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Alongside the debut of the powerful is f in 2007 lexus developed and released s poor performance accessories for all standard is 250 and 350 vehicles enthusiasts were interested in getting better handling and performance out of there already highly tuned bass is yet still sustaining the excellent ride comfort of the vehicle development included performance enhancements

Such as brake upgrades stabilizer bars lowering springs shocks and chassis braces personalization parts included sauce kids and forged wheels in 2011 lexus produce is 250 and is350 f-sport factory packages these packages include a combination of mile performance suspension tuning and a more aggressive performance look at lexus we have a vehicle for every level

Of driver an f sport offers something for everyone the f sport performance triangle a sport factory packages and accessories allow drivers to add various levels of performance to their vehicle to help bridge the gap between the factory tune is 350 and the high performance is f f sport adds two levels in the middle of the triangle that allow a driver to meet their

Specific performance needs if you are driving enthusiasts that is searching for the is350 proven ride comfort but wang enhanced handling and a more aggressive athletic look the f sport factory package is a step up for your base is if you are looking for even higher level of performance you can select export accessories to create your own vehicle that has handling

Comparable to the high powered is f if extreme power and ultimate handling is what you are searching for then the is f is the clear choice as the top-tier vehicle in the performance triangle this is joe bacall joe buckles test driving experience spans over 15 years while being one of a few highly trained development test drivers within the toyota lexus family he

Was directly involved in evaluating and testing some of the highest performance on and off road vehicles for the company after beating cancer joe decided to pursue his dream of off-road racing his first race in the lexus lx570 was at the famous baja 500 where he placed first in class in 2010 he brought home the stock vehicle championship and a baja 1000 win he is

Currently a factory back champion driver for lexus today we’re doing a vehicle comparison with the is350 rear-wheel drive versus the f-sport factory package so one of the things that we did was we compared the is350 we will drive with the f-sport factory package and a lot of different things came up i mean i’m on the racetrack i’m pushing hard running multiple apps

Jumping between car to car and what i really noticed the most was car wasn’t tracking quite as easy as the f-sport factory package and this to me really equals performance and how the car is tuned you know the amazing thing is this vehicles proven it’s working really well and you know this vehicles all about ride comfort and sportiness the is350 will drive vehicle

It’s great and ride comfort and it does very well on the track but it does lack grip to a certain point you take it to a certain point and then you want that next level and that’s where the f sport factory package comes in so when it comes to evaluating the export factory package you know the vehicle definitely responds a little bit quicker than the is350 we will

Drive vehicle you know a lot less steering input is needed compared to the is350 rural drive vehicle just feel tighter the steering seems to just everything just works that much better on the track and this is exactly what we’re looking at is the absolute performance on the racetrack at the limit how does it perform the vehicle has several different changes coming

Right from the factory that is a lowered stance with coil spring shock tuning got amazing seats that really hold you in and aesthetically with the aerodynamic kits it really looks great so to summarize my evaluation with the is350 rural dr comparing that to the f-sport factory package here’s what i came up with a couple things come to mind for me with the export

Factory package and that is the vehicle absolutely steps up a notch for handling and performance i was able to get through the corners that much faster you know it could predict what’s going to happen and really i actually had a lot of fun driving that vehicle aesthetically there’s no doubt that the f-sport factory package meets my expectations i love the badge

I love the wheels it’s definitely a notch up from the is350 we will drive today we’re comparing the f-sport factory package versus the f-sport accessories package there are several things that come to mind being on the racetrack and evaluating this vehicle at the limit my job is to take the vehicle on the racetrack throw it sideways as hard as i can on purpose

To see how the vehicles going to react is it oversteer does it understeer one thing that i noticed is balance it’s all about getting that perfect balance so the driver has a confidence and the vehicle can literally get through that area with ease this vehicle accessories package all these components were tested and developed together and that’s what makes up the

Perfect balance i mean look at how much input i’m putting on this wheel i’m fairly turning it and it just goes right for a boat on the wall over hunter miles now right here heart breaks no problem i thing just stops back into this corner a little drift no problem back into it look at the composure just just comes right back the f sport accessories vehicle has so

Many great things that i noticed on the racetrack for one everything just felt super tight i was able to get through those corners so much faster than i expected and it really compared to the is f minus the power i didn’t want to gather the vehicle i’m like this thing is fun to drive one thing that i’m looking at right now underneath this vehicle and what really

Stands out to me is the blue f sport means performance from the front stabilizer bars to the rear to the chassis brace blue springs i mean all these different parts were tested and proven and developed to work together and you noticed on the racetrack you notice it on just your day-to-day driving one of the great things about having the accessories available for

Your is vehicle is when you bring this vehicle into the dealership for any reason whatsoever these parts are covered under warranty you can’t get that from any other aftermarket component they say they’re designed for the is vehicle but they’re truly not they’re not tested like these components are specifically for this car our speeds are quite a bit higher than

The f-sport factory package just simply because we have so many components available for this vehicle so if you’re looking at the f-sport factory package if you compare that with the f-sport accessory vehicle my level of confidence really stepped up i’m able to drive the f-sport accessory vehicles so much faster in the corners on the straights i mean i’ve got a

Lot of breaking going into this and i’ve got the components to back me up to get through that course fast you know as a former factory development driver for almost 11 years for lexus i know suspension you know you could buy these two pieces the coilover as well as the shock what i recommend as a driver and an evaluator is to buy them together because they were

Developed together the reason this vehicle works so well on the track is you’ve got front rear balance and what that means is for one driver confidence goes up you can feel the front we’re working together in unison as you’re heading down the course when i’m driving and i’m picking a line i’m going through that apex everything is much more clear it’s more direct

And i’m able to get through there much faster what a grip really goes where i pointed it’s absolutely fun to drive no question about one of the things that i notice on the racetrack is how the chassis brace really works you don’t see it it’s under the car but you feel it and what it’s doing is it’s basically tying everything together with all that deflection on a

Racetrack with all those high g-forces basically limiting the movement and transmitting all that information to the driver where everything is smooth responsive and much more fluid not only does the front rear sway bar help with body roll but it also helps with the steering feel in the directness overall on a day to day basis you’re not going to see a big difference

It’s not going to affect the ride comfort so you’re still going to have the lexus comfort that you’d expect but when you get it into a racetrack condition or maybe going through a canyon the vehicles going to clamp down it’s going to roll less it’s going to go through the corners much easier with less delay and more input and that’s what performance is all about

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