We Bought a new car | Hyundai Kona N 2022 | Hindi/ Urdu vlog

Here’s another day in our life where we go to buy a new car. Sameer’s way too excited as he’s crazy about cars. Are you the same? Hope you guys enjoyed the vlog. Please don’t forget to subscribe 🙂

Hit it hard hi guys so the update is we finally ordered our car i mean i wasn’t on board with all of this major lagrange car is just like a year and a half older it’s really new carlina is not worth it but summer is a car enthusiast or scary is a big deal so i surrendered because i feel like um because somebody works so hard like literally you work seven days a

Week to pair uh you know in order to get motivated you should buy things that make you happy uh a garageband if you work hard and if you don’t buy things that make you happy i think absolute motivation come on charity so in order to stay motivated i feel like you should spend some money on things that make you happy and that’s why i managed america’s ontario my

Guardian milna is like really hard uh because of some shortage but since america is in dealership so we finally ordered our cards with the kangaroo car and all those uh deets uh pele i was not really on board with the idea of getting a new car but now i am pretty excited too so jessica i’m gonna take you along and show you foreign foreign i’m just doing

My best foreign is foreign deep inside tell me can i record yeah stick it here can i have everyone’s attention please i have alicia here we just bought a friend i’m gonna choose kona one two three hit it hard guys now they would never ask someone to hit it hard because i literally hit it hard is foreign bye bye to our old santa fe you’re

Naming hari sahib vents there they go take it this passive layers to here to pull down the brakes so yeah these are 19 inch wheels with really p0s anything on the back led lights you all exhaust this active exhaust system you can change the sound side so guys let me show you this sound so this is the eco mode is the steering wheels we have these buttons

So your buttons say more more change you think so this gives you eco so the normal mode and in normal mode also you can select what you want to see the fuel average and all that stuff okay and then we have sports mode so we can customize the car how we want it so when we go so that’s how the car is going to react so yes our customizer and then we have harman

Kardon sound system and then heated seats here is steering wheels dct 8-speed gearbox okay and then we have uh bucket seats sport bucket seats uh leather plus uh sweat and then we have paddle shifters here so yeah look at that let’s see on gears or something so these are pedal shifters these things plus minus plus minus foreign is give me all the scars i’m a human being

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We Bought a new car | Hyundai Kona N 2022 | Hindi/ Urdu vlog By Alisha Sameer