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Are you in the market for one of the most customizable, versatile and practical vans on the market? If yes, the Transit is for you. The possibilities are endless with the Ford Transit range of vans. Shelving units? Absolutely. Partitions? Of course. Ladder Rack? You know it. What about a van full of seats to haul around up to 12 people? Yes yes and yes. The Ford Transit is a blank canvas that was born to make you money. Give us a call today at (902)-434-7700 to be connected with a sales representative. Stop by our showroom conveniently located at 580 Portland Street in Dartmouth at the corner of Portland Street and Baker Drive. | View photos and more info at: (Uploaded by DataDriver).

Welcome back to mcfee ford today we’re taking a look at this 2020 ford transit passenger van this transit has been upfitted with 10 passenger seats it’s also got a few bells and whistles on the inside so let’s take a look starting with the drivers area you’ve got power windows over here and power locks power controlled mirrors seats manual you also get a side step

Here the gas tank on the transits is located on the side door can’t get it unless the driver’s door is open taking a look inside up on the dash here you’ve got cubbies for papers a usb port and a 12 volt outlet up there your center dash here got a small menu screen with various things with my view trip odometers vehicle settings phone connection radio settings

And driver’s assist you’ve got cruise control on the left lane assist on the blinker stock on the right is hands-free and radio controls sync 3 sound system with built-in hotspot fordpass connect and satellite radio your climate controls are down below that you’ve also got various drive modes here with eco slippery and towing and hauling center console shifter

With sport mode and manual mode another usb and 12 outlet right there center console with two cupholders and another console there up top here you’ve got controls for the rear climate control for all the rear passengers we take a look around the side of the back you notice you got lots of windows for natural lighting to come into the transit on the back here

You’ve got a rear view camera hidden right up above there license plate covers down here rear doors do open you’ve got your rear seating back here they also can fold down if you need to put more cargo in there for less passengers on the side of the transit you notice this is where the rail is for the rear sliding door you also get a side step on the side here

Go ahead and open this door stays open you’ve got a nice footstep to get in and out of the van easily you’ve got two front seats up front here with a cup holder and a usb port this is the seating area a little aisle here so one on the side two and then you’ve got three in the back as a bench they all have armrests that fold down another cup holder usb port and

In the rear same thing seat belts arm rests cupholders all around you’ve got vents and fans on each section of the seating makes all your passengers stay a nice temperature and you’ve got cubbies up here for cargo more papers or anything else you want to place lots of headroom in here as well got two dome lights and then taking a look at the front again you’ve

Also got perimeter parking sensors all around the front and back fog lights and halogen headlights nice front grille hood vents keep the engine nice and cool so if you’re looking to tow some friends around or use this for professional work come over to mcfee ford today talk to our fleet manager about getting into this transit don’t forget to like comment subscribe

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