Whats New On the 2023 Jeep Wrangler (Purple Reign + Detroit Auto Show)

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Guys it is matt with dirt road cred here  today we are at the detroit auto show we   my first in-person 2023 jeep wrangler in   the very rare and exclusive color purple rain  haven’t seen this one in person and all we’ve   seen online is renderings we have one behind me  we’re gonna walk around talk about some of the  

Big changes for the 2023 and the first one that  foreign guys the 2023 looking at the rain it’s  almost like an indigo color and then when you   take a look at it here is the main difference of  the 2023 there’s a little american flag right next   really excited to see this one in person the   purple color looks killer i can’t

I can’t be more  excited honestly i think this would look really   good in the 392 or something of that nature but  just looking at it here this is the first time i’m   able to see it so looking at it though the color  does seem to change underneath this lighting i   mean we’ve got some indigos it almost is like  a bluish

Kind of purple but there’s some very   fine metallic flake in it so if you guys thought  there was a ton of flake there’s just a little   bit of metallic flake on there and it does look  good in a lot of different lights it’s almost a   bluish purple i think that color is called indigo  one of my yeti cups looks just like and i

Said it   just the other day i’m excited that i would rock  this jeep so it’s really cool to see all this the   way it is now the paint code inside does say pht  which is the purple rain pin code first one i’ve   seen like that this one does have the color match  top it doesn’t have the color matched fenders   though

But it’s only you can see the roll cage  inside with the contrast on the black but overall   excited to see it and i hope you guys are too  and one of the biggest things we did want to   talk about the 2023 in the purple rain i did see  a couple leak shots of when the media day was but   now cam chief is behind us we’ve already

Got our  wristbands on and we’re all signed up but i’d like   to go around because all these are 2023 so 2023  wranglers and gladiators not much difference when   it comes to the suspension and such but the hill  over there and everything they’re going around is   pretty impressive so maybe if we go up there we  can see if

They’ll let us sign up for a 392. i   think that’d be fine we can’t drive unfortunately  but we can ride passenger so for your viewing   show you guys what that’s all about they just   showed a little bit of the original 392 concept  with the red dash i’m really hoping they do that   20th anniversary all right guys we’re

About to go  do a cam cheap so we’re in the wrangler rubicon   in it this is our four cylinder options doing   everything in four low second gear uh off-road  and uh we have our sway bar electronically  disconnected as well so that’s the rubicon   gladiators but it’s supposed to keep it   break over so you do get about

25 to 30 more   and then we’ll throw on the trail can as  an optional front camera you can get on   fun doing this all day i always talk about   gonna say absolutely i have a 22 rubicon xr   no trying to gotta go have you been oh yeah   my buddy does a trophy truck racing oh really  all right let’s go out there and

Every time   go out yeah i’d love i’d love to go out   and i read it on 2000 rpm i’ll kick it into  first gear for the way down but we do have that   hill to snap feature where it’s not using that  soon as we go so bilstein shocks  wrangler rubicon unless you have the  this part will get pretty bumpy so it’s  big here

I’ll watch your heads all right   and the off camera’s gonna rock a side to side  keeping all of our tires at different heights   got done with the cam jeep experience the   great job she said you being up to the king   course and just showing everything the jeep   off-road and you can make it to a show that  

Has cam cheap that’s the place to do it obviously  they have it engineered to pretty much max out the   incline and decline that these can go through  and you’re staring at the ceiling so it was a   good time in there honestly i’ve only been in an  incline once that steep in my jk and i thought i   well right here guys in person

Is the willy’s 4  by e that we talked about in another video if you   the link in description there it is in person   the one they were using and all that running and  stock footage it’s real you can go up and touch   it so it’s definitely coming alright guys so i  hope you enjoyed checking out the 2023 wrangler   with

Me as well as all of the detroit auto show  had to offer that was a cool time and the first   time i got to see the rain color in person drop  a comment below do you like this color and what   color do you want to see come back out personally  i think the color would look great who knows we   might even have to get one for the

Channel maybe a  two-door in rain before the order banks are closed   and so the next time though i’m mad from dirt  road cred get out there and earn yours foreign

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What's New On the 2023 Jeep Wrangler (Purple Reign + Detroit Auto Show) By DIRT ROAD CRED