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We Made Devon Larratts FAVORITE Grip Tool

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Good oh yeah all right all right all right she needs a little weight here wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute that’s this one yet this is my product yeah let’s give it a squeeze we just made it i haven’t even tried it yet get in me first be first i’m excited guys we’re selling resin pumpkins on and this is just the start of a series of

Resin products brought to you by well travis is the one making them so guys travis is the one making him he’s the mastermind behind this whole project he’s been doing a really good job these things are cool they’re fun use them as cable attachments in the gym as grip tools or is bludgeoning weapons you let us know in the comments what kind of shapes you should

Want to see because right now we got the holidays coming up we got that planned we kind of need some help for the rest of the year next 2023 give us some ideas this guy was a killer there you go yeah come on come on come on you got it oh yeah am i just that strong yeah are you just that tired okay come on travis it looks beautiful do you know the secret of

The pumpkin we’re starting to learn the secrets of the pumpkins or am i just strong i don’t know it’s just like lifting stones you can keep turning in your hand looking for the best grip until you get it pumpkin bread it doesn’t do a lot of grip training anymore these look delicious come here look it’s like it looks like a kid it’s so sweet yeah i’m hungry for

Something bad on the teeth you ever eaten a raw pumpkin i used to eat it when it was like 19. pumpkin yeah there’s nothing worse i picked it up yeah you know what else you can do this right show it once oh yeah foreign ers they’re pretty cool man there we go that’s what i’m talking about it feels good this was a good one i mean it looks like a gimmick but

This shape is really good for grip training yep use it use the force use the power nope nope no i gotta tell you what though it’s interesting you’re right in your training log if you keep training logs grip pumpkin three sets of three seventy pounds all right i think you got it yeah maybe it’s like this way someone’s stronger than me yeah no one can do this one

With me set the bar set the pumpkin if i can do this you won’t oh see yeah you got that oh my god i found it started to go man yeah no these are really well made good job all right you’re looking at it like you want to do it yeah it’s delicious just toss it in a gym bag you can do tricep push down see the curls you need to grip with it you do a single

Arm lap pull down to get two on a chain of strap you’d be the only guy in the gym working out with pumpkins that’d be it’d be dope stay no get closer yeah come on find it yeah come back oh my god it’s easier that way we gotta create rules here yeah i do that legit because my arm hurts now i think you do this that’s a good list yep yep come on i

Couldn’t do it either cross between a hub and a block yeah so if you’re trying to decide between a hub and a block you don’t know whether you want to pinch like a fat wide pinch or like a pinch pinch it’s a good in between but if you actually want a training effect you’re gonna have to hold it right because it’s easy to kind of scoop up the pumpkin yeah exactly

Yeah remember hey all right don’t scoop it yes correct yes there you go this one’s heavy you want to start with that one just to feel it out yeah because no one can do this one yet if you do this one i’ll be impressed all right my hands retired from them oh my god yeah well that’s what you learned you don’t arm wrestle before you do grip trading it’s very

It’s quite pretty we give it to you but we’re gonna have two right now it’s by the time this video comes out i just gave them sure it’s cheaper cheaper you’re so generous it’s empty well you know what this is right now yeah it is wow this arm is better than everything i know it’s just got so much damage right i always wonder what i can and can’t do i

Like that i like that grip yeah that’s a good job it’s a great pumpkin it’s your pumpkin turning my right arm into a giant pumpkin all right devin i don’t lift it first you can watch me do it and i’m watching alaska yeah that sounds cool now listen so what’s the rules i can’t drop it at all right right what’s the what’s the rules for thumb position i’m about to

Show you so you don’t want to do that okay straight over the top knuckles here see that way of the giant pumpkin all right yeah let’s see what happens all right grace go oh no come on no i can tell you no i could maybe let me just feel it no no he scooped it i’m stupid all right guys well i don’t know if it counts let us know in the comments below whether

Devon’s a pumpkin inching backwards uh technique is leaking or not but you can make up your own rules just buy one and tell us tell us what the rules are after you figure it out for yourselves well all i know is i love this grip tool and uh i wish i had it when i had a gym bag but now i just have a giant gym so i can jump back anymore

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