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White on Red review 2023 CHEVROLET CORVETTE 2D COUPE 2LT

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Okay so i’ll put her in park we’ll put reverse that’s the reverse camera put it in drive turns on the cameras in front see that one that one turn on i’m gonna turn them all on the lines that’s the back alrighty let’s take off good morning good afternoon good evening today we have a 2023 corvette stingray coupe 2lt we will do a walk around arctic wide exterior

Red interior this beast it’s a 6.2 liter v8 engine 8-speed dual clutch transmission guys make sure before we go any further subscribe to the channel like the video any comments leave them below it really helps the channel to grow white on black red calipers black wheels black mirror covers the only thing that’s missing is the targa roof being black that would

Have been a great combination option but it looks great and white as well here’s the front this two lt is equipped with 360 camera it’s got two cameras in the front one over here one over here here’s the front of the car this car has only 40 miles one owner here’s the heads up display also has a camera right over there at the mirror here is the driver’s side

This car looks looks gorgeous white on black very good touch here’s the back of the car foreign mirror i’m sorry rear view camera when you flip the rear view mirror inside the car you flip it up it turns on the camera while you drive you can see through the back through that camera corvette 2lt dual exhaust in the back that’s the reverse camera let’s pump

The trunk there’s a button right over here you press that here’s the beast you can put a couple luggages in here it has enough space let’s look at it from a distance with the trunk up all right this is the passenger rear let me show you guys closer the wheel with those red calipers michelin pilot sport all season wheels are staggered the rear one’s a little bit

Wider than the fronts show you guys the rear this is the passenger front thank you just look at this beauty alrighty i started the wheels these are z51 package wheels okay show you guys the inside there’s the button right inside here you press it opens the door the gt2 seats with carbon fiber it does have the red seat belt let me close this that’s the cup

Holders center console this video and pictures doesn’t do justice but this red it’s very i would say dark bright red it pops out those are the switches for the heads up display steering wheel pedal shifters look at the dashboard that’s what i was saying this camera if you flip it up from here i’m talking about the rear view mirror when you flip it up it turns

On the camera on the rear alrighty that’s the door panel black on red red stitches let me show you guys the passenger side all righty this is the passenger there’s the dash to pop open the glove box you just press this button in the middle it opens it show you guys the seats just look at it it looks seat belts phone charges right inside here last number 70.

Again this is the targa roof it comes off manually here’s the dash all the control buttons are in there in the middle alrighty guys we appreciate you watching before you leave make sure to subscribe like the video any comments leave that below it really helps the channel to grow and i hope i’ll see into the next one

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White on Red review 2023 CHEVROLET CORVETTE 2D COUPE 2LT By AC Royal Automotive