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why im selling my audi s6

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Behind me is my 2016 audi s6 the s6 has been a dream car of mine for a number of years now i finally was able to purchase one january 2021 it is now may 2022 i’m gonna be swapping the wheels because i just took payment today for the sale of this car i just the day is here all right here she is i can’t believe this is real all right tell me the axles don’t

Leave thank you very much no way ten nine to one twenty five let’s go 10 9 my first ever 10. huh it’s time we’re getting rid of the s6 now for those of you that don’t know this car has been a dream car of mine since i had my 2013 s4 and the original plan was to replace the s4 with the s6 however i got in an accident got cut off by a snowplow and s4 two

Months before my now three-year-old son was born this is really overexposed two months before my now three-year-old son was born and as a result i bought an audi sq5 instead because i was worried about the expense of maintaining uh an audi s6 um with hospital bills and everything like that i’m sure you guys can understand that you know it probably wasn’t the uh

It wasn’t the the best decision to get into an expensive 4 liter va but now here we are it’s been a year and 3 months a year and yeah a year and three months and uh it’s time for it to go let’s start with the highlights of the car uh i went 10 seconds in the quarter mile for the first time ever in this car we went 10-9 at 126. backed it up with 1099 at 125 i

Think which is a big achievement for me i’ve been chasing 10 since i had my s4 um actually went 11-7 in the s4 then i went 11-3 in the being a sq5 which was like fifth fastest sq5 in the world at the time and then we went 10-9 in this car now uh why is that such a big deal well there’s a lot of big turbo guys in the s6 world who aren’t running tents all we did it

Was stock turbos e85 an intake and some downpipes um so you’re like well eli why don’t you take the next step which is what we originally planned to do and do like some rs7 turbos or some ts ones or you know something that was big dog status well the answer is uh because that’s a lot of money now if you didn’t know modifications for a c7 or 7.5 s6 are actually

Pretty expensive the exhaust setup i have on this car retails for about 4 800 for downpipes and a cat-back kind of wild um if we were gonna go do uh bigger turbos in this car we’d have to put a fuel system in it we’d have to obviously buy the bigger turbos we’d have to do lines we’d have to do turbo inlets there’s all sorts of stuff that just kind of the the cost

Runs up quick and now i’m not saying that with my next car which you’ll find out here’s a hint it’s a turbo car um i’m not saying we’re not gonna swap the turbo on that but that is a lot of money to throw into a car that then becomes pretty problematic um there are these cars are not known as the most reliable cars and i’ve had a fantastic 20 000 miles um so uh

One of the reasons i’m selling is i feel like i want to get out while i’m ahead uh the maintenance costs haven’t been crazy on this car the only big ticket item that i’ve had to do knock on wood is just the pads and rotors um and i obviously have the oil screens removed but aside from that the car has been just driven like i haven’t really done anything to it

From the modification front like i said i don’t necessarily want to put eight or ten thousand dollars into the car for a fuel system in turbos it will make the car fast for sure then you start running into even more issues i snapped an axle on stock turbos uh if you think that’s not gonna happen again when you get on bigger turbos there’s also limitations in the

Transmission there’s not as much tuning availability which brings me to my next point the four leader community not willing to accept change like i said earlier i went 10-9 that’s one of the faster stock turbo runs not the fastest by any means um but there are guys with big turbos who are running ds1 off the shelf tunes that aren’t going as fast as that there are

Guys running apr stage 3 on rs7 turbos who aren’t going as fast as that like this integrated engineering tune has the jam there is a lot of kool-aid drinking in this community um and people who are you know maybe this is like their first modified car that they feel like things are really easy on or i don’t know i really don’t understand who actually buys an s6 a

Lot of the guys that are coming from the s4 world understand what’s up but there are guys coming from like the corvette world the mustang world like all over the place that it just seems like they’re taking whatever people say for granted and not researching stuff themselves and that’s not a shot at everybody because not everybody’s uneducated but there’s a lot

Of kool-aid drinking if certain companies say something these people don’t even challenge it they just take the word as bond and move on so they’ll like regurgitate that when you say anything different from that kind of one of those things where the community isn’t willing to accept change so how am i supposed to come in and and my goal with buying a car is

Ultimately to help educate people through the journey of buying the car i’m not coming in to say this is the only way you can do things because you can buy ds1 you can buy apr you know you can do whatever you want but i’m trying to offer an opinion on what i feel is the best way for me to do things and if people who aren’t educated want to follow that path they

Would have a similar result as i did now when that path deviates from what everyone else has done because there’s only been a few players in the 4-liter space um people want to defend their purchases rightfully so we just talked about when you have ten thousand dollars in modifications on your car you don’t want someone to come in and say look this way is better

Faster cheaper uh more simple whatever like you want to defend your purchase and that’s what these people do it’s an interesting community i’m not necessarily sure it’s a community that want to be part of long term and so as a result i’m getting rid of the car um now another reason that i’m getting rid of the car is the car that i’m moving into has had some really

Exciting updates come out uh in the past few months and actually uh that car or that motor in a certain car is faster than the fastest s6 um there’s an rs7 that’s a little bit faster i believe but that motor in that car is faster than the fastest s6 i’m not buying the car that set the records i’m giving away all this stuff but you know the ogs are staying on the

End of the video anyway i’m not buying the car to set records i’m buying a heavier version of the car that set records but it’s just exciting to see things that are more simple so as a result from the community to the maintenance costs the potential problems i feel like it is a good time to sell my dream car um and will i miss this car 150 yes um the v8 noise is

Unbelievable the power delivery is just stupid on this car i mean it just goes and goes and goes and while it is a sad video to make i’m really excited so let’s take it back home we’ll get one final look at the s6 and we will call it a day well that concludes the s6 chapter in the ignition tube playbook i couldn’t be more happy with this car i really do genuinely

Love it and i’m excited for someone else to own it and love it just as much as i did so the chapter is ending and i will catch you guys in next week’s video where we head over to

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