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We Drive Across Africa In The Range Rover Evoque And Land Rover Discovery

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I have been very fortunate in visiting a good few sub-Saharan countries and I always, without fail, have a wonderful experience, bordering on the magical. However, I’ve always flown into our neighbouring states, missing out on what is reputedly a completely novel experience: Overlanding.

Most of our car journeys these days are short frustrating traffic filled dots across town and most of our cars do that quite well but just north of our border there is the opportunity to experience the exact opposite it’s called overland but you need a certain kind of vehicle we were invited to crisscross zambia and botswana in the latest range rover evoque and

Land rover discovery dodging elephants drinking coffee and getting lost but our work you enthrone in zambia the facelifted evoke was at first as a sort of appetizer and given that it was the rainiest rainy season in 30 years this felt like anything but its natural habitat i was seriously impressed and surprised by the evokes capabilities for a 4×4 using only

Electronic off-road systems and no low range it didn’t falter once as we splashed across seven so the baby range rover good for popping down to the shops looking good on the school run and maybe heading over to the garden center to pick up some designer putt clocks so it’s really nice to know that if you need it too it’ll take you to what feels like the ends

Of the earth it was time to find the discoveries but first we had to negotiate the rather widest mpz obviously we’re in the middle of nowhere so there aren’t any bridges so we’re going to try and cross the zambezi on a theory which looks like it was put together by a couple of seven-year-olds or some meccano sets which is a little bit nerve-racking this is

Exactly like popping down to the shops almost virtually the same really as driving into a mall parking lot there we go i’m not on a theory on the zambezi in a range rover evoque if i’m honest when i started this job i didn’t think i’d ever do something like this this is a lot of fun then we ditched the evokes and boarded a plane to know i am in a landrover it’s

Called the discovery and it’s vote for discovering things which i’m currently doing in zambia botswana zambia was yesterday we took a ferry to get between to the – what the hell is that noise oh it’s an airplane i’m trying to make a video rude pilots so there’s no doubt that this new land rover discovery 4 is very capable it must be the most capable discovery

Ever but the same clever systems which make it capable also make it very vulnerable i just get the feeling that you could fix an old land rover defender with a leatherman and a spanner and if you needed to fix one of these you need a laptop and a satellite phone look at me driving through some mud mud mud sand very impressive shush i know it’s grasshop

Beeping at me i have a solution to all of this cards electronic problem so if anyone at land rovers this thing here it is it’s called africa mode just one button in the shape of africa on the dash and you hit that and it switches off all the electronics and returns it to something like a defender it’s hard to put into words how confident this car makes you feel

When tackling the rough stuff take that africa bask in the magnificence of my luxurious capability billy mr. rhodey i’m driving the new sd v6 and i must be honest i don’t know why you’d buy a petrol land rover the fuel savings are massive and it’s so quiet and works so well with the gearbox it’s just such a seamless comfortable drive diesel really has come a

Long way the new discovery is a little bit expensive it’s about 900,000 and by the time you fit it with things that you like and that means that it’s about the same price as a nice house but i think this car makes a very good argument for buying one instead of a house and i’ll tell you why the front seats are extremely comfortable in fact this is actually much

Nicer than my lounge the rear folds completely flat and you can get a double bed in there i’ve tested that in a music festival and it’s got a flat-screen tv which house comes with that you’d have to buy that extra if you bought a house and aircon everybody this is buyers the land rover discovery is the sort of card that can take you to the sort of place

Where you have to be escorted to your tent because there are hippos and hyenas around last night i had to look on a map to see where we are i still don’t know least this coffee though

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