What Wheels Fit a Toyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ / Scion FRS

From a daily driver to a bagged show car the 86 platform can do it all. So we put together a list of how you can achieve each type of fitment.

Hi it’s been a minute but we’re back we got some more fitment tips for you guys odds are if you’re watching this video you either just picked up a frs brz gt86 whatever you want to call it and you’re looking to get some of those tires for suspension for it well guess what bud we got the best free tool that you can use right here and we’re gonna kind of run through

It and i kind of broke down some suggestions uh as far of what is like the best fitment for these cars whether you’re looking for a daily driver setup or you’re looking to go something a little more flush or if you want to go like super aggressive get some fender to lip action or stuff like that we got it all here so we’re gonna break it down step by step for what

You’re looking to do with your frs brz or eight six like i said we’re going to be using the gallery over at fitmentindustries.com and even better than that once you know what’s going to fit your car and what wheels and tires and suspension you want to go with we got it all readily available over at fitmentindustries.com so you can go check it out right there as well

So before we go ahead and get into this don’t forget to subscribe and uh yeah let’s do this thing all right so we’re going to start out with like the daily driver setup right it’s gonna be something for someone that maybe a little bit on a budget like their only car if you just want some aftermarket parts on it you want it to look good but you don’t want to have to

Deal with any rubbing issues or anything like that you don’t have to deal with rolling fenders or pulling or buying any other aftermarket suspension pieces this is going to be what you’re going to want to look at so as far as suspension goes look at a set of lowering springs it’s honestly the best bang for your buck to lower your car to begin with and summing for

A daily driver setup it’s going to be one of the best routes to go as far as wheel size just a general rough idea here you’re going to be looking at either a 17 or 18 inch diameter a width between eight and nine and a half inches to play it safe and then an offset gonna be sticking in that little bit of a higher range from a plus 45 down to a plus 38 offset we’ll

Kind of get into that in a little bit here as far as tires look roughly between the 235 and a 255 for your size and then like i said you’re not going to need any other aftermarket suspension pieces or fender rolling or anything like that with these setups so first example we have here is going to be a 2016 scion frs now this car is running some nk ts5s i right we

Got an 18 by eight and a half plus 45 in the front and an 18 by nine and a half plus 45 in there so this is a staggered setup but honestly is a good setup for these cars you can get away with a square setup honestly you could more than likely run that nine and a half in the front but with that high of an offset you kind of start to run into some issues with like

Your back spacing and stuff like that so i think if you’re running this hive and offset like a plus 45 stick with that staggered setup otherwise if you want to go to the square set up that eight and a half in the rear might be a little bit more tucked but we got some federal 595 rsrs uh 245 35 and a 255 35 and then like i said on some eibach lowering springs so

There’s going to be no wheel spacers here this is true fitment nothing else going on the eye box give about 1.4 inch drop in the front in the rear so a nice little drop over the stock ride height and honestly it gives you a decent very functional fitment for these cars and these nkts5s look really dang good on here so honestly a great solid setup that’s not gonna

Break the bank got another example of this 2018 subaru brz so we got some avid one av-20s now this is a square setup so this is 18 by nine and a half plus 38. so as we go down with that offset as that number gets lower and sometimes even into the negatives it’s going to be a more aggressive fitment it’s going to push that wheel further out towards the outside

Of the car so plus 38 compared to the plus 45 so looked at gonna be a little more aggressive so there’s a square setup nine and a half plus 38 some continental extreme contact sports 255 35 honestly this is almost the exact setup at least spec wise that i was running on my own frs for about two and a half years or so and i absolutely loved it i think that plus 38

Offset is a solid all-around setup for these cars uh with a nine and a half wide wheel and the 255 35 you pull off pretty easily you don’t really have to roll your fenders or anything like that but we got some swift lowering springs which is a solid lowering spring to go with and yeah we got no rubbing issues here so if you’re looking for a square setup to keep

It real nice and easy honestly this looks really dang good so kind of moving on to the flush setup so that 18 by nine and a half plus 38 pretty dang flush it’s getting there but if you want to go a little bit lower maybe get yourself a set of coil over something like that uh this is more the route that you’re going to want to look at so looking at some coilovers

Looking at an 18 inch diameter wheel nine and a half inch width with that plus 38 you can get away with a plus 35 offset you play with your tire size a little bit but you’re going to be looking at between a 235 and a 255 tire again no other suspension components are going to be required for some setup like this but it is recommended to roll your fenders especially

If you are looking to get a little bit lower with those coilovers first example we have here is this 2016 frs on some monovia elder so these are 18 by nine and a half plus 35 so for the tighter size like i said you’re probably going to want to drop it a little bit so instead of a 255 like we saw in the last one we got a 245 35 and these are sitting on some tame

Coilovers so absolutely fantastic budget friendly coilover canes i had them on my car absolutely love them i have the flex z’s but you can get away with like the street basis of street advanced depending on how much you want to spend and then of course like how many features you want with them you want damping adjustment uh do you want camber adjustment all that

Sort of stuff um so yeah again no modification really needed outside of the wheels tire suspension here and it’s a really solid setup you know a little bit partial to you know the others since they are our own wheels and they look really good um but yeah this is a killer setup and honestly probably one of the most common uh for these cars if it’s not the plus 38

It’s the plus 35 plus 35 you’ll find in a ton of different wheel brands it’s like a very common size to go with um yeah it looks good on here another example we got this 2016 brz it’s again seeing those avid one ab20s 18 by 99 plus 38 on some 255 35s on some tan coilovers once again so again and very similar setups here but it just works really well with these cars

It’s a very sought after size to go with you get a decent sized tire on it because these are very driver focused cars if you’re going after a flush setup odds are you want to really drive this thing and go carve some roads and stuff like that and it’s gonna be a fun time so setup like this works really well but if you’re not about all that maybe you just want to go

After the looks of the car you want to slam this thing on it’s nuts all right you want an aggressive fender to lip setup well don’t worry we got you there as well alright so for aggressive setup you’re going to be looking at either coilovers or air suspension all right you’re going to want to get this thing as low as you possibly can 18 inch diameter pretty much

The standard for these setups a nine and a half up to an 11 inch width is typically what we see we don’t really see much larger than that especially on these stock body cars obviously getting the wide bodies against all over the place but a plus 22 offset and lower is what we’re going to be playing with here so tire size you’re going to be a bit of a stretch you’re

Going to be stretching these tires 235 down to a 215 is what you’re going to be seeing and then here is where a lot of your other aftermarket suspension components come into play and that’s gonna be things like your upper and lower control arms your camber plates and things like that you’re going to need to roll your fenders and sometimes even pull them depending

On how much uh camber offset you’re running on these so we got a couple examples here actually three examples so the first one i believe we got on coilovers yes this is going to be a 2018 subaru brz and we got some kante tandems very very popular wheel for these cars they work really well these are an 18 by nine and a half plus 22 square setup some achilles atr

Sport twos 225 40. uh bc racing coilovers all right so we got negative three degrees of camber all around and the front fenders are rolled with a slight pole so there comes in your additional pieces that you might need to play around with to get these to fit but the fitment looks so dang good the nine and a half plus 22. so let’s say you want to do that sort of

Setup with air suspension how is that going to work you’re really going to lower this thing well it works pretty dang well you’re going to want to probably drop your tire size a little bit just to make sure everything clears so we have 2016 frs we got some esr cs12s 82.9 f plus 22. um we got some 215 35 so we went from a 225 40 to a 215 35 dropping this tire size

A little bit on some air the performance air suspension as you can see fitment still looking pretty dang good this is gonna be a really nice setup for you it’s going to fit well it’s not going to be anything too crazy aggressive or anything like that where you’re going to really need to go in there and start dialing everything in and it’s actually the natural

Camber at all heights so they don’t have any extra control arms or anything like that in there so you can still get away with you know your stock stuff outside of your regular suspension coilovers air suspenser whatever um with this setup and it looks really good and then just to show that you can go even more aggressive with this we have this 2015 scion frs this

Guy’s got some ssr professor tf ones okay 18 by 10 and a half negative three all around all right it’s a pretty aggressive setup but we wanted to show you just what you can get away with i mean honestly you can really get anything you want to fit depends on how much work you want to do to it so kind of just an example of that we got some 225 35 achilles atr sport

2 tires on some air suspension so as you can see good amount of camber uh this is where like i said your upper control arm so we’ve got some godspeed uh rear lower control arms got some broadway extreme front camber plates got some p2m upper control arms all that sort of stuff to go in to pull off a setup like this it’s a little bit more money it’s a little bit

More investment a little more messing around with the suspension geometry but if that’s the look that you’re going for you absolutely can pull it up these cars can pull offs quite the aggressive setup like i said just depends on how much camber you want to run how much else you want to stick into it and of course at the end of the day what kind of look you’re going

For so there you have it and of course if you want to see just other setups or if you want to just you know see like oh i really want to run this size wheel or something like that feel free to hop on over to our gallery at fitmentindustries.com it’s a free tool to use just plug in your ear make model you can select a whole bunch of other filters depending on like

What size you want to run what suspension you want to run what wheel brand you want to run see what wheels look like on your car before you know spend all the money and then realize like yeah man they don’t really look good on this car it’s a free tool go check it out and of course you can purchase all the stuff there including control arms and performance parts

And all that other stuff that you’d ever want for your car so if you enjoyed this video and it helped you up make sure to like this video subscribe and drop a comment down below on what car you’d like us to cover next so thank you guys so much for watching don’t forget to check out wheels tire special fitmentindustries.com i’m gels and we’ll see you later foreign

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