Why is Lexus Making the LC 500 Convertible?

I have 3 good reasons why Lexus is making a convertible from their lowest-selling vehicle. Let’s discuss on why they are going against the status-quo.

Welcome back to the channel guys turk rifles coming to you with a little deep dive today on the lc convertible why is lexus making it i think i got a couple reasons on why after you hit that like button subscribe for more alexis news and let’s jump into it so the lc 500 is the lowest volume seller for lexus and ironically the only news we’re getting on lexus right

Now is under low volume cars we just got an update on the ls 500 inspiration series taking a quick look at the numbers that ls is down almost 38% on the year compared to last year and then the lc of course is such a low volume selling cars looking at these graphs thanks to lexus enthusiasts they are down about 34 percent for the lc and they’ve only sold about 670

Cars as of june of 2019 so why would lexus be investing this time and money and resources into a car that doesn’t make them any money let’s be real the rx the nx the es that’s the money makers for the brand so why are they investing this time and advertising dollars into a car that doesn’t produce money for them well it’s not it’s not i got a couple couple reason

Number one reason number one i believe it’s just to have a convertible option so in the luxury market you gotta have a convertible like it’s i’ve had at least five customers in the past year asked me about lexus convertible do we have one why don’t we have one when are we coming out with one well now i know that we are coming out with one so that gives me a little

Bit of like relaxation because i know alexis is trying so there is a market there and according to this other article i pulled up i’ll have it all pulled up right now so you guys can see it this article over at one by jeff perez if we scroll down here from a sales standpoint sato says the lc convertible could split consumption of the lc down the middle and hopefully

Boosted the sportcars presence in the states i think they’re just they want to give those high-end luxury buyers of the coupe an option i honestly think that the lc 500 will probably sell more convertibles the first year it’s out then the non convertible if it doesn’t it’s because the leftover coupes that aren’t selling are discounted to make it more attractive to

Buyers so they got to have the first point is they got to have a convertible car as a luxury automaker they got to do it bmw has one or several not just one tons mercedes has the sl this car would be an sl competitor straight up would be an 8 series competitor straight up especially when they come with that lcf if they make a convertible version the lcf that’d be

So cool hey guys this is finishing up editing this video right before i started retirin ate it lexus enthusiasts just come came with us with some new information on the lc convertible so let’s jump on over and then we’ll finish up with the original video lc convertible arrives at dealerships can you guys see that next year my cameras in the way but it says arrives

At dealerships next year so auto car reports a lexus lc convertible will go on sale next year along with some obvious details that doesn’t really come as a surprise to anyone but here are some tidbits just confirmation on some things we still didn’t know this is interesting here auto car understands of production production lc convertible has been prioritized over a

Range topping f variant of the llc and lexus product plan due to its higher potential global sales now to me that that just says ok well we see that there’s more of a demand for the convertible so we’re gonna move that ahead of schedule the f is still working out kinks they’re still gonna be making it and until i hear otherwise still making the f it’s probably just

Going to be probably in 2021 at this point the production version of the lc convertible is likely to be offered and both the 5 liter naturally aspirated v8 and the hybrid variant so that is something we didn’t know some people were saying that it was only going to be in the v8 and of course this vehicle is gonna weigh more than the current one which all convertibles

To my knowledge weigh more than their coupe versions auto car does does contain a sliver of insight here a hybrid powertrain is necessary in markets outside of north america and the required batteries likely necessitated a soft top roof over a hardtop and it’s less expensive there’s still no mention about the type of roof it’s gonna be a soft top 100% like like

Look at this how is that not a soft top hidden underneath there so just want to throw out that that information at you guys before i wrap up this video the second reason number two the second reason why i think alexis is doing this is they need a halo product so the lc is already kind of the halo product for the brand we don’t have the lfa anymore we haven’t had

A person quite a few years and before the l f of the lc 500 they just had the ls 500 at the lx 570 i should say the ls 460 before the ls 500 but they they need a more tantalizing product to get people really revved up about the brand we know very few people buy that top hundred plus thousand dollar vehicle but what it does is it instantly creates credibility for

The brand and it brings people interested about the brand that they normally wouldn’t be so one way to look at it is like here here i am in the car market and let’s just say i’m a dad or whatever because i am one so hypothetically i’m a dad and i see an lc 500 convertible on the road number one that’s going to be i’ll just stop what i’m doing instead it because

It’s going to be most gorgeous cars i’ve ever seen but – it’ll start get the gears running on oh man lexus like yeah i haven’t thought about them maybe i need to look into them for my next car purchase so it just gets the wheels turning that’s honestly what this car is gonna do are they gonna make money off this car if they do it’s gonna be very very small margins

This car is going to retail for probably a hundred plus thousand and they are going to sell probably at least half their lcs in convertible form so that sums up number two they need a halo product for the brand to generate buzz and the third reason is and the reason i keep looking down is because i have a little notepad here for my notes the third reason they’re

Creating this car and hyping it and talking so much about it i believe is it’s it’s a good car as a filler right now they don’t have a whole lot of information coming out about new models or redesigns the last redesign we had for lexus was the es and then of course you have the ux which is an all-new car so i think they’re using the lc kind of as a as a placeholder a

Filler news creator buzz creator to fill the gap before they announce some big stuff this fall all those things to be announced this fall i don’t know for sure but i have a list here i’m gonna read off to you what what we are expecting from the brand in the next two years and for them to debut something as soon as this fall on any of these vehicles we know for sure

The llc 500 convertible will get a release date by the end of this year so there’s three major auto shows if i remember remember right we have the german frankfurt auto show and i think that’s an august that’s just a month from now they got to do something there you have the la motor show which is i think in september they’re gonna do something there and then they

Have the motor show that is dearest to them arguably dearest to them it’s in their own backyard is the tokyo motor show and that comes around once every two years and every tokyo motor show they debut either some really cool concepts or they come out with some really big news for the brand so we have three big motor shows coming up later this year that that’s why

I think this lc is kind of like a filler so what could they announce at these motor shows coming up later this year well i talked about the the release date and the price and the details that the lc 500 convertible that is almost a guarantee we know we’re gonna see a production version of the lf1 limitless concept it’s their ultra luxury version of the vehicle of

This it’s kind of like an rx but on steroids in every single way it is super futuristic and i will put pictures up for you guys to see lexus enthusiasts just spotlighted this custom-made concept of the lf1 limitless and it is to die for it is unbelievable how beautiful and captivating the vehicle is the is we know we need another is soon the is is getting a little

Long in the tooth we need an update on that vehicle a redesign announcement probably if we can get a redesigned announcement this fall and/or this winter and then we get another read or the redesign will hit its fall of 2020 that is pretty much needed for the is something needs to come by us even if it’s just a small update we need something even if it’s carplay

And android auto we could get an announcement of an electric vehicle of the first-ever lexus electric vehicle or the first-ever toyota electric vehicle foley for the for the big market here in the states or at least worldwide we need to see the production version or at least an announcement of the lcf we don’t even have really an an official announcement of the

Lcf yet and then of course we need to redesign lx so there’s a lot of things the brand is working on that the news needs to start coming out on then they start need to making announcements because a lot of these vehicles were just it’s been too long it’s been too long for an electric vehicle in my opinion for lexus they need to be pushing the envelope instead of

Resting on their laurels the lf one is this ultra supercar luxury suv that they need to have out there and i think it came out two years ago at the tokyo motor show i’m almost positive they’re going to talk about it again at the tokyo motor show this year the lx is like what 12 years old essentially what do you guys think did i miss any any potential reasons why

They’re coming out with an lc 500 convertible is it just a filler to bigger and better things that they’re going to announce this fall in winter is it just to have a convertible option to compete on the luxury market to stay irrelevant and have a a better portfolio of vehicles or is it is it to have more hype and buzz as a halo product around the brand i think

It’s a mix of all of those things there could be other reasons and i want you guys to talk about it down in the comments below i’ll see you guys later this week i’m sure i’m hoping we get some news trickling now but i’ll probably post another video for you guys don’t forget to watch my stream i’ll probably stream tonight it’s tuesday night i’ll have this video up

Probably around noontime today but that’s about it guys i’ll see you guys in the next video and until then peace

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Why is Lexus Making the LC 500 Convertible? By Kirk Kreifels