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Whats The Real World MPG Of The Toyota Highlander Hybrid?

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This is the Toyota Highlander Hybrid Bronze Edition. It’s an appearance package that gives the Highlander unique bronze accents and premium features. It’s only available on the Hybrid XLE. The Highlander has an EPA combined rating of 35MPG. Click to find out my tested real world range.

This is the toyota highlander hybrid in bronze edition this is a 2022 model and toyota says that this is supposed to get 35 miles per gallon on the freeway and 35 miles per gallon in the city which is a pretty good number but i’m not sure it’s really going to do that so what i think we should do let’s go on a quick little road trip and find out if it really does get

The mileage that toyota says it does so let’s find out what the real world range of this vehicle is here’s my methodology we’re going to do mostly freeway we’re definitely going to do some city also i’m going to drive like a normal person which means maybe with the flow of traffic maybe 10 miles an hour over not excessive speeding definitely not going excessively

Slowly gonna put it in eco mode and as we’re driving i’m going to give you my impressions of the vehicle too so let’s get in the road oh yeah i’m about halfway through the drive now and it’s been a mix of no traffic and i’ve been able to go over the speed limit about 10 miles an hour and now i’m sitting in traffic and so the indicator on the dashboard is telling me

I’m getting 39.7 mpg average so i don’t know if that’s accurate because i find that every car that i’ve ever been in really is quite optimistic so we’ll see if we’re actually hitting that 35 mpg average pretty soon same about halfway through the trip so if you’ve driven toyota products before this is going to be no surprise to you at all the ride quality is typical

Toyota which means it’s very very good it’s a little bit soft but it’s not a problem in a vehicle like this i think it’s pretty appropriate there’s a little bit of road noise coming in here perhaps a little bit more than i would like it’s definitely not a premium vehicle like a lexus i’m getting some noise coming in from the tires the steering is again typical

Toyota which means pretty light a little over boosted for my particular taste the height of this thing is really good it’s really easy to see the sight lines are excellent all the way around and the seats are actually quite comfortable the passenger seat is eight-way adjustable and the drivers is 10 way adjustable and you got a little little toys in here you’ve got

This nice little moon roof that opens up the display is pretty easy to read on here it’s quite configurable you can see what your mpg is and currently it says i’m getting 37.5 it was better when i was sitting at traffic now it’s slightly worse the information display this little eight inch guy in front of me it’s okay it’s sort of getting a little bit older right

Now you’ve got wired apple carplay which works just fine there actually is no navigation in here so you need to really hook up your phone if you want to get navigation but i don’t see that as any kind of problem heating and ventilation is very good very easy to use i like the physical controls on the steering wheel you’ve got a plethora of buttons it will take a

Minute to get used to all the different buttons that you have on the steering wheel for all the different functions and there’s a ton of space in here it’s a pretty good place to do a road trip and the gas mileage does seem to be fairly impressive considering the size of this vehicle there are very few vehicles that are this size three row suvs that are a hybrid

And toyota has done hybrids really well for a long time so i’m expecting that it’s going to return the gas mileage that they’re promising i think it’s going to be pretty close at least that’s what’s indicated a toyota is really known for hybrids they’ve been doing it since forever since the original prius but in this relatively large suv size this is considered

Midsize sort of almost full there’s really not a lot of competition in the space with hybrid suvs so we have the kia sorento which is a little bit smaller and then we have the ford escape hybrid so this is sort of in a class not quite by itself but i’d say a class of two i’d really say the ford and this are sort of computing in terms of size the bronze edition is

Right in the middle of toyota’s lineup at the base you’ve got the le then you’ve got the xle and then you’ve got this bronze edition so this says everything that xle does but you get this appearance package which has these bronze wheels which you know what i kind of dig them they’re 18 inch wheels and let’s just talk it out for a second what this vehicle has got

In terms of the powertrain so this is a hybrid so underneath the hood we have a two and a half liter engine and we also have two electric motors this is the all-wheel drive version and so we’ve got an electric motor up front we also got one way in the back too and what’s interesting about this all-wheel drive system is that the front and the back are actually not

Physically connected there’s no drive shaft so the rear wheels are driven by the electric motors only and that’s pretty cool and this whole thing is connected by an e cbt electronic continuously variable transmission so you do get a little bit of that rubber bandy effect so the interior is a pretty nice space as you can imagine for toyota right to lexus caliber

But being the bronze edition we’ve got some pretty interesting accents and stitching here so we do have some bronze stitching all the way along the dash and in the seats we have this pattern which is cloth and we have this material which is not leather it’s sort of fake leather i think they call it soft text and we have some brawn accent stitching too this kind of

Looks a little bit like something my grandma would absolutely love in terms of the pattern but i’ll leave that up to you to decide if there’s something that you like i think it’s very japanese looking and maybe you think that’s cool not really my thing but it is fairly clean and simple and kind of elegant looking so there’s actually a fair bit of usable space in

Here as you might imagine with an suv of this size so you’ve got a little shelf underneath the infotainment and heating and ventilation here where you can put your phone there is it looks like a usb port no it’s for change believe it or not so if you uh use parking meters that still need change you can put it right there there’s also a spot for your phone right

Over here you’ve got two drink holders right in the middle for your water since this whole thing is pretty tall it doesn’t really get in the way and then in the center console you’ve got a couple of tricks so this kind of slides back like this and then you’ve got a wireless charging pad right over here you can flip that open and then you’ve got another tray where

You can put more stuff in there and then you could put a whole purse down in here it’s actually a pretty big spot it’s not the widest in the world it’s not the easiest to get to also in the doors there’s plenty of space for full size water containers so this has a built-in screen a monitor in place of the rear of your mirror so i just went behind the car so you

Can sort of have a better view of what’s going on especially at night but if you don’t like that you can just flip it down and you get a normal rear view mirror so kind of a cool thing i’m not the biggest fan of it personally because i find it a little bit odd to look at so i just prefer the regular mirror but hey it’s there if you like cool tech there you go so

This is a three row suv the second row has got a lot of space and one of the things i like is you can move this seat front and back you can make it really really tight and it also tilts and reclines with this button right here this thing right here and you’ve got a center armrest and you’ve got a couple of drink holders here in the back you’ve got your own climate

Control and you’ve got 120 volt ac outlet 1500 watts so you could plug in like your big 80s boom box here and have your own party back here and there’s a super cool thing it’s got a shade oops so i can roll this up and when i don’t want to see the sun or my photographer right over there i can do that now the third row is the row for the people that you don’t really

Like that much or small children so i’m going to get into the third row and i’m going to show you what it’s really like it’s kind of uh kind of a penalty box back here but if you are under four foot tall or you’re like me and you like to have your knees up in your chest is pretty good so in this seven passenger suv which is what toyota says it is which is really

4.5 i think or maybe five when you’ve got the rear seats up this is how much space you’ve got in the cargo area the hatch so it’s not huge but these do fold down and everything falls down flat which i kind of like i wish it had power back here so to get these headrests to fall down you sort of got to flip this thing up and wait right to the last second for the

Headrest to fold down but it does there it goes so it’s pretty flat and also these center ones fold down flat too took me a second to figure it out so you pull this flip this and this middle lever and there you go it’s actually a lot of space in here this is super super practical in terms of price i think this is fairly competitive with the rest of the market

The highlander starts at about forty thousand dollars and this bronze edition this hybrid is about forty seven thousand dollars including destination foreign seven seven four in the last video that i did it with the ford maverick people were a little upset that i decided to top it up and give an extra click so i’m not gonna give an extra click and it’s going to

Leave it where it is let’s find out what the actual fuel economy was and let’s see if toyota is really telling the truth with their estimation so the vehicle is telling me i got 38.2 mpg over 104 miles hmm and now let’s see what the actual calculated gas mileage was drum roll please remember toyota says this is going to get 35 mpg mixed use which is exactly what

I did 104 miles is what i traveled it was a mix of highway and also city streets and i got 27.6 miles per gallon which is actually a lot less than i expected so let’s figure out there’s two possible things that could account for this one is that i didn’t really fill it up completely before i started my journey but to all the people that were telling me not to top

It up before i started the journey i actually did top it up i made sure that the tank was full i filled it up twice two clicks seemed to be completely full it couldn’t take any more and then when i got to the pump at the end of my journey i actually didn’t top it up no clicks there so actually that should use less fuel but in fact it was way way off either the

Fuel pump was not working properly or this is just reporting incorrectly and i don’t think that’s all that unlikely to be honest with you in my experience on every single car that i have ever owned the mpg that is displayed on the dashboard is always optimistic sometimes wildly optimistic and perhaps that is just the case here because i use 3.74 gallons to go 104

Miles that’s really not that good and it cost me twenty dollars and 54 cents so discuss in the comments after i returned the highlander to toyota i went online and i checked fuely which is a website where people can figure out what their real world efficiency is and most people seem to be getting about 31 to 33 mpg real world so my experience of getting 27 i’m just

Going to toss it up to the fact that probably i just didn’t drive far enough and things just didn’t average out i normally would do a 300 mile drive but i just didn’t have time for this review if you’re in the market for a mid-size suv that’s larger that has three rows i think the highlander hybrid is frankly a pretty good choice i’ve driven a lot of vehicles and

It drives very much like a toyota which means it’s smooth it’s relatively quiet the interior space is simple it’s clean and the controls are easy to use and it’s not at an insane price so if you can get one from a dealer without a lot of markup i think this is probably going to be a pretty good choice for a long term vehicle you’re probably going to get that famous

Toyota reliability and if you want to see another video on a hybrid or electric vehicle click right over here my name is eric thanks for watching

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