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WE RACED FOR 00,000 (Porsche 911 GT2 RS vs Lamborghini Huracan Performante)

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This was an intense race… Lamborghini Huracan Performante vs. Porsche Gt2rs

All right so we doing this or not yeah we’re doing it right now all right we got to track what are you waiting for hey you guys can settle this on the track welcome back to dough break cars we’re gonna see the best races and the races that everyone wants to see we’re always online trying to look for these crazy races with these crazy supercars hyper cars all sports

Cars i’m going to show you right here ando break cars make sure you guys subscribe right now let’s get to 500,000 subscribers hey let’s go so we got two tracking’s right here nurburgring top lap times so perform on tay these are literally the like the top track cars all right now i’m recording guys i’m before okay if you guys don’t know i think we’re gonna put 50k

Up like 50k yeah you guys actually betting money on money in the pot whether it’s pretty good today make sure your tires are sticky and will see all will drivers real will drive yeah more power in this car than that one so this has 630 this has 700 yeah but i’m running two three zero to sixty and my quarter-mile is 10 3 and i just got any tires on it yeah perfect

Perfect yeah i may lose guys i may lose from zero but we’ll see what happens and we’re gonna do some more races too i mean i’m excited to see wins on to sochi torres come on tay obviously obviously – twin turbos not gonna be as loud as the perform on the i do i’ll say they’re pretty even but of course the v10 actually let’s just hear your barks then we’ll see the

Bikes later when we race so let’s see what you got our ammo let’s hear gt2 rs don’t sleep on the gt2 rs i let’s race let’s go good luck you’re gonna lose seek 810 apart you’re gonna lose oh we’ll see we’re betting big money here coming up below marcus or darius let’s go let’s do it good luck out there bro make sure you uh home at all market and also coming

Down below what kind of caught which car you would get the yellow one or the green one that’s right laura can’t perform on tay or the porsche gt2 rs all right let’s go race bro do you think is gonna win honestly the perf quarter-mile i won’t drive semi-hard road gg2 to keep our boy you oh times the passes tonight here then we had to paint 570 behind us look at

Move yeah you already know that’s five some turbo bubbles we’ve ended this check out perfectly safe so yep i have a property oh look at all the audience i’m ready yeah let’s do it say you guys won’t be a quantum organs yeah david go with the excuse should do a lot of stuff my tires were good my tires are good yo bro you ready i’m ready all right bro

Hopefully i win kill it kill it what do you think is gonna win lucas the per month is all wheel drive so that might take it by top-end definitely the gt2 rs i gots basically i’m gonna do this i’m gonna do the flashlight thing and then whenever they see the flashlight then they’re gonna go that even talked to the driver all right so basically uh what do you guys

See the flashlight then you guys are gonna go okay i put it like this then launch and then flash let go i guess we’ll do windows you ready yeah you you ready yeah i’m ready bro let’s go i was like three four car lengths i think about i think we took him on that first one all right all right i was catching up so i was got to know what happened but i was catching

Up though yeah he did beat me though oh good that’s good awesome you guys need to go again all right round two i think they’re going again what you think ramon is really having trouble with traction right now maybe a little bit cold this isn’t prepped so it’s more like a street setup but yeah that overdrive rose nuts so what happened so that’s lit bro yeah

I bro two for two lamborghini pepper monta this cars quick man yeah very different than other races we’ve seen online a lot of things that planes factor but this launch very reliable every time fastest launched by any supercar i think dori so we’re gonna do we’re gonna start from 30 miles per hour and then go from there we’re gonna see who can win from that i was

Slippin really bad because i’m able to drive but let’s see what happens one two three they’re like too late shifts man that’s one honorable a bro let’s do it right now one more right here that’s where i was taking off i became that when i literally crush them that was crazy alright so horsepower kicks in for 32 hours you got me that’s a fair match good

Game good game see that that’s crazy i did beat him from starting from 30 miles per hour but he did me from zero so you win some you lose some you win some you lose some all right all right that’s enough bro i think i was a pretty fair race with both put up 50k um i took markets on the on the 0de whatever how fast when i don’t know i took him from the dig marquis

Took me on the roll race we did a 30 roll but um so i guess we got to split up both ways right yeah i did beat him on the row and he did beat me pretty bad from 0 so i think it was pretty even so you owe me 20k now you owe me 50 good i can’t do that all right i mean you want you want the roll race i won the race from the dig so pretty even it’s even right stay

Tuned for the next race make sure you guys subscribe make sure guys subscribe right now and turn on your post notifications for some more crazy videos love you guys peace peace

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WE RACED FOR $100,000! (Porsche 911 GT2 RS vs Lamborghini Huracan Performante) By Dobre Cars