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Whos got a new EV6 Gadget then?

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In this video i review a 5 metre long 3rd party V2L adapter i’ve purchased from EVCables for my Kia EV6 GT Line S

Thank you so why is lawn mowing got to do with the ev6 this is what it’s an ev cables a vehicle to load adapter which is five meters long and it’s better than the other one um this episode is my review of it and what’s good and bad and why is it why it’s better and the eb6 standard one the problem with the official care vehicle to load is there’s a few things

One is not very water resistant i mean you’ve only got that to keep the water out i mean i know it’s not designed to be but um you just got to be very wary in case it starts raining unless you put polybags around it but even that doesn’t work very well the other problem is the uk power plug isn’t really a good fit for this kind of design and you see that the

Cable comes out through the bottom and when you shut this it puts a strain on the cable there which eventually ends up with the insulation of coming apart and also when you close the end you it pulls the plug out gradually so that’s not good or really that safe i mean these are made for continental adapters and the rest of the world where you’ve got a straight in

Connection not really for a uk connector so you can see that that’s bending the plug wire all the way around just about shut it open it again you see it’s already prized the 13 amp plugs slightly out and if you can see it there yeah and that gradually works its way out so another thing to look out for so if you’ve got the bass trim eb6 um it’s quite an expensive

Adapter to buy so that’s where the ev cables adapter comes in third party basically this is just a cable with a switching led on it and uh and the power safety thing but for about 170 475 pounds there was a discount on the website when i bought it you get a five meter extension and you can choose your end so um there’s five meters of this and that’ll go into

The garage door and i can power two emergency sockets around the house if the power goes out so that’s me covered in case we get the expected power cuts this winter which have been tucked up at the moment um and the other end you’ve just got the switch but there’s no led in it but i’ll show you how to spot if you’ve got it on or off the cable is proper rubber

I’ve not had a proper rubber cable in absolute years it’s very well made and very robust and because you haven’t got any 13 amp connection there it’s been boot the sockets been moved out of the out of any possible moisture and into my garage that’s um as you saw in the lawnmower demo i did oh sorry it acts as an extension for that um so it’s useful for doing your

Garden stuff if you have no solar or not enough solar and you don’t really want to spend your very expensive electricity overall um i’d highly recommend this um it’s well worth getting and cheaper than the care alternative um it’s possible it might work in the new nero ev but it doesn’t say so on the website um i’ll try and find out about that one difference

Between this ev cables vehicle to load adapter and the care one is there is no led indicator on it so i wish it did up one but there are other ways i’ve seen if you’ve got it switched on or not the first one is to look in the binnacle currently it’s not reporting anything but turn it on the car’s beeped it says transferring i turn it off it says vehicle to

Load the condition is not messed so that means it’s off actually the price i paid for the cab is less than i thought it was a 171.52 including postage and the discount code which you get that if you get to see the pop-up on their website and invite you to join the mailing list if you wait for the email to come through then you can apply that discount code um that

Knocks seven pound fifty two off um this was just for a single 13 amp socket version um and as i say it’s highly recommended one thing i need to add about the vehicle to load cable um the same as on the kia version you have to turn it off first before you can unlock it from the car if you don’t do that then you can’t get the cable out and as i’ve shown if you

Look at the binnacle screen when you press the button currently it says v2l is transferring said the older is turn it off confirm itself conditions not met then a single unlock from the car and you can take it out i hope you found this video useful and thank you for watching

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Who’s got a new EV6 Gadget then? By EV Odessey