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Whats new on the 2022 Ram 1500, 2500, 3500 trucks

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There are some changes coming to the 2022 Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500 trucks for the new model year. If you are shopping for a new Ram truck, this is what you need to watch.

Hey it’s tim pickup truck plus suv talk and today we have some exciting news about the 2022 ram truck lineup i have 1500 news i have three quarter ton of one ton news plus we have a pretty good award that they just won for initial quality we’re going to talk about in this video so if you’re shopping for a 2022 ram truck this is the video you want to see because

I’m going to tell you what’s new tell you if it really matters and then we’ll go ahead and talk about some quality yeah quality awards they want which is kind of shocking for rainbrand because it’s not really known for quality but let’s go ahead and get to the screen let’s talk about the half ton first okay so the big news for the ram lineup and it impacts the

Half ton three quarter one ton is all ram trucks plus the vans as well will come with new fifth generation uconnect system now this is the infotainment system we’ll see this on the screen you can see it’s it’s the software that manages the infotainment system you get wireless apple carplay wireless android auto you have wireless charging and dual phone application

Where you make connecting and sharing easy for ram pickup commercial owners you see the big screen where you have the big camera as well there’s new off-road pages performance pages for better pro as far as showing off what you’re doing it’s enhanced for greater processing speeds there’s lexa home to truck and truck to home functionality includes in-vehicle alexa

Virtual assistant with natural voice capability there’s new telematics for fleet customers to be able to access the information on the vans the icons are all new it’s all been changed up it looks a little bit different than the uconnect 4 there’s over there updates uh 360 degree visual quality to keep an eye on payload so there’s large high resolution screens and

Cameras so you can use those cameras to see what’s going on in the bed of the truck as well but yeah you can it’s really fast to go through the icons have changed and it’s just a faster infotainment system that’s more streamlined it’s already one of the best industry but this change here keeps adding to that so and then there’s heads-up display i’m seeing there as

Well but so that’s what it looks like in the vans so there’s your van setup and then there’s some different looks as far as performance pages that that’s the trx you can see different performance pages so the other big news going on with the ram 1500 and let’s go to that is gonna be some special editions okay so on these special editions uh this is what the truck

Looks like right now so this is a blacked out version of the ram 1500 this is the rebel and so you can kind of see see that front grille that kind of stuff they’re going to say they have a new 1500 limited 10th edition anniversary edition that joins lineup exclusive blue shade exterior color on that multi-function tailgate cold air intake cold air and exhaust

Unique badging and 22 inch polished wheels on these on that anniversary edition it also includes unique indigo and sea salt quilted leather seats instrument panel console door insert suede headliner visuals a 10 pillar a bunch of badges there’s also the new ram 1500 longhorn south folk south fork model replaces limited laramie limited longhorn 10th anniversary

Geez there’s a lot of stuff going there but what i wanted to show you is get through this right there this is the one the bigger news is the new ram 1500 gt laramie and ram 1500 gt rebel crew cabs which is what i believe this is these are all gt versions so these get the sport performance hood which we can see right there they get the gt badging decals cold air

Intake cold and exhaust bucket seats of enhanced wheel grips on the flat bottom steering wheel high bolsters aluminum paddle shifters performance oriented floor shifter performance screens all weather floor mats and metal pedal kit the other interesting thing is the ram airflow you see there the ram clean air system is standard on all 20 22 ram 1500 models and

Filters 95 of error particulates so they have the best error inside the cabin there’s another version you can see the gt badging along the back of this ram truck this is the split tailgate 60 40 tailgate this is laramie gt badging in the back it’s just kind of a cool look the other new one now this is the new one this is the new ram 1800 back country this is

Available on the ram 1500 bighorn and lone star models you get the 5.7 liter v8 body color grille so you can see that grill matches you have the grill surround black two-tone exterior paint black badging exhaust headlamps everything’s bad out blacked out running boards everything’s black mirrors tonneau cover you get the bed utility group you can off-road group

Which is the electronic locking rear axle you get the skid plates in the front heavy duty shock absorbers steering gears transfer case hill descent control off-road pages the tow hooks and all train off and on road tires now they they don’t have a picture of it but they do talk about it in the press release they have a new uh trailer hitch light this including

The trailer tow group includes four led lights to provide a clear crisp light from directly above the trailer hitch so they added lights so above the trailer hitch you when you hit the when you back up the lights light that up the clean air edition system we talked about and harvest sunrise is available on tradesmen bighorn rebel laramie longhorn this was

An exclusive color i think last year with heavy duties and now demo and that joins the lineup so those are your updates for the ram 1500 now the engines are all the same nothing’s changed their transmission hasn’t changed at all okay now for the three-quarter tunnel one ton the heavy duty trucks uh these haven’t really changed a whole lot they still offer the

Best-in-class towing capacity of 37 000 pounds payload of 7 680 pounds a thousand foot pounds of torque with the specific um setup of the truck you have to buy there’s one setup that does that uh class leading ride and handling all kinds of stuff the exclusive link coil rear suspension like i talked about this all these trucks all get the five link uh not five

Like i think finally because of ram uh the uconnect five system it’s again it’s three times faster more or four times faster three times more memory wi-fi capability toe specific navigation just a lot of good stuff in there and then they have the heavy duty bighorn and lone star silver edition it features chrome and tow hooks belt molding belt molding door handle

Inserts just a bunch of styles and then when you look at the power wagon you can now get the power wagon a level three equipment package includes the black grille mesh you have the gunmetal ram spelled out in the badge you have the premium headlights with gloss black surrounds you have the 12 inch uconnect 5 system the 17 speaker harman kardon system the premium

Interior and you can get the bucket seats and things and so it also also comes in electronic in level two which offers electric it also is offered with the electronic cans transfer case on level two and standard on level three equipment packages you can get upgraded seats upgraded things in the truck now the tow mode is now available with a digital rear view mirror

If you’ve never seen it before you flip the handle flip the switch on the rear view mirror and changes to a shows like a backup camera it’s the whole time when you’re driving it’s like a little bit of video game it’s pretty cool though when you’re backing up if you’re going to back up with people behind you or whatever you can get that digital view mirror and it

Allows the driver to see behind the trailer if you have a remote camera so you can actually see it all there in the screen there’s the trailer hitch light is added from the half ton that was on three quarter ton as well and harvard sunrise joins the lineup as a as a complete option and there’s available 360 degree view camera as far as seeing the bird’s eye

View so those are basically your upgrades again you have some changes with the ram power wagon that it now offers level three equipment package and that includes some more up level features and then you have level two that offers electronic transfer case and a standard on level three equipment packages so it’s optional there and yeah so that’s what’s new on the

Ram 1500 and three-quarter one-ton lineup now the other thing we’re going to talk about here is the jd power initial quality study and hold on for the comments i hear it all the time people think jd power sold out and there’s some scum of the earth because they don’t agree with your findings and you agree this other way they’re just a company that surveys people

They had 110 000 surveys that were put in and they did initial quality studies this is really important in the industry a lot of people industry actually follow this quite closely and this looks at the first like 90 days ownership to see if everything lived up to expectations to customer and that’s huge if you haven’t bought a new vehicle lately when you’re going

Out to spend 50 60 70 000 like i did recently your first 90 days are really important because you really want to make sure you feel good about your purchase because forked out all this money and so ram had some pretty interesting results and i would say i would say a little controversial in my opinion but so this is from jd power’s website and they’ve had they

Did eleven thousand ten and a hundred and ten thousand and twenty seven purchases releases and 2021 model year vehicles there’s a 223 question battery nine vehicle uh nine vehicle segments as far as checking out different things and so i’m gonna blow these up because they’re too small here i’m gonna go ahead and pull them up over here okay here’s your results the

Initial quality study and again this was 110 000 applicants who responded to a survey card that had 280 some questions and they ranked ram brand number one for least amount of problems per 100 vehicles and dodge is number two and lexus number three that’s that’s that’s quite impressive because lexus has historically won this award year after year and for rand to

Be up that close and you know people buying trucks like crazy that’s a pretty impressive award and then if you look at the vehicles by segment we’ll get over here to the truck segment uh you’ve got midsize pickup being the jeep gladiators number one ford ranger number two in chevy colorado number three and interestingly consumer reports came with a study today

That said they do not recommend the chevy colorado they recommend the honda ridge line instead and the jeep gladiator instead which i find fascinating because jeep has not been known as reliable brand and all the gladiators is up there as well and in large light duty you have ram 1500 placing right after the toyota tundra and the tundra has been the standard bearer

For quality in that segment for a long time and then nissan titan is number three so it’s pretty interesting to rank that highly even with ford and gm not even coming in that listing and you look at the large heavy duty yep highest ranked is the ram three quarter ton of one ton so so i thought it was pretty interesting so if you’re looking for the ram truck this

Year you have the changes or special editions and the new uconnect five systems there’s not a lot change there as far as customer shopping initial quality is is higher so if you have concerns about quality like i do with some ram products uh quality is getting better so that’s really good uh to know when you’re out there shopping so that’s information for you

Today on the 2022 ram 1500 ram three-quarter in one ton check this out over here website down below as always thanks for watching i’ll see you down the road

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What's new on the 2022 Ram 1500, 2500, 3500 trucks By Pickup Truck Plus SUV Talk