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Which 2023 GR Corolla Are You Choosing???

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In this video, I show you all three trims of the 2023 Toyota Corolla GR. The GR Corolla has 3 trims, Core, Circuit, and Morizo. All of these trims are around $7,000 apart from each other. The Core Edition is around $37K, Circuit starts at $44K, and Morizo comes in close to $51K for the track-ready version.

Hey guys john here so in front of me i have all three models of the 2023 gr corolla we have the core edition right here circuit edition right there and marizo at the end so guys down in the comments section let me know which one you would get each one goes up about seven thousand dollars so we got around thirty seven thousand forty two thousand forty nine thousand

Which one would you pick let me know down in the comment section me getting into the core edition i think that this is the one to go with because you could upgrade it to essentially be close to a circuit edition you could upgrade the performance package add better breaks to it add the front and rear limited slip to this car and also you could upgrade it with a

Technology package to get the same jbl sound system that the circuit edition has the main thing that you will miss though is a carbon fiber roof and a bigger rear spoiler you could also add to the core too if you’re in a colder area a cold weather package to where you would get a heated steering wheel and heated seats but for me this is the one to get because you

Could upgrade it to be as you want it to be the shifter down here you can see it says front rear it’s the car is defaulted at 60 40 to the front you could twist this knob to the rear to add 70 30 70 bias to the rear or in track mode it will be 50 50. a nice 12.3 inch display right here and your intelligent manual transmission button on all three cars is recessed

Right here so your kneecap doesn’t hit it but the it is off by default in this car so rev matching if you want it you have to press the button for it we got toyota jeff in the circuit edition right now then we have the circuit edition here like i said you can upgrade a core to be close to a circuit edition but you do get the ventilated front hood with it the carbon

Fiber roof up top for some weight savings and two this one doesn’t have it but you are going to have a larger spoiler in the rear they are still working on those so none of these prototypes unfortunately have it uh with with the circuit edition these upgraded brakes come standard and super grippy pilot sport uh michelin tires with it too brakes handled super well

On these cards and when you upgrade this one the core edition you’ll also get the same break so essentially the whole same drivetrain that you’re getting with the circuit edition you could get with the core edition over here and again save quite a bit of money versus this one getting over here to the mariso though this is where you really start to get some weight

Savings guys in the rear end the rear seats are gone in turn for that too we got added core supports in the back we have a core support down here core support back there carbon fiber roof up top too you lose your rear windshield wiper tri exhaust on all of them and then this color too is really awesome it’s called smoke the difference though too on the inside

You have an ultra suede steering wheel beautiful seats too nice gr stick shift right here i think that this one is this one right here isn’t standard there’s a nice mariso one but this is a prototype and then ultra suede here too on the handbrake but the marizo edition is really nice on the inside very track ready very track ready very rigid super awesome stout

Car which one would you pick let me know in the comment section guys catch you in the next one

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Which 2023 GR Corolla Are You Choosing??? By TRD JON