottom section is hard plastic but it’s quite understandable for the class and everything is built nicely put together nicely together we even have heated and ventilation seats for both front passengers heated steering wheel and

Wireless charging pad for your mobile phones cup holders and they also give you air cleaner inside the bar so and also ambient light too so it’s got lots and lots of features there are eight airbags inside the car and visibility is quite nice seating position is slightly higher than i think hyundai tucson so visibility is quite nice we do not have any blind spots

Monitoring system but we have alert system which will greatly help you during your lane changes so yeah it’s quite comfortable place to be okay enough talking about other things now let’s do talk about the power terrain zhangyong’s promising that there will be all ev tourists sometime next year so for now we’re only offered with one engine choice that is 1.5 liter

Turbocharged gasoline engine producing about 167 horsepower and 206 pound feet of tour let me just put the car into sportsman by the way putting the car into sports mill doesn’t do whole lots um it’s pulling quite nicely and because his peak talks us as early as 1500 rpm really likes to grab and pulls quite nicely and smoothly all the way up to the red line of

Course yes this is no sports car but you know if you need a sports car then you need to be shopping for other things but you know in local driving as most situations yeah it’s gonna be quite all right and i told you not a sports car but yeah it likes to pull very linearly and smoothly all the way up to the red line yeah so uh oh evie should be quite nice too so

Look forward to show you tourists with all eevee powertrain as well an engine has made it to six-speed automatic from japanese supplier called ac known for smooth shifting so also given paddle shifters so let me just show you working in actions three right four five six so that’s it five four three why did i go into a second so yeah it’s rather than shifting

Quickly i think it’s focused more being on smooth so yeah if you compare it to a speed automatic from hyundai or kia uh they’re actually quicker but this is quite smooth too yeah so yeah i really wish we had a few more years yeah let’s do check out the handling capability let’s go with third gear and uh we have all-wheel drive system so it should take it nicely

Okay whoa yes like i told you uh this is no sports car and esc comes on quite aggressively but for what it is i think it’s handling quite nicely chassis feels solid and uh yeah that’s pretty good but it doesn’t handle like a porsche macan but for what it is it’s pretty good the ride is on firm side i guess to appeal to younger buyers and as the isolation goes

It’s not too loud but not too quiet either because as we drive faster and faster i hear whistle noise coming from the driver’s side if it didn’t have that it would be much much quieter so something to think about sonia okay simon torres actually comes with many many safety features and driving a’s and since we’re on a highway let me just show you adaptive cruise

Control working with lane kipp assist uh as you can see it’s very delicate wand replacing it right on the center and also keeping a safe distance with the car in france is even taking corner for me and it does it vary smoothly of course it’s going to say keep your hands on the steering wheel but i think this is the best ones out of all sangyong models it’s very

Smooth and it does it very seamlessly very good wow really genuinely surprised it’s very similar to end hyundai and kia system which is which is very good wow surprised okay let me just quickly show you the car from outside look at the car from the front we have a full led headlamp system by functional drl and turn signal we also have a led fog lamp and this is

What horn sounds like okay guys says for us here and this section is actually closed so air will travel through the middle and the bottom sections to cool off the engine that’s actually radar sensor for the adaptive cruise control skid plates and this is actually fake there’s no opening for the air curtain and looking at the car from the side side mirrors are bolted

On the side to give you better visibility these are actually leds like i told you this storage box really does remind me of a defender and they give you this uh little key so you can open it so no one will steal anything um i don’t know would you put a lamp up here i don’t know what would you do here uh it’s a little tiny box so let me know what would you do with

This storage box you it’s an option you don’t have to get it with this uh storage box and our tester is wearing 20 inch rims he’s wearing 245 40 by 20 on front and back end braking felt quite stable okay let me also quickly show you the second roses i’m about six two and there’s good amount of leg room and headroom is plenty so it’s very spacious inside uh window

Comes down all the way it’s really nice to have a baby shade quite long ones for the side very good two-stage heated seat for the second row passengers you cannot slide it but you can actually recline the seats but awkwardly the uh the level is located on the top i really wish it was located somewhere on the bottom okay um good armrest with two cup holders a hump

In the middle for the all-wheel drive system two events um oh two fast usb charging port and some storage area as well you can also get it with sunroof but a tester just did not come with one but good black headliner looks pretty good comfortable place to be yeah lots of room for my feet as well so nice and this is actually fake there’s no spare tire i’m going

To show you pretty soon but we’re given fixer flat kits here in korea uh energy combination tail lamp that’s turn signal backup skid plates uh fake muffler actually muffler is located on the right bottom side and may i have the key please and this also comes with uh hands-free tailgate opener so like that pretty good and trunk size wise uh i think it’s a very

Class competitive larger than competitors and um they also give you cover and right below that they also give you fix a flat kit and some tools and uh no there’s lots of room still i can as you can let’s take this guy out throw it out and you see there’s lots of room and uh you know if you’re watching from australia or north america see there’s a hook so they’re

Going to give you also a spare tire as well and uh i also give you some band over here and and you can also fold the second row season like this four more storage area and it’s almost full flat see they’re hiding it but almost full flat okay all right guys this has been our in-depth review with song young taurus hope you guys enjoyed it and we also opened a new

Patreon page and members only section on youtube channel i’ll leave the links in the description please do visit us there as well it’s also another way it’s a great way to support us so thank you guys and see you soon bye bye and sanya also gives you this uh and during emergency cases you can crack open the windows and this can cut the seat belts and right here

Brighter and then i mean the flashlight and redness pretty good and one more thing is if you don’t wear your seat belts let me just close here if you don’t wear a seat belt it’s not going to let you go very interesting just like hyundai sonia was getting tomorrow and smart very interesting

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Watch out Hyundai! – 2023 SsangYong Torres Review! By Asian Petrolhead