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We Get It, No One In Their Right Mind Would Off-Road a New Jeep Wagoneer..Thats Why We Did It First

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( ) Check out our new spot to find ALL our content, from news to videos and our podcasts! It’s a big three-row SUV, and if you actually wanted a Jeep to take off-road there are several smaller options. That said, it *is* still a Jeep…so how well does the new Wagoneer actually perform on a trail? Let’s find out!

This right here is the all-new 2022 jeep wagoneer and in this video i want to tell you about all of the offroad specs and technology that’s baked into this full-size body and frame truck based suv as i take it up here on this little course prepared by jeep just north of new york city so let’s jump in i’ll tell you about all the features that it has the tires

The ground clearance the technology the transfer case and we’ll go just go over this trail together let’s go welcome to the inside what you have right here is the wagoneer setup and if you care about not just people carrying capacity and cargo capacity and up to 10 000 pounds of towing capability if you also care about off-roading this is one of the best

Configurations you can do in the wagoneer if you care about that you’ll buy the advanced off-road group i have an eight-speed automatic i have a 5.7 liter v8 hemi with e-torque right now take a look i selected four low so this is lower range transfer case and this is kind of the best setup because it comes with air suspension for maximum ground clearance about

10 inches of maximum ground clearance you have firestone destination 82 tires as part of this package wrapped around 18-inch wheels and those tires are about 32s in diameter so this is not an extreme you know this is not a wrangler necessarily the wagon year starts with obviously steel coil suspension and independent four corner suspension but then once you

Equip it this way now you get the air and i’m trying to make it you know hard on this thing just kind of going very very slowly this video is just about kind of showing you guys the capability we also have exterior footage of this particular truck right here this wagon here and also white one taking uh taking on this trail um case is behind hammer camera case do

You want to jump out and show this truck kind of exercising a little bit let’s do it so obviously this course is designed to show what happens when you have either one or two wheels in the air kind of shows you the capability of the truck um and with this transfer case and for low some of the features that are available to you are something they call active

For low which basically means uh when you’re in this low range situation and you have approximately 48 to one crawl ratio which actually for a full size suv like this is actually really good slow speed ratio for total control if you make a tight turn it kind of releases some of the pressure on the clutches as far as so it doesn’t quite crab quite as much maybe

As a as a regular four wheel drive four low system so they have those technologies built in they also have several different transfer cases so if you’re selecting your wagoneer or grand wagon here for that matter in the wagoneer you can get this two-wheel drive so if you’re mostly just you know running it in the city you will never go off-road in any sort of way

You can get a four-wheel drive series one starts at around 58 000 before destination charges um right now series two is where it starts at about 67 grand um and then this one with several options set up for off-roading is probably in that 70 plus thousand territory um which if you look at some of the competitors if you’re looking at this base wagon here those

Are the chevy tahoe the ford expedition nissan armada sequoia and some others and most of those also offer off-road variants and trim levels and packages so obviously jeep and wagoneer team knew that and jeep dna includes four wheel drive capability so as such um you know they wanted to provide all those elements including the 10 inches of ground clearance you

Know the approaching departure angles break over angles are not super super great uh but still um just showing it to you on this course you can kind of see what it’s like hey case do you want to jump out one more time and show this let’s do it a couple more things you have um and it’s very hard to see here so i won’t really show you this but you have drive modes

So you have snow um snow right there send in mud rock different driving modes and it just kind of modifies the way that the transmission and the engine are mappings are done and the traction control systems there is also select speed available although this truck doesn’t have it select speed is basically crawl control for slow speed driving and it literally is

That so you can set it you can go between like one and potentially up to about 10 miles per hour and low uh four low and it will maintain the speed for you all you’re doing is steering and it can go as low as one mile per hour so that technology is also available and as you can see this interior well this is not the top of the line model right so this is a series

Two uh of course it still has a 360 degree camera views hold on a second let me make it brighter there sorry about that um it was not as bright as it could have been so 360 degree views are available especially at slow speed you can tell we’re kind of exiting this off-road area every wagon here comes with a hitch so every one of them the hitch is welded into

The frame it’s part of the vehicle it’s not an option or an accessory that’s really really great it will tow up to ten thousand pounds like i said but this video was just to kind of tell you and show you some of the specifications on this one of the more off-road capable trim levels this advanced terrain um package from wagoneer this brand new one and this is

Like i was saying this is the first drive event that a wagoneer team and jeep set up here north of uh new york city this is my first driving opportunity hopefully we’ll get one of these vehicles in colorado so we can put it on a more serious trail and actually uh give you some impressions and just kind of description of of how this works it will be available in

August so early wagon years and grand wagoneers are already being built at warren michigan plant and they’ll be delivered to customers starting in august and as always go back to for all the latest off-road reviews adventures where we show you not just suvs but also trucks side-by-sides and other off-road vehicles so thank you very much

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We Get It, No One In Their Right Mind Would Off-Road a New Jeep Wagoneer..That's Why We Did It First By TFLoffroad