When JEEP owners get together

MY @Magnuson Performance JEEP is the sexiest thang on 4 wheels!

Hmm oh shoot here comes another jeep wife man i really like your jeep man i like your jeep too that thing is sexy hey uh doesn’t have any modifications doesn’t have any modifications is it really a jeep if it ain’t got modifications this thing has got more modifications than michael jackson’s face when i hit the gas he should go well hot dang man what’s that thing

Got on it that right there is a one ton dynatrac axle it’s the best axles out there and look at all these steering components i got well what in the world is all that stuff do what’s all of it do i have absolutely no clue earl from the jeep club told me to get it so i did man would you look at the suspension on that thing i bet it rides like a cadillac oh shoot yeah

This thing rides smooth as butter this is bilstein shocks right here best shocks ever made oh we i bet you spin a pretty penny on them things oh it was very expensive like i have been eating noodles and noodles for the last two months i couldn’t even pay my power bill this month but at least i got some really cool shocks on my jeep hi you want to go try them out

Shoot you i want to go try it out i want you to look at this articulation i want you to look at that flexibility there ain’t no other vehicles that can do that except a jeep this thing’s like one of them skinny girls that tries to do them yoga poses look at the travel on that suspicion you can see everything under there hmm that’s six god dang man that was awesome

If you thought that was cool wait till you see this oh it looks like a good truck to try it on i’d like to see somebody truck do that that is pure tea jeep gang right there hey what y’all doing to my truck oh gotta go so what about yoji what all you got done to eat well this old girl here she’s mostly stopped now i do have an aftermarket suspension for all my

Trail right did you say he’s in a jeep club shoot yeah i’m part of a jeep club jeepers creepers we 45 jeep strong our leader earl higginbottom they got a cj5 big block chevy well not to brag but i myself am part of the infamous jeep mafia that’s right we are 110 strong our leader timmy timberson he got a cj7 fully refurbished god dang man a fully refurbished cj7

It makes my loins moist man what about them wheels and tars you got on there oh him things is fancy face here 24 inch fuel wheels and taurus but you see these is just my street shoes when i want to go rock crawling i put my 44s on oh so you crawl do i crawl shoot yeah i crawl me and the jeep club is going to mount everest this year we’re gonna crawl all the way to

The top of that bad boy man i like your wheels and tires too you uh you rock crawl oh no i don’t do no rock crawling my jeep is set up purely for off-road purposes everybody at the jeep club calls me to trail maker cause i’m the first one through there clearing the way for everybody else man i love all them duckies in your window hey look i gotta get out of here

But uh before i go oh oh thanks man i’m gonna add it to my collection oh man they’re so cute boy it sure is a beautiful day out here and that means i’m gonna ride around topless when it’s pretty outside my wife loves riding around topless so your wife rides around in your jeep with the top off too oh no she drives a toyota camry she just literally rides around

With no top on weird flex but whatever take care man cheat game

Transcribed from video
When JEEP owners get together! By Ginger Billy