Why did my tuned stright piped Audi S7 Overheat? Part 1

Well this was something that I was no expecting to happen. This is the first vid about overheating and how I was trying to figure out what’s going on! I tell you this was a head ache and the was not something that’s talked about with in the community. This will be good for others that my encounter this issue you will know where to look!

What it is what to do welcome back to the vlog welcome back to the channel yeah he’s a little pissed off because he spilled milk down there for sure never mind the crying baby he’s okay he’s just he’s just fussy uh having issues with the car uh other day i had to get the thermostat replaced on the car because it was getting stuck closed and was causing the heat

Not to work in the car uh when i got that fixed come to find out that whoever had the car before i did put a remanufacture or a junkyard part on the car i guess the cheaper alternative not a bad deal but it looked like that thermostat had gone bad so i had to get another thermostat get it put on the car but we’re still having overheating issues so literally i

Had to get the car towed to the shop to have them take a look and see what’s going on it could be a multitude of things i was looking at the forum a lot of guys are having issues with the air water intercooler typically road debris would cause a leak it could still be that the thermostat is getting stuck open it could be the water pump now these cars have two

Water pumps have one mechanical and one electronic if you have a mechanical issue with the water pump it’s not gonna throw a coat but if you have an issue with the electric water pump then typically you’ll get a code letting you know that that’s failed i have not gotten any coach as of yet but we need we need to see what’s going on well let’s go you gotta go

To the shop all right i’ll show you where literally all the coolant is get him in the car black mike you know oh i gotta go on the other side baby and vlogging this is kind of like my early days of youtube but yeah that is literally all the coolant on the ground not a good deal a few inches late though all right we just made it to the shop so the wife and

Black might drop me off and i’ll leave eyes back to sleep so here’s what’s going on so far we are going to kind of systematically diagnose what we think could be going on why essentially like it’s it’s getting back up and what’s when it’s backing up it’s causing literally all of the coolant to back up into the reservoir which is spitting all all across the

Engine block so there was one thing that christian did say you saw i don’t know if you can see right here that’s a coolant line that’s an oil line and that’s a coolant line so i am getting a little bit of schmutz right there whatever you want to call it but it’s literally leaking down onto the turbo and you can kind of see a pool i don’t have a light right now

But there was it looked like there was a pool of actual coolant uh in the center of the block we’re gonna start there to see if that’s the issue why we’re getting air into the line which is backing up all the cool so this this isn’t enough hey what are you doing ow yeah no it didn’t work you wanna try again you’re talking all serious then you just see a water

Bottle all right so yeah so you think that could be that could be a start of just trying to diagnose why we’re getting the coolant backed up it’s a start okay i’m fixing a problem that is an active issue right instead of trying to fix a problem that we don’t know if it’s an issue or not right so as i say certain things certain things guys have experienced on

These cars would be the air water cooling getting that but you know it’ll be a little bit more serious than what i’m experiencing right now the tech bulletin check that out make sure that your thermostat is up to snuff because it’s going to be i forget the part number i’m sorry i don’t remember what the partner is but part number it’s an updated part number so

Yeah it stores in the climatronic module not the engine module so there you have it so if you’re having these issues just start there start thermostat first uh if you’re still getting overheating then you know you want to systematically go through make sure it’s not the electronic uh water pump or the mechanical water pump which sits behind the thermostat see if

We can’t get the zag nose all right give you an update on the sq5 with the 4.0 t someone said that i didn’t show it i apologize i do want to keep you guys at the breast as to what’s going on right now it is still pretty much that we’re waiting on a air to air from vps so once that gets in he’s going to finish putting everything together but here it is this is

The sq5 as i said last time we have the turbo inlets that came off of s7u horny as well as those turbos you horny you horny and then we have downpipes on here so down pipes one thing i don’t know if you guys know uh one thing that is definitely going to go out on the car is the motor mounts it’s probably best that you replace those motor mounts silly rabbit has

The replacement motor mounted like 400 bucks if you replace both of them it’s kind of a harsh ride you get all the vibrations of the mode a lot of guys are leaving the driver’s side stock and then they’re doing the passenger side with the upgraded motor mounts you’ll still get that responsiveness from the motor from the solid motor mount but you’ll still get the

Comfortability of the stock on the driver’s side so yeah and that’s on god it’s on oh god but yeah motor mount stand so that’s the silly rabbit motor sports motor mount right there i don’t know if you can see that but it’s in there i wish i had a flashlight but i don’t the motor’s sitting on his own like i said last time it hasn’t cranked yet but like i said

You want to get everything on the car but you know we’re still kind of waiting around for these parts to be made because it is bespoke to this car so i can’t wait to hear it fire up it’ll be the first first rsq8 might as well just call it the rsq8 that’s what it is the rxq5 i’m sorry it’ll be the first rsq5 in the states so can’t wait to hear that fire all right

So look like it turns out to be and we shall see it turned out to be the o-rings that that i was talking about earlier i looked like there was some actual air getting into those lines basically causing a backup so so far so good no no spiking attempts the heat is blowing pretty hot i mean i have it on 84 right now just in case you know i gotta jump out real

Quick and douse this thing in some cooling we shall see we shall see fingers crossed that that was the issue and there’s no more issues because i still have to get the motor mounts and i still have to get the uh high pressure fuel pump plungers replaced so no more issues please seven no more issues before then because i can’t i can’t take this also i got another

Item coming in uh i have some two-inch turbo inlets coming in too so just saying i know it’s been slow i gotta pick it back up so anyway as always like share subscribe turn on that notification bell so you know every time i upload a video uh i’m gonna put my eyes on the road so i don’t crash or anything so the last thing i need is to have a damaged car after i had a fixed car so

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Why did my tuned stright piped Audi S7 Overheat!? Part 1! By Daily 5280