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Why did I sell Volkswagen Passat B6? Cons of used Passat B6 with mileage

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More details about the pitfalls when buying “Volkswagen Passat B6”. Why and for what reasons they can sell or simply “get rid” of a used car called Volkswagen Passat B6 (2005-2010 years of release). We are talking about the problems and weaknesses of a used car.

Volkswagen passat b6 2005 2010 years of release today if you are wondering is it worth buying a volkswagen passat b6 and what problems you may encountered during operation then you’re at the right place the weakest passat b6 engine is a 1.6 liter petrol 4 with 102 horsepower this power is not too much even for golf class hatchback and for the heavy passat b6 it’s

Frankly not enough at all this is why the 102 horsepower unit has not become widespread potential buyers were not even attracted by the fact that in terms of reliability this unit is considered one of the best in the volkswagen engine line those car enthusiasts who plan to drive slowly can safely buy the passat b6 with a 1.6 liter engine vsi motors are much more

Common on the passat b6 in our market the most widespread unit is 2.0 fsi which develops to 150 horsepower poor fuel is contraindicated for this engine but even those owners who refueled exclusively at proven gas stations were faced with the need to refresh the engine control unit and replace the ignition coils both of these procedures had to be done up to a run of

A hundred thousand kilometers there were also enough problems with the 1.8 tsi gasoline engine its main drawback is its tendency to increase oil consumption on many cars the situation was aggregated by a leaking crankshaft oil seal the timing chain of the 1.8 liter engine uses a chain that has become notorious for its tendency to jump however it’s not the chain

Itself that is to blame but its tensioner which practically stopped doing its job at very low mileage if the chain did jump the subsequent repairs were very expensive often in the secondary market there is a passat b6 with a 1.4 liter turbocharged engine like all motors of the tsi family this unit is extremely demanding on the quality of the engine oil moreover

It should be changed more often than the manufacturer requires every 10 000 kilometers fans of fast driving should look for a sedan with a 3.2 fsi engine in general this unit turned out to be very reliable but it will be necessary to periodically check the condition of the chain here as well and you should also evaluate your financial capabilities in advance the

3.2 liter engine doesn’t differ with a modest appetite it’s believed that the 6th generation passat is better to buy with a diesel engine there is some truth in this especially if we talk about cars with a range of under 200 000 kilometers all other things been equal the diesel engines of the german sedan really turned out to be more durable than the delicate

Gasoline turbocharged units turbo diesel units are afraid of low quality diesel fuel so the fuel pump and injectors should be diagnosed before buying a car if the previous owner didn’t change them it’s better to set aside a considerable amount in advance to replace them this is especially important if you purchasing a passat b6 with a 2 liter turbo diesel engine

With common rail injection manufactured before 2008. on these vehicles the injectors were found to be very unreliable the situation improved after 2008 but there was no global increase in injector life for the volkswagen passat b6 a lot of not only power units but also gearboxes were offered this is a mechanics with 5 and 6 steps and the classic automatic and the

Robotic transmission dsg which depending on the version could have 6 or 7 steps the best gearbox in terms of reliability is mechanical the number of transmissions in this case doesn’t play a big role cases have been recorded when the clutch on the passat b6 with the mechanics with 2 to 180 to 100 000 kilometers but this is rather an exception to the rule usually

The clutch is enough for 120 150 000 kilometers an oil change for every 60 000 kilometers is a mandatory procedure for an automatic transmission unfortunately the automatic passat b6 is not able to to serve 400 500 000 kilometers but the average 200 to 150 000 it can withstand without problems with proper operation most often serious problems begin with the failure

Of the wealth block perhaps even those motors who in principle do not consider buying any model of the volkswagen company have heard about these g-robots there were so many complaints about the robotic transmission in the early years of its production that even now when the dsg boasts good reliability many motors look in its direction with distrust at the time

When robots began to be installed on the passat b6 the dsg7 dry clutch box rarely served more than 80 000 kilometers the service life of the dsg6 robotic transmission with a wet clutch is slightly longer but it doesn’t exceed 120 000 kilometers if the car is operated in a big city and constantly moves through traffic jams and even more reliable robot will at best

With 10 70 80 000 kilometers our traffic jams have seriously damage this g’s reputation it’s not for nothing that volkswagen representatives had any opportunity say that in european countries where cars often move along suburban highways robotic transmissions often served several times longer our owners of volkswagen passat b6 living in large cities have to save

Money in advance for expensive repairs of the robot the possessed suspension reliability problems began when the fifth generation sedan was born it would seem that volkswagen engineers had plenty of time to correct obvious mistakes but the experience of operating the passat b6 showed that it was wasted under normal operation up to a mileage of 100 000 kilometers

Perhaps the cheapest consumables will have to be changed but after this mark the replacements will follow one after the other first the silent blocks of levers develop their resource after a very short period of time it will be necessary to replace the levers themselves and shock absorbers and separate bearings as a result it turns out that every 100 100 twenty

Thousand kilometers the suspension of a german car will require almost complete renewal steering racks on the 6th generation passat were often changed under warranty this problem touched upon not every car but on the whole it turned out to be quite widespread in the range from 80 to 100 000 kilometers steering tips begin to knock when the volkswagen passat b6 first

Began production it was popular not only among ordinary car enthusiasts but also among the hijackers now of course interest in this model from the criminal world has practically disappeared but at the same time when buying a used passat b6 it’s important not to run into a copy with a dark past the documents and history of the car you like should be studied very

Carefully if you are the owner then be sure to leave a comment about this car your review will definitely help others with the choice of a car

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Why did I sell Volkswagen Passat B6? Cons of used Passat B6 with mileage By WITH MILEAGE