We took a BRONCO to ICELAND | The Legend Returns

Iceland was one of the first countries that Bronco was sold internationally back in 1966. It was the perfect vehicle for the harsh climate featuring the capability of a 4×4 vehicle while boasting the creature comforts of an enclosed, heated cabin; much needed for Iceland’s harsh winters. However, toward the later part of the century, Bronco ceased to be available for sale and hasn’t been available for sale (at least new at a dealer) since. So with that in mind, we set out to return the new Bronco to Iceland for the very first time.

You know if you would have told me two and a  half years ago that bronco nation was going to   take this insane vehicle to iceland circumnavigate  the country be the first sixth gen bronco to reach   the arctic circle outside of north america and  return this incredible nameplate to a country   iceland is one of the most unique and

Breathtaking  landscapes we’ve ever seen now for much of the   year in the winter the whole country is covered  in snow but once all that snow melts it provides   other you know ground covering plants like   that to thrive now the majority of the country is  made up of lava rock and lava rock like materials   so there’s

Not a lot of trees there’s not a lot  of tall shrubbery and stuff like that there’s   a ton of just incredibly green moss and grass  that gets really really bright around rivers   a darker green and it just it looks unreal   be like holy crap this feels like we’re   know you’re driving through these dr seuss  

Out of every you know crack and crevice   now we get it’s a cool sexy country with beautiful  scenery outside of you just wanting to go there   bronco and why why would we take a vehicle   to a place like this why ship it over a season go  to iceland if you look back to the ford archives   with bronco history bronco has a

Major part of its  story told in iceland back in the 60s ford started   shipping broncos over there excess ones that they  had in the u.s that they couldn’t quite sell and   it was a huge success they sold more broncos per  capita iceland than anywhere else in the world   iceland that has the closed cabin and it   was

Very drivable off-roads and on-roads it was  the most popular off-road vehicle in iceland   over 800 broncos here in iceland this numbers   by a single wheel so it was highly popular   you go back and you see old ad campaigns you see  an old found footage of gen 1 broncos stock gen 1   broncos you know conquering glaciers

And snow  and river crossings so we wanted to go back   and its history in the country but to tell   who has preserved the history over the last   beautiful in such great condition to today   and be able to marry that early history with the  so got to work started researching you know cold  calling emailing companies

Okay who ships from the   us to iceland what’s the process of importing  it we actually discovered that iceland has a   can temporarily import a foreign vehicle to   locked in the shipping dates got the bronco   to maine because that’s where the boat departed  from from portland maine so we dropped it off   august

1st and off it went the team will say they  got updates for me almost hourly because i was so   manic and was tracking the ship as it went from  maine all the way to iceland every day and so   was still in customs went back the next day   called customs called the port authority talked  to the people at enscape the shipping

Company   that we used and eventually got the vehicle out  and off we went uh it was a very exciting day to   say the least because still until that moment you  know i was like until we have the vehicle in our   possession and we are driving in it in iceland i’m  not going to believe this whole thing’s happening   first

Thing we did after leaving reykjavik was  go down to the westman islands got in a ferry   there a car ferry loaded the bronco up and of  course you know this is when the trip really   started to sink in when you see those people’s  reactions when you’re pulling onto the ferry   and the ship’s crew is you know does a double 

And triple take because they’re like you know   what is this vehicle we’ve never seen it here  before never taken it on the ferry it’s got   u.s plates there’s people with cameras you know  what’s going on and so that was when for us it   really started to sink in that like wow weird you  know this is something that we have the

Privilege   established over the past couple years so being   able to have those little moments with hundreds  of people around the country um talk about the   vehicle talk about bronco nation talk about the  significance because they would mention you know   we’ve only you know we’ve only had old broncos  here before

I didn’t know the new ones were here   and it was like well yeah this is the you know  the start the dawn of a new era for the vehicle   for us is bronco nation and for hopefully the  and then we started on the f roads which  are iceland’s off-road roads that kind of   the country that are 4×4 only and so we knew  

Broncos capabilities on a totally different   style and surface if you’ve ever been to iceland  you know the weather and the conditions change on   an hour-by-hour basis and go from sunny to total  white out rain sleet snow wind all the above   so much but there’s certain things  like weather that you can’t plan for encountered

Our first water crossing thankfully   there’s a car in front of us that went through it  we saw it was no big deal although it was like a   unimog so it had much higher clearance and much  larger tires than we had running 35s it was no big   no big deal we went through it it was very excited  we got our first one done and then

We progressed   on and somewhere deeper than others somewhere more  shallow some were longer the country does a great   job of marking them markers on both sides to make  sure okay you’re going through the center you’re   not you know going and widening the trail you’re  not causing undo you know erosion to the river  

Foreign they take you around the back side kind of  on the behind the scenes tour if you will of the   country’s landscape and gives you a perspective  and views of the terrain that the vast majority   when you’re going into the sixth gen bronco had  you know been to the arctic circle in alaska and   canada but no 6th gen bronco

Had ever been to  the arctic circle outside of north america so   we knew that we as bronco nation would be the  first to take a sixth gen bronco to visit the   we headed to the very north of the country   up to the fjords and there’s a little town called  dalvik up in the north where there’s a ferry that   on dalvik

Day four iceland and we’re getting   on this ferry here glad i booked a reservation  now grimsay is situated above the 6630 latitude  which is the signifier of the arctic circle   maybe 15 homes a couple small businesses   that the families there rotate and operate got  to the ferry that morning and immediately knew  

It was going to be the experience of a lifetime  it was a small boat definitely had some age on   it looked i don’t know if it’s a nice break or  not but i sure looked like it could break ice   because it does run all year round a lot more  remote a lot less tourists go up there and it’s   and went and enjoyed the scenery rode

Up   got there pulled off and uh began to explore  the island we only had two hours and if we   there until 7 pm the next day so we knew   of dirt road that goes to the north got a  coming down there’s only about 15 houses went to a  little guest house a little coffee shop talked to   the people who worked there the

One lady who runs  the guest house also happens to run the gift shop   it was just cool talking to these people asking  about what it’s like living on the island   we were due to head back a couple of the   as we were making our way back over to the   and with the back half of the ferry open we  knew it was going to

Make for an epic setting   ships wake and the island in the background   and since it was a lighter crowd and the crew  knew we were coming back they got a little more   interested in the ship’s engineer in particular  who spoke maybe five words of english after we   had parked and gotten the vehicle kind of situated 

Came up to me and said engine room engine room and   i thought he wanted to show us you know the engine  room of the ship and you know it was kind of a   nerd for boats and planes and anything that moves  i was like well that’d be cool so i was like okay   let’s go to the engine room and then he points at  the car and says engine

Room and i realized he was   talking about kind of the engine pay and wanted  to see the engine of the bronco under the hood   popped the hood propped it up and he spent the  next 30 minutes with his hands behind his back   just meticulously inspecting the engine coming  from a guy who works on these massive ships all  

So interested in the mechanics and the inner   workings of this engine so we all kind of just sat  back and observed and watched as he was fascinated   by this which is super cool for us to see and you  know one by one more of the ship’s crew came out   and examined the engine and they started asking  questions you know what’s

What’s the horsepower   european equivalents which of course i had no idea   so we had some hats and so we took uh gave hat  to the engineer and he immediately put it on   even taken the tags off and so we went up   um to the area where the passengers sit and just  kind of watched him for the next three and a half  

Hours as we sailed back and he wore that hat the  entire time which was super cool despite where   we’re from despite what languages we speak or  don’t speak we’re all able to connect over this   incredible vehicle which is what we have set out  to do at bronco nation from the beginning anyways   coolest connections we made on

The whole   broncos of iceland was an instagram account that  kept kind of popping up ever so often and with   into early broncos and gen 1 broncos they had   seen this broncos and iceland thing there’s   this guy over there who has kind of helped to  preserve the history and the story of these   early gen 1 broncos

Since they were sold in the  60s and 70s you know i had talked with him that   we would love to do a meet up we’d love to get  the community together if people were interested   out and have you know a bronco nation meet   up the first one internationally and we had no  expectations going in i mean we knew of the 1800s  

So broncos that were sold over there you know  maybe 400 still existed or were registered but   we didn’t know how vibrant the community was we  didn’t know you know was there a lot of enthusiasm   about it was it just this one guy and we were like  hey if you’re up for it we’d love to do a meet-up   sunday morning he sends us a

Video and it was  all these gen 1 broncos starting to line up at   this beautiful classic car museum club called the  cruiser club that they have over there for classic   cars mostly focused on classic american cars and  so we all looked at each other we’re like holy   crap this is going to be epic we headed over there  early

And we pulled in and it was i mean it was   overwhelming how beautiful the vehicles were how  many broncos were there how many people were there   and how much effort and love they had put into  this meetup the cruiser club we had never heard   of it so it’s it takes up the whole floor bottom  floor of this warehouse and it’s

This beautiful   museum hangout place which is a ton of automobilia  stuff you’d see you know barrett jackson auction   neon signs vintage cars clocks old photographs  you know there were pool tables they were you know   old barber shop chairs and we’re at 66 signage  just something at this incredible well-curated  

A part of and have meetups every so often   i’ve ever seen there was one that stood out   it was the grandson of the original owner the uh  his grandfather had purchased it new in iceland   and i believe it was 66 or 69. w72 one of those  years gen one bronco it was red white top and it   stayed in the family since his

Grandfather had  purchased it and in 2022 after you know over 50   years of being there it only had 44 000 kilometers  on it and it was all original and it was the most   beautiful genuine i’ve ever seen today we showed  strength and it was the first and yeah maybe not   the first but the biggest meeting in in reykjavik 

There wasn’t one unifying factor um that  kind of brought them all together until   um while we were there was incredibly  humbling and a massive honor bronco the new new one in iceland i think   to buy one it’s all about giving the old   generations a continuing story with a new vehicle  one thing that ties it all together is the

People   you know with the vehicles without the vehicles  no matter what gen the people is what makes it   special the people is what tells the story and  brings it to life because it’s so much more than   a trim or a vin or a you know a build or any of  that because the end of the day we’re all bronco   enthusiasm and

No matter what bronco you have or  if you don’t even have a bronco that bronco name   plate ties us all together and transcends cultures  races political affiliations gender all of that   stuff that’s all put to the side and we’re able to  get together and build an incredible community an   incredible passion around one singular

Thing and  i think this was you know over the seven days that   we were there talking to so many people this was  a phenomenal representation of that and speaks to   what this is all about at the end of the day if  you take the vehicles away you take the trails   away i mean all that laughter people and that’s  what that’s

What this is all about for us foreign

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