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Yo what is going on my people welcome back to another episode of cars and things welcome boys and girls to another episode you guys have been asking me for the longest time what is going on with the bmw m2 well i can tell you it is here and in the metal and i can’t wait to tell you guys what’s been happening with this car if you enjoyed this kind of content make

Sure you give it a thumbs up comment below let me know what you think because what i want to share with you guys is are updates on what’s been done to the car it hasn’t just been sitting i have been working on the car in silence moving in the silence i really want to show you guys what’s been taking place so far there has been a lot going on but i promise you i am

Bringing more content back i think the m2 is almost done but i still feel like there is so much more to do so once again comment below let me know what you think about the updates and of course what is to come and then next up guys i am losing light right now so i’m gonna try to speed up this video in fact i should be watching the formula one right now but i’m here

Bringing you guys some fresh content okay cool so why haven’t you seen the m2 in some of the contents that we have been posting on the channel and i can assure you there’s a number of reasons why but one and the most important i’d probably say the biggest reason and there’s a truck coming past okay now that the truck is gone um the biggest reason you guys haven’t

Seen the bmw m2 competition the alpena bmw m2 competition let me add is because for the most part i’ve been trying to retain as much of its value as possible i’ve seen that the market right now there’s interesting things going on but i feel that this is a collector’s car or will be a collector’s car in the future especially the organic sort of pure real-world drive

Bmws just like this one so i’m really trying to keep it for as long as i can trying to keep my hands on it to be honest i did an evaluation about probably a month ago and you guys may remember i’m very transparent with you guys i told you exactly how much i bought the car for i mean i bought the car for about 1 250 that’s 1.2 yep and what basically happened is i

Got an offer about a month ago and mind you i’m celebrating two years of ownership of this car in this month this month literally this month so i got an evaluation on this car and got 1.1 now for the car owners out there whether you know you don’t know um for a brand new car you typically lose the most in the first year um and in the second year it goes kind of

Downhill from there however yes i have lost money with this car as expected but it is gaining in value i mean i got 1.1 after two years of ownership i will be honest i haven’t driven this car as much um it’s literally sitting on about seven thousand kilometers and i’ve owned it for two years so that’s about three and a half thousand kilometers a year and the first

Two thousand i had to do was really to run it in and i was very eager to run this car and so i went to derw and i went back home and i was like i want to feel this thing but also i want to kind of you know enjoy it to its potential uh without having to wait two thousand kilometers so i really wanted to do that to run the engine in so simply put i’m really trying to

Retain as much of its value as possible you guys have seen the market cars expensive right now people are always asking me how much they can buy the car for but i’m not trying to sell it i really want to keep it and what i really want to do is not of course sell it to the highest bidder but you guys may remember to get to this point there’s one or two cars i had

To trade in before and had a bit of a shortfall which i had to pay deposit for and that sort of stuff so i really want to get my value back and get my money back you also may be thinking you’re not driving the car it’s depreciating and you are right it is depreciating but i’m expecting within the third year for almost like depreciation to kind of plateau um and

For me to get my money back as the demand is growing and the prices are becoming more and more insane anyway that’s the shortest sort of explanation as to why i don’t drive this car as much as i should now i’ve mentioned i’ve done a number of things to the car and i can’t wait to actually show you guys but before i actually talk you through everything i’ve done

With the car i just thought anyway let me stop playing around guys i thought i may just give you some shots first take a look oh all right all right all right boys and girls there you go our alpena bmw m2 competition it is here in the flesh i promise you i did not sell it it is still here looking as gorgeous as ever now you’ve seen some of the shots of

The car what i really want to do is take you on a bit of a tour around every single thing that i have done to the car so far all right the most evident and most noticeable one um is of course the carbon bonnet so i replaced the standard bonnet with a carbon bonnet which has been painted to match the color of the car most people kind of leave it looking like that

But i really didn’t want that but also i was very particular about the fit and as you’ll see here this is where you kind of can tell most of the time with carbon bonnets because some of them don’t fit perfectly but carbon bros as you know hook the boy up so there you go right over there carbon bonnet which is one of the biggest additions that i’ve done to this car

One of which is probably one of actually the most aggressive feature i’ve got on here right now outside of the canals and the lip and the general look of the car but i think it adds such an insane like dimension to what this freaking thing looks like and i am obsessed with it so that’s one of the most noticeable ones um hit me up if you are looking to get one for

Your car as well i know that they have like multiple um sort of carbon bonnets for different cars so you guys can just kind of head over there and have a look okay what we’ve spoken about so far was the carbon bonnet which has been added to the car really one of the most aggressive additions that we’ve done to the car it looks absolutely sick makes it look so much

More aggressive one of the things that the people always say and call the m2 is the baby m it is a baby m but this is a very angry baby m um and i absolutely love the carbon one so if you want to know uh where to get it i will link um in the description below where you can get it for your car as well let me know what you think maybe i should get this carbon bonnet

For the bmw m140 maybe maybe not i’ve seen some they look really cool but let me know if you guys think i should get this for the 140. anyway moving along the next thing that i did to the car is i did ppf on the car you obviously won’t be able to see it but it is all around here literally all around here so the whole front of the car including the carbon fiber as

Well has been ppf’d you may be asking what the heck is ppf what ppf basically is simply put it is like a screen saver or a screen protector that you’d normally put on your phone for like chips and scratches and things like that and that’s exactly what i’ve got on the car as well what i’ve also done very closely linked to the ppf is i’ve done a paint correction on

The car basically when you buy a car with a brand new or used the paint job isn’t always as perfect um obviously because of like weather damage and the sun and things like that you typically see that sort of wear over time over like older cars however i still want this car looking as pristine as ever i told you guys of course i’m trying to retain as much of its

Value as possible when it comes to the mileage and what it looks like and this car is still pretty much brand new and that’s what i did to it just to make sure that the paint is always looking as good as brand new on the car so that’s the carbon bonnet that’s ppf as well as restoring the paints on the car which is the paint protection another noticeable thing

That you guys will see is right over here let me know what you guys think in the comments below what the color is called it’s called a satin bronze it’s in fact like a dull bronze with a satin finish on it what i love about this is that it is so subtle it’s not bright it’s not bold it doesn’t really stick out of the car you almost have to take a second look to be

Able to see this color properly should i got a brighter sort of bronze i don’t really think so i love how it really just goes with the car some people are probably going to think it looks brown but to be honest i really don’t care it gives it such a sick look and really brings out the definition in the wheels themselves these are the stock rims uh let me know in

The comments below do you guys think we should still get another rim for this car i thought this particular stock room has so much life to it i really don’t want to change it just yet but maybe we should be changing it another thing that i do definitely want to do is get a drop or coilovers but you guys know i cry about the same thing every single time and that

Is my driveway however i do honestly want to get rid of that gap um but i can’t really do anything about it to be honest i cannot do anything about it how cool do the rims look they really make this car pop a lot of the m2cs’s come with the bronze rim but it’s a lot brighter than this one but i just love how subtle this room is and it really pops quite nicely

It’s not like in your face but actually looks really cool so those are some of the more noticeable differences of the car which i’ve mentioned just a few you may be wondering what is next with the car all right let me tell you boom a lot of people tell me that the car is done i don’t need to do anything else that’s the thing about a project there’s always more

And more new developments that come about that you want to kind of have so um what’s next with the car just real quick is i definitely want to carbon the car out in the interior it’s pretty much still the same i’ve kept it quite clean what i also want to do as well is get a drop get some coilovers um really have some fun with it um definitely get something that

Sounds even better than what it sounds like right now and this car sounds mental i’ll tell you that for sure um what else do i want to do to the car there’s so many things and i’m pretty sure i am forgetting some stuff right now but there is so much more that i want to do with this car i want this car to look way more mental that it actually looks right now i want

A one of one it already is i feel a one of one being the alpena m2 everything alpina the carbon parts the rims i have not seen one like this in africa in africa so someone’s shooting at me what’s up um so it looks absolutely sick and i want to keep it looking this way and i want to keep kind of innovating with the car and with other cars to come so there’s still

A lot more you definitely better stay tuned because this car is going to look sicker and sicker and sicker now guys now now now i’m so excited to tell you guys about a new car that is joining the garage yes you heard it right you heard it here for the very first time we bought a new car and you guys are gonna absolutely love it just to give you guys a clue it is a

South african legend and to give you another clue back in the day in a two-year sort of period this car won like a thousand 800 races in 3 000 races so quite a powerful car south african legend of a car and we’ve been talking about this car on the channel maybe once or twice uh maybe once or twice but i’m super excited to announce and to tell you guys we have

Got a new car coming to the channel we have got a new project coming to the channel and i cannot wait to take you guys on this journey it’s totally something different than we’ve ever done we’re gonna get very involved we’re gonna get very stuck in and we are gonna have some fun guys guys guys look how fire this car’s looking i promise you guys this is my garage

Queen i cannot wait to have another garage queen i’m gonna drive them i’m gonna have fun with them but i love looking at this car so much i treat it like a queen this is my queen after my actual queen and i love it and enjoy it and cannot wait to get something else something else something else something else not the new something else something else fam i hope

You guys have enjoyed this episode thank you so much for watching if you enjoy our content give it a thumbs up comment below let me know what else we should do to the bmw m2 i can’t wait to reveal our next car which is coming up very soon make sure you subscribe become a part of the cars and things fam and keep watching stay tuned just guys know whatever you do in

Life make sure you faith it’s till you make it that’s how i get along that’s what i do and you can do it too if i can you definitely can do it guys thank you so much for watching until next time we out all right guys all right i said we were out i promise you we out before we go there’s one more thing i want you guys to hear and that is to hear the startup of a

Car cool you ready let’s go so all right all right all right i know you guys heard that how sick does it sound i want to make it sound even better but i want to take you guys on the journey i got a little secret to tell you guys a little secret tell you guys how sick does that sound anyway guys we out bye so bye

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