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WE RACED (Lamborghini Ducati Bike vs Ferrari 488 Pista)

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Yo yo yo yo welcome back to doberry car what’s going on no none of that it’s like no congrats in your car man thank you bro so guys welcome back to double cars as you know darius just got a new the new lambo truck it’s like another new lambo bike so today we’re going to be putting them against the p-star and the gg2s to see how fast it is no i’m still getting

Used to the bike uh it’s definitely quick doing a time attack yeah they did say that this is the fastest ducati 0-60 2.5 seconds which is a lot faster than most of the supercars so yeah it’s got three different launch controls i haven’t tried one out yet i don’t know if i’m gonna do it just yet but um we’re gonna have some fun so we’re gonna use the pista gt2 and

Like lucy said the ducati uh let’s have some fun let’s go all right who’s going first i’ll go first all right let’s do it let’s race you ready one as you guys know my tires are bald i never changed them since we raised or any savage we got well look how ball these are like there’s no traction yeah i know so i might even lose this race it’s going to be

Bad for me guys you’re definitely going to beat me bro you never know bro this is fast i could be spinning the whole time you could just beat me all right i think i’m gonna give davis a head start honestly should i i’m gonna give you a head start all right whenever y’all whenever dolly goes then you go right to us versus the lambo bite the bike took off you

Lost traction i knew it you ready yeah i think i’m racing next right yeah you’re up next all right let’s do it all right you’re up next let’s do it nervous bro i have no good tires like and it’s cold out yeah it is it is really cold out important to bv honestly whoa piece is slipping a lot yeah he has ball tires yeah after this we got to do it the time attack

Time lapse well that was good that was good oh my helmet’s fogging up you couldn’t see nah it seemed a little hard to see out here i think he was slipping really yeah yeah i was looking i was slipping down the whole time like i couldn’t catch traction i told you i need new tires obviously the drag racing was just for fun but i’m gonna do a time we’re gonna do a

Time attack which means you’re gonna have to drive all the way up there’s gonna be a circle around and we’re gonna and you have to come back we’re gonna see we’re gonna see who could get the fastest time you ready ready set go all right nine seconds you think you can beat that whatever he’s gonna put up yeah 34 seconds i go next dang that’s quick hey guys by

The way i’m not a professional biker uh it’s my second bike the one i had before that i’ve only had for like a month so my most experiences with a mini kawasaki dirt bike so still getting used to it all right you got to be 34 seconds all right all right all right let’s get it six seconds oh my god oh my god can you start yo you just hurry up hey oh should we

Tell them do you tell them not yet right this is a really close one lucas well you might win no no shot there you go christian we’ll see though are you ready yeah whenever you go i’ve got the timer yo he might win bro i’m telling you he’s probably going to win because his car like i mean his bike has no like he doesn’t have to worry about traction and stuff you

Know yeah i don’t know maybe not yeah he’s not winning right i think he lost this one yeah he did 20 seconds oh yeah well you kind of cut it a little it was at 40 seconds 40 seconds that’s pretty close i will wait for him to get back to tell you guys the times so the times were i was the fastest i beat lucas by one second and then darius got 45 seconds so i got

36 seconds lucas got 37 and died and dary got 45. he’s out there riding his bike right now to beat the record it’s like nah but make sure you guys like subscribe and go watch our last video we’re going to be racing more we’re going to be having more people on our channel so make sure you guys stay tuned for everything love you guys so much thank you so much for

1 million and have an awesome day we out peace you

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WE RACED! (Lamborghini Ducati Bike vs Ferrari 488 Pista) By Dobre Cars