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Why I chose a Cadillac CT5

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Recently I have been considering a great many things in order to reduce my monthly expenses. That got me wondering, exactly WHY I bought the Cadillac CT5 rather than go electric. Hopefully you can gain some insights and can make a more informed purchase decision.

Well good evening everybody hope you’ve had a fantastic couple days it’s been well as you can see a little cloudy a little rainy you know typical spring in kelowna i guess so i’ve done a whole lot of as little as possible this weekend because i actually wasn’t feeling the greatest on friday there and i was really busy you know and just didn’t get any sleep got

Worse so i just kind of hung out at home actually enjoyed watching some tv shows i haven’t done that in quite some time but while i’ve been sitting around kind of wondering what i was going to do next i got thinking about well how i’ve been thinking about getting an electric car but what was it that made me buy the cadillac in the first place because i i could have

Got an electric car last year when i bought this but i went with this for a reason and i know i know the reason i just can’t remember it right now i think a lot of that has to do with i was comparing it to the mercedes that i had at the time this is a two-liter four-cylinder the mercedes i had was a 6.2 liter v8 so there’s a huge difference in fuel consumption

I know that was big um oh yeah that’s right this has warranty no uh it’s a comfortable car it’s designed and built on a very capable platform uh with a few well change a few panels around and you end up with essentially a camaro underneath this is based off of general motors alpha 2 platform which is the camaro the ss there was something else that was based

On that uh yeah so very capable it’s not in this particular variation it’s obviously not the sports car this is the luxury car and that was part of what i wanted because i i’m a little bit of a bigger guy obviously and from time to time oh i got a coffee cup under the seat yeah so there’s a big back seat i mean i actually fit back there i wouldn’t want to do it

For a long road trip if i was sitting behind myself but you know there’s tons of room it’s very comfortable it’s a very capable platform it has a very decent warranty and of course it’s getting windy as i’m standing here talking to you guys um yeah the all-wheel drive system it leaves a little bit to be desired i mean it is technically speaking a rear biased car

Meaning when i open the hood here i can show you right so like i was saying this is a rear-wheel drive bias system and well the biggest difference between this and most all-wheel drive vehicles these days is the engine goes this way instead of this way there’s a lot of weirdness going on in that turbo no idea what that’s all about um while we’re under here

Let me let me point out a few things that i don’t like at all about this car number one washer fluid goes there uh how not the easiest thing in the world two the jump start post well here’s your positive they have no factory assigned negative for jump starting right usually there’s a big old tab that sticks off the engine or there’s a big arrow pointing to

Something like that this car doesn’t have it i did actually find one but i was looking for it because i had to boost the car now i’m gonna block the wind a bit here so uh yeah you can’t see it you can’t see it but if you stand right here you can just barely see it so now i’m going to get a different angle and we’re going to get right down in here and there’s

Your negative jump start post no indicators no nothing not a big fan of that not the biggest thing in the world but still at least it has hood struts and it’s painted underneath but i mean all aluminum four-cylinder fancy what do they call a twin scroll turbocharger um it’s very dirty under here mostly because i’ve never actually cleaned under the hood on

To the next couple of things that i really don’t like but i do like a few kind of aspects of so firstly we’ve got a very large trunk sort of and i say sort of because this all this stuff eats up a ton of space back here oh yeah i’ve got a tripod back here now all right and the battery is here there’s nothing under this stuff actually there is something i can’t

Remember what it is oh yeah nothing block heater cord stuff like that so we’re gonna jump into the driver’s seat here and we’ll go over the rest okay so size wise i fit very well in this car it’s very comfortable i’ve got plenty of visibility except for well right there when it comes time to making a left lane change like changing over to the left i tend to

Have to do that to do a shoulder check rather than just that and i think that’s a price you pay when you’re six foot or taller another big thing i really like the dual sunroof even though i’ve never actually opened them come to think of it i don’t know if the back one opens or if it’s just the front that opens not a big deal i the only reason i have a sunroof

Is because i think all of these have sunroofs so it’ll never get opened uh i really like the infotainment i’ll try to fire it up here the house because it costs copyright music playing anyways i like the the infotainment it’s fairly responsive it’s got all that you need android auto apple carplay can change a bunch of stuff navigation obviously i’ve used that

Quite a bit since i’ve moved out here then the gauges uh can i turn them on without actually starting the car yes we can no we can’t maybe fine we’ll start the car i didn’t want to but so gauges very simple speed tack warning lights in the middle uh this tells you all sorts of cool stuff i’m almost out of fuel again all right lots of controls here we’ve got

Heated steering wheel all the buttons but the steering wheel is the right size right it’s girthy enough where it’s there’s plenty to grab doesn’t feel weak um i will admit i’m not a fan of blank buttons right that’s it is what it is uh my biggest pet peeve with modern cars is this stupid system right here the auto stop no just no it is absolutely useless

If you’re in traffic because you’re constantly starting and stopping and starting and stopping and starting and stopping and starting and stopping and i’m just going to cycle that over and over again but no it’s it’s pointless all i can think of it doing is wearing the starter out faster draining your battery which kills it faster and around here when the lights

Go green everybody floors it there’s no double check it’s green they’re going so if you’re slow off the line or say when you let your foot off the brake and then the engine has to start the guys behind you they’re not paying attention almost been hit a few times so i turn that off i also tend to turn the lane keep assist off in this car i don’t know if that’s

The programming on the car or just the layout of the roads and the the lines not being very visible to the cameras but i find that it it just does its own thing whatever it wants to and it’s kind of terrifying sometimes so that gets left off i mean out on the prairies i’m sure it works great right you’re just cruising around when you got all these dual turning

Lanes and twisty mountain roads where the lines aren’t very well painted doesn’t work that great the automatic high beams there’s another feature that in theory works great out here doesn’t work at all uh elevation changes like if cars coming at you and they’re pointing slightly upwards you’re going to have your high beams on blinding them and your car’s not

Going to know any better so i tend to not use those again out on the prairies i’m sure it would work just fine um manual mode with the paddles i love doing that around town just because it makes it more fun to drive and it’s interesting when you kind of climb through the gears take off from a light and then it’s second third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth

Ninth and you’re doing like a thousand rpm at no speed it’s ridiculous but again that’s why it’s good on fuel other little drawbacks no little cubby for sunglasses so the only place i’ve found is down here next to the wireless charger so if these slide over your wireless charger doesn’t work uh in here well down in here there’s a bunch of there’s a usb a usbc

And a 5 volt outlet not a 12 volt a 5 volt and other features well it’s got the auto up on all four windows but nothing really going on on any of the other door door panels we got memory seating power mirrors obviously uh the heads-up display i don’t know you can kind of see it there yeah i don’t know kind of cool i i’ve kind of gotten used to it and i tend

To just look at my speed there rather than looking down at the gauge cluster so that’s kind of cool but the big thing that made me buy the cadillac over anything else at the time was well a it was available yeah available right price much much better on fuel a little bigger so i fit better the warranty along with the included maintenance for the cadillac’s

First four years awesome right that that was really the the big things um i i chose to buy the mercedes because i followed my heart i don’t regret that well i regret having bought it for what i didn’t need it for if that makes sense i didn’t need a two-door sports car rear-wheel drive 100. what i needed was something like this the four-door all-wheel drive

Get me to and from work kind of vehicle so i can say i will one day have a sports car again of some kind but for the time being i’m going to kind of stick with the cadillac it’s sort of okay i mean there’s obviously something going wrong with it but it’s a it’s a car that’s used right there’s going to be little issues it’s frustrating that they couldn’t fix it

The first time i tried to get it looked at but it’s warranty and i kind of explained how that works so well we’ll just wait until i can 100 take the technician and be like here it is this is the noise fix it right then we’ll get it fixed i’ve got time the warranty is good and long and i highly doubt that i’m gonna end up stranded because of this might well who

Knows with a modern vehicle right too many computers so that’s the other kind of consideration i had when i was looking at electric vehicles my cadillac has a fair amount of electrical issues not gonna lie the navigation tends to forget where i am from time to time the screen sometimes doesn’t work i’ve had the heads up display be upside down that was a really

Weird one um the stability control is notoriously bad in these for little hiccups in the system trigger a check engine light which causes all sorts of other things i haven’t had that problem but these are all kind of ignorable i’ll say right the car is still going to function as a car with a check engine light whereas an electric vehicle if there’s a fault

It might not work at all because it’s a safety concern and then you’re stranded at least this thing i imagine i could limp it all the way to the shop if i had to if you break down an electric car what do you do right all right so that’s a lot of pros and a few cons for this vehicle there’s a few more things to consider when it comes to electric vehicles or

Well any super modern vehicle and by super modern i mean basically 2060 and newer they tend to have more computers than well cylinders in the engine for sure and that can cause problems and that that’s the biggest well one of the biggest reasons why i didn’t jump on the electric vehicle bandwagon when i bought this the other big reason was kind of the dealer

Support at the time for well the two that i was considering and it just wasn’t there uh infrastructure is still it’s growing but it’s not there yet for like longer distance drives so these are all things that you need to consider uh as far as the cadillac goes it’s got its issues they’ll get fixed and i’ll just keep putting gas in it so with that i want to

Say thank you very much for coming along on today’s little adventure more of a kind of information and thought-provoking sort of content today if you enjoyed that please consider subscribing and we will catch you on the next adventure

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