We have a new accessory for our Model Y Favorite Spigen Tesla Accessories & USB C Car Charger

We just found a new favorite Spigen Tesla accessory! The Arc Station Charger is a great way to get some more charging opportunities for you and your passengers on road trips! Check out our other Spigen accessories we use in our Model Y below:

Let’s talk about one of our favorite new tesla accessories hey guys i’m jacob lees welcome back to the channel today we’re going to be talking about one of our favorite new tesla accessories but if you’re new to the channel we own a 2021 tesla model y and we’re sharing our entire ownership experience everything from delivery day to ordering accessories and

Going on road trips so if you’re new to the channel be sure to like this video and subscribe if you’re interested in more tesla content okay so today we’re talking about one of our favorite brands spigen we have some new charging accessories that actually work on teslas and lots of other vehicles but you guys know we have a tesla model y so we’re going to share

With you how they work in our model y and why we love them so we’ve actually shared this one before it’s a spigen charging cable and it’s awesome and it’s a great accessory to pair with this one which we’re going to talk about today the arc station charger from spigen it has a built-in lightning cable and a port for usbc so it’s great for lots of different phones

Especially iphones so we’re going to share with you why you should get this in your car even if you already have lots of charging ports or you know charging pads in your car already so let’s take a look of this vegan charger is that you know even though our car has these charging pads already like many teslas and other modern cars do on road trips it’s awesome

To have a fast charger number one and just to have more options for your passengers and usually you’re bringing more devices maybe you have a few phones tablet that kind of thing it’s actually awesome to have a charger that has a cord so that you can still use it while you’re charging that’s one thing that’s a negative about using the tesla charging pads because

Obviously every time you pick up your phone to use it it’s not charging so that’s one good reason why it’s worth it to have a charger with a cord okay so if you’re wondering where to plug in this type of charger in a model y you can plug it in right here in the center console so you can see there’s a port right here where you can plug this type of charger into so

It’s really convenient especially for the driver in the front seat passenger that way you have a another port where you can plug this in so it has a built-in usb c port and then a built-in lightning cable so it’s awesome because you’re never going to forget the lightning cable which is awesome for iphones and ipads that kind of thing and actually the lightning cable

Supports 27 watts of charging and that’s actually fast charging for your iphone which is awesome and then the usbc port is 20 watts so again not too bad really convenient if you need to charge your phone quickly and also still be able to use it you know if the passenger wants to use their phone i know for me it’s really annoying when you know i need to charge my

Phone here but i can’t actually use the phone i need to just wait for it to charge and then go back to using it so that’s why this is a great option especially for teslas because you know you can still use these if you have devices that you don’t need to use but maybe if you have an ipad or something like that that you want to use while you know somebody else is

Driving this is a great option so let’s open this and see what comes in the box so this is all that comes in the box which is actually super nice so if you just bought this accessory you have everything you need and you can actually start using it so it has the built-in lightning cable that you can use to charge iphones and ipads which is awesome and then as you

Can see here is the usb c port right there so you know again you have another option so you can charge two devices from this one charger which is awesome and again so we love speaking products the quality is always great and honestly it’s a nice sleek design i actually like the black cable so you know it kind of blends in with everything else here in the tesla so

Here’s what it looks like and it looks like the cord is a decent length that way the passenger can use it and it can still be plugged in without you know the cord being too short so let’s give it a try so let’s take a look at this thing up close so this is the usbc port and this is a built-in lightning port which comes with the cable super easy so this is just one

Piece you’re good to go only one thing to remember remember to bring with you so you can plug this right into an iphone now and then this is good if you need to do usbc to usbc for other types of phones but you can also do a usbc to lightning which is actually what we have right here which is awesome so you could use this for two iphones or an iphone an android or

You know another type of device so let’s plug it in and see how it looks so you can plug it in right here to the 12 volt plug right here that lots of cars have so you plug it in and here is a lightning cable and we can plug this right into an iphone so now we have another charger for an iphone and we can use our other cable which you guys know that we love we have

A few of these to charge another iphone but if you needed to charge an android or another device you could do usbc to usbc cable instead so let’s take a look and open this up and show you what it looks like once again so these are super nice i mean we have another one of these white cables we’ve shown it in other videos they’re really good and honestly these are

Super high quality so it’s really nice to have these you know for your car or for your office or at home they’re really nice like woven cables um they feel really premium and they’re just a nice accessory to have in your car or in your office so again this is a usbc to lightning so in the charger you just plug this in right here and then we have another lightning

Charging cable right here so again we just added two more charging you know capabilities in the car and it’s super convenient especially for road trips when you have lots of devices okay so now i’m in the back seat of the model y and i’m going to show you another place where you can charge in a model y with a usbc outlet so back here there are two usbc ports and

It’s great for this usbc to lightening cable from spigen because this is actually a two meter cable so you know it’s long enough so both people can share it in the back seat if they need to so let’s plug it in so you have the usbc end here goes into one of the ports and then we have a lightning end so we’re going to use it with an iphone and there we go so here’s

Another option to have two charging ports in the back of your tesla so one last thing we’re going to show you how we use a few of our spigen accessories all at once so if you come into the car we have our spigen mount right here this is a mag safe mount so you can see the phone actually just you know connects to it like that via the magsafe which is awesome and

Then if we take our spigen cable we love to charge our phone while it’s here so we can still use waze and navigation on the phone while it’s charging so we just plug in the lightning end to the phone and then we can wrap this thing around here and it’s out of the way and then we actually plug it into one of the usbc ports in the center console so it’s a really neat

Way of charging the phone while we’re still using it and you know normally we neaten that up when we’re using it when we’re driving so lots of speaking accessories all at once you guys know we’re big fans so definitely check out this cable the link will be below as well as the charger okay so those are some of our new favorite speaking accessories they’re awesome

For charging lots of devices in your car and with a tesla they’re so usable because there’s so many great ports so these things are awesome to have in a tesla but they also work with other vehicles as well so definitely check out the arc station charger and the spigen usbc to lightning cable if you want to charge all your devices on road trips or just on daily use

Thank you guys so much for watching check out the links below to both of these accessories from spigen we’re big fans they’re super usable so definitely check those out but anyways definitely like this video and subscribe if you’re interested in more tesla content foreign

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We have a new accessory for our Model Y! Favorite Spigen Tesla Accessories & USB C Car Charger By JQ Louise