We Had to Break Into OUR OWN RV + Update on the Future of Clementine

We were on a roll with our road trip and then disaster struck! We got locked out of our brand new travel trailer 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️ Plus we drop in on Clementine for an update on our Vintage RV!

South fence along that fence line okay cool so when we show up we just put the code in the gate and we should be able to pull it in park it and then everything should be uh that easy all right well i appreciate it yeah you too thanks talk about uh pushing stuff off to the last minute that was a storage facility because we are flying out in a couple days and we have

To find somewhere to park this unit tonight the trailer here we had put wheels in motion on this early on but everything kept falling through so then at the last minute i found a storage facility that could get us in for a reasonable ish rate it’s going to be stored outdoor but it’s all going to be secure so a bit of a weight has been lifted yeah i think this is

The fourth person we’ve confirmed a spot with and then it’s fallen through so but this one seems like it’s going yeah we’re staying in an airbnb tonight and they are not trailer friendly so luckily this will be deposited at the parking spot and then we will be able to drive the truck to our leisure before we can store the trailer we got to do all the uh not so

Glamorous rv stuff all the dirty work yeah yeah this site did not have uh sewer at the actual pitch all right right let it rip there we go our tanks were 100 full which is the first time that ever happened on this trip so this might take a while one thing we love about this trailer is it has a little hole where you can flush the black tank so you can just run

Like a ton of water through it and clean it out that way we don’t come back to a super super stinky trailer yeah foreign adventurers good morning we are back on the road if you guys caught our last video we finally met up with alex and emma from the travel beans and we did a fun little van swap it was tons of fun their van is it’s quirky it was a little

Yeah but we’ll link to that in the description below and on the screen if you want to check that out but uh we’re back to reality now you guys we uh have alluded to this trip we have coming up back over to southeast asia which we’re super excited about if you guys remember we scheduled these group trips to asia over a year and a half ago but of course we had to

Reschedule them because of coven so we’re finally headed back to vietnam in bali but we have a lot of little uh things we have to sort out before we can do that number one is storing this giant rig of ours somewhere while we’re traveling around asia yeah and y’all it’s hard to find storage spaces that are deep enough wide enough and especially tall enough for that

Trailer but we did find a place where we can park the trailer we’re still looking for a place to park the truck um but it’s not a few days it’s gonna be fine right so our plan right now we have to head down to chicago we have to park the trailer at the storage space we have to go to our airbnb we have tons of errands we have to do we have to figure out a place to

Store this and most importantly we have to go get an update on clementine clementine is at a shop in chicago and we haven’t seen her in like a month now so i know we’ve kind of kept you guys in the dark on clementine we do have a bit of an update we’ll wait though until we’re reunited with her to tell you guys what’s happening yeah but for now we’re in drive mode

Trying to get to chicago as quick as we can devise as much time as possible and that’s that yeah we have another problem we had to make a little bit of a pit stop at home depot for some tools because we lost our tool kit and that’s because our door lock stopped working it is stuck locked for some reason this deadbolt will not turn no matter how much force you

Give it the regular lock turns just fine but we usually lock both of these so and it was working this morning yeah we’re realizing this is a quite a problem when you have a trailer with no other way in other than this door what we did deduce another way in it’s through here this is a locked hatch but this is where our little grill sits i was trying to reach into

Here and get the lock but my arm is just like three inches too short because you can literally reach it from there if you were if you had a long arm so instead i’m gonna take this freaking grill off and then i’m gonna put my whole body in there and i’m going to unlock this thing by hand see y’all yell and yell at us about buying all these old vehicles so we took

Your advice for once and got something brand spanking new and look what happens we’re freaking locked out of our home we got more problems with this than we do with the truck man all right let’s uh see if this is a horrible horrible idea or not some help that we store our shoes in this little nook here so they’re just everywhere okay it is a little heavy so we

Put some little blocks here to set it down on but i think we can lift it up there we go now the question is can i actually reach this freaking lock nothing like breaking into your own home in the evening who put 500 shoes in here i’m going in and wish me luck stuck wait what’s happening with it ah it’s stuck from the inside i really thought it would work there’s

This little white switch in there that you just flip over to turn the deadbolt on on the inside and it was just stuck for some reason i mean i could hulk it even more but it feels like it’s just gonna break the stupid thing oh i got it was it that was it oh my god i don’t know what i did but this door is open oh my god bad luck freaking lock again you guys i was

Getting claustrophobic in there big time it’s like the minute i’m in there i feel like i’m buried alive and i can’t breathe anymore and i get really thirsty it’s so weird geez plus i’m just so freaking furious at that lock it’s a bad combination but i win what the hell there’s this bar right there that’s the deadbolt so that thing comes out and see i thought it

Was stuck on this metal but it’s really not it’s just stuck internally yeah this is just this just gets caught so now it’s gonna be stuck open like that now i got it stuck open like that now you can’t close the door oh man i should have messed with it i’m trying to keep maybe magically the key will work maybe the key is the key to it okay oh my god that thing

Is frustrating bananas okay i just gotta calm down for some reason that thing really pissed me off well on the plus side your hair is looking really nice anger management serenity now serenity now serenity now still works and we still have a lock on here okay just don’t ever turn that deadbolt ever i was mostly just freaking out because we still have all of

Our clothing our fridge is full it’s like if we can’t get in there we can’t pack to go on this vacation can’t turn the batteries yeah do anything everything’s gonna spoil in the fridge oh yeah but we fix it and we’re still a little bit of daylight left also look at what he did to his arm what did i do the outside oh no but yeah that was from when i was trying

To fish my arm in there okay so we made it to the storage space that’s our space right there conveniently tucked deep within all these other cars in between a semi and a boat oh my god and a semi that’s not parked very well so i’m gonna have to back up into this oh you know what if you flip around oh you know yeah oh yeah look there’s aha clever clever girl

That’s pretty tight huh yeah dude all right like a glove it doesn’t help that all these other people are parked all wonky yeah yeah they’re all a bit crooked but i guess now so are we yeah good morning y’all so it’s actually the next day we are finally headed to see clementine and kind of get an update and just figure out where we stand and we also have to pick

Up allison’s passport that she left in the rv so that’s the main reason we’re going over there yeah oops see but anyways clementine here we come reunited and i wish i could say it feels so good it really doesn’t feel all that good because i feel like this is deja vu just over and over and over again like caught in some weird loot so what they did is they’ve

Just um diagnosed the engine and it turns out i think we already mentioned this but it was overheating like crazy but they hadn’t actually hooked up the thermometer on the dash so i was reading the temperature from a different thing and it was just dead wrong so it was overheating the whole time and i just didn’t know i don’t know that they ever really figured out

Exactly why it was overheating so something’s just internally wrong inside there so uh maybe you guys are already expecting us to do this but we’re putting a new engine in this sucker another engine we’re gonna upgrade it to a newer style engine that’s from like the 2000s but they’re very confident that they can fit it all in here and it’s going to give us a ton

More power it should run more like a modern machine it’ll have a computer diagnostic port like a check engine light you know that’ll tell us when something’s wrong they have a donor engine that they’re currently working on and they’re going to put a new transmission in it so they’re working out all that stuff they’re gonna get that perfect and tip top shape then

They’re going to take this engine out sell it for parts and put the new one in and everything’s gonna go super smooth we’re actually going to let them keep it for like a month just test driving it once it’s all done so i’m not taking this thing back until it is 100 freaking percent this time you guys but man i really missed her i forgot how awesome she looks on

The inside i feel like i just stepped into my home it always looks better in person than i remember it i know it’s just so pretty and it’s so spacious oh i miss it all of our years of hard work we can’t use it i mean i love our black series but i mean come on you guys but it’s gonna happen all right we’re doing whatever it takes to get this sucker back on the road

And we are going to freaking travel this country in this rig mark my words don’t mark his words whatever you do don’t mark my words but the the nice thing that we are both very excited about is that with the newer engine the bigger beefier one we should be able to go a lot faster no more 55 mile an hour speed limits we should be able to tow ruby even better yeah

So you have a lot more power in general tons more like more than double the horsepower and i know a lot of you guys are like oh we should have done this from the beginning but the thing is it was a perfectly reasonable idea to put a rebuilt version of the same engine in because everything fits you know it’s just a really standard job to do but that engine was just

Cursed you guys so we’re just gonna put something more modern in there hopefully it’s not cursed the curse is going to be lifted at any rate we did some beautiful work in here you guys yeah we can appreciate that at least yeah okay passport has been acquired yes now we can actually go to vietnam yeah and we also checked in on clementine which in general has just

Eased my mind like no rats have gotten in there no creatures have been nesting in there everything looks clean nothing looks like it’s falling apart it doesn’t look like it’s been flooding or anything yeah so you know i think i think she’s good to go so we’ll have to update you guys as we uh learn more about what the heck the future of clementine is i hate her

Being out of my sight oh hey yo we got our trailer all situated for the month will be gone and now we’re just trying to get it organized we’re trying to pack for our trip i haven’t packed up in the suitcase in such a long time yeah and we had it full of food so we had to sort all that out we stored a bunch of stuff in the fridge there which we veered out i think

Everything’s gonna be solid the only thing i’m really worried about are these little fellers so our ideas put all our plants in here we’re gonna get these little tubes that you put in that slowly feeds in water and then it has the light from this so that’ll keep them alive right yeah theoretically most of these are low light plans so maybe they’ll survive i don’t

Know one of the final steps in our mini point plan for the truck is to get it washed before we leave it sitting because it got really dirty up in the u.p yeah this way we’ll come back to a nice clean truck right clean truck we’ve never done this before where we took it to a hand washing shop they know what they’re doing a lot better than i do and it’s really dirty

Feels good because uh usually when we’re trying to wash the truck they only have enough stuff for one person to do at a time yeah so i feel bad because i’m standing in the corner i’m getting covered in the offer the whatever overspray and then he’s getting all frustrated because i’m like you missed a spot oh you’re such a little sweetie billy the kid oh you are a

Little kid aren’t you you guys this is billy the kid and this is billy the kid’s kids what do you guys think did you see me on this this ride right here you now you look like more of that type of guy yeah this is more my style right here realistically if i got on that i would make it about three feet and it would immediately fall right over dang truck’s looking

Pretty sharp huh it was like red almost from all the dirt on it yeah i will only ever do this kind of car wash from now on yes i mean it was like 18 bucks total with the armor all on the tires or we pay more than that because we’re so slow at doing it we’ve got a bit of a quick timeline we have to go drop the truck off at a garage and then we have to take an uber

To the airport both trips take about an hour mainly because we’re stuck in this horrible horrible chicago traffic everywhere is traffic in chicago it’s a nightmare really bad and it’s noona with this day it’s like a tuesday i don’t know yeah it’s just never ending that’s why we hate yeah like we’ve been out of them for so long i forget like the amount of like

Road rage and stuff you get well y’all we got ourselves into a little bit of a tight spot quite literally actually we found a garage on the site neighbor.com all of them were taken or they were too small all around the chicago area so we had to go an hour outside of chicago and we found something that just like barely fits the truck it really barely fit through

The doorway so we had maybe a quarter inch clearance on each side for our side view mirrors y’all it was a little scary getting in it’ll be even scarier getting out but that’s for future eric and allison we also just planned to call an uber from here to the airport but they’re kind of sparse out here so it’s taking multiple tries but we got a guy so we’re feeling

All right we’re feeling all right now we have overcome the adversity right sure alice has been down today it’s been a bad day you guys there have been some stuff happened some things happening behind the scenes that we have not filmed that has not been ideal but i’m trying to get positive again i don’t like being negative and feeling like this so hopefully okay

We’re done with the hectic stuff we’ll just get on our flight it’ll be easy yeah we’ll sit and watch some movies you know we’re going to la first yeah for our layover so yeah that’s part of it that we’re there actually two days now it’s only supposed to be one day but it’ll be fun maybe a super great time in l.a what she’s alluding to is that we kind of messed

Up the visas now because everything’s changed since covid and you need a visa way in advance and then they all got delayed for various reasons and yeah we don’t really want to get into it because we’re we’re not having the best day but yeah it was a bunch of that stuff yeah but anyways our uber should be pulling up any moment off to the airport we go so check

Them out on youtube tonight i’ll be checking them out see on youtube okay all right all right all right thank you thanks man hi youtube it’s a pleasure to meet you guys you know you too you guys are my first youtubers i’ve met in person the best of the best crew all right i’m glad we can be the first okay take care our uber driver was uh very excited that we were

Youtubers i guess he’s willing to start his own youtube channel but he’s never met youtubers so hopefully we gave him the inspiration to do it he was in the navy and he had traveled all over the place and he went to antarctica and even had this little book of a compilation of all the photos that he took while he was in antarctica yeah they’re pretty cool yeah and

Now we’re gonna have a not so awesome ride across these guys no it’s gonna be good i don’t know why we’re thinking it’s gonna be bad we’re just in a negative headspace i know today is uh only a four hour flight and then y’all i don’t know if we said like we’re going to vietnam so we go to la for two days and then we have like a 12 hour flight followed by a six hour

Flight with a small layover in japan it’s gonna be rough y’all yeah and we were kind of torn we really wanted to uh take a vacation where we don’t film because we’ve never done that before since we started the channel so we’re thinking we’re gonna try it we might not really uh film too much during this trip all right but we have a travel nightmare ahead of us so

We’re gonna put all our gear up and just get heads down and figure all this out all right goodbye adventures we’ll see on the road

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We Had to Break Into OUR OWN RV! 😫 + Update on the Future of Clementine! By The Endless Adventure