Why is THIS 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander SO Special?

For over a year we’ve had the fortunate pleasure of getting to know the 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander. It’s a great crossover and it’s been one of Mitsubishi’s best sellers in decades. It’s safe to say that there aren’t many surprises with this car these days. However, we have one more to show you.

Hey everyone john cora here marketing director for mcclinton this is a very special new mitsubishi outlander but what makes it so special today i’m going to take you on a little journey to show you why this is no diamond in the rough let’s get started okay so what is it about this specific outlander that’s so special i mean you can tell that it’s a 2022 so this

Isn’t like an early unveil the 2023 model it’s not like we were special and got to go the ph uv months before everyone else so what is it it’s simple it’s the pink color this one is deep bronze metallic and that paint is exclusive to the sel trim now you can get it on the sel the sel touring or the sel special edition but you can’t get it on the es the se or the

Black edition and i’ll be honest with you i don’t know how that changes outside the united states i would say it’s the same in canada but i don’t know for sure but this color which is personally my favorite is exclusive to the seo i first saw this at a car show in cincinnati late last year and i fell in love with it i haven’t got to see it too often in person i

Think this is probably maybe the second or third one that we’ve had but it is stunning especially if you’re going to see it in person so this particular model is an sel touring so i want to show you some of the features that come with that one so this of course first off you notice the little camera there on the front grille this has the 360 degree camera system

So there’s cameras all around it makes it super simple to park this vehicle it gives you a bird’s eye view once you put it in reverse and you can turn the cameras on when it’s in drive as long as you’re not going you know i believe it’s above five miles per hour of course because this is an all-wheel drive you have my favorite feature the headlight washers on

The sel touring and pretty much the es special edition the sc black edition you’re getting 20 inch rims which looks stunning on this in case you’re not aware this vehicle shares a platform with the nissan rogue the biggest rims you can get on the rogue are 19s so if you want something a little bit bigger a little bit better you come to the nissan or come to the

Mitsubishi side of things with this being an sel touring you’re getting the upgraded interior as well let’s take a quick look at that as you can tell it has the black leather with the cross stitching stands out very well on the dash you also get the contrast there with the the padding the tan on the on the dash more cross stitching you do get the big screen you

Get android auto apple carplay when you upgrade to the sel touring you get the heated seat i’m sorry i’m gonna let this focus here you get heated seats heated steering wheel try zoom climate control and of course there’s a look at your steering wheel you get the nice digital display over there as well you’re going to get an electronic parking blade brake you have

Six drive modes on this as well as downhill assist there is your selector for the gears and you also get your wireless charging for your cell phone let’s take a look here at the back seat oh before we do that you get the gorgeous panoramic moon roof coming into the back seat this has one of my favorite features this is only available on the sel touring it is the

Built-in sun shade there’s a look at the middle row i mentioned before that this has tri-zone climate control so there you can see there’s vents here for the back seat and there is uh which might be somewhat difficult to see right now on camera but the back seat passengers can’t adjust their temperature and of course there’s vents we have on the back of the seats

Something i really think is a nice touch these pockets there’s one there for your mobile phone there’s one for a tablet then yours there’s your traditional map pocket as well let’s take a quick look here at the back the cargo area now this one is once again super all-wheel control we try to order most of ours that way we don’t have much demand here for front wheel

Drive because we’re in west virginia and we have seasons here we can tell it’s got the rear parking sensors there and because i have the key in my pocket i can do the keyless entry for the back hatch and just kick under here now back up and the rear hatch opens very quickly we have the rear seats folded down right now i’m not going to demonstrate it right now

But i do want to point out one accessory on this is that your cargo net for the back of the seat i have one of those in my outlander sport i highly recommend it it’s great for like umbrellas or like a sun shade so be sure to opt for that when you do purchase your new outlander if you’re not aware the outlander is a seven seater that third row is standard across

The board so you don’t have to get the high end trim to get that oh and check this out a little reminder here the outlander is an iihs top safety pick plus that is the highest award given by the iihs for safety so this vehicle is very safe you get standard forward collision mitigation this one has great headlights on it it has lane departure warning yeah as far

As like something that’s that’s a little bit different this has mitsubishi my pilot which is a driving aid that will actually scare the vehicle for you i like that quite a bit and it also has mitsubishi connect which is a way for you to start the vehicle remotely from your phone but that’s why this one is so special if you’re interested in learning more give us a

Call 304-422-6501 when you call i want you to ask me about that mcclinton million that’s our 10-year million mile powertrain warranty that’s exclusive to mcclinton mitsubishi the factory powertrain warranty is five years i’m sorry 10 years 100 000 miles we kick it up to 10 years 1 million miles and then also you get a five year 60 000 mile bumper to bumper warranty

So once again give us a call 304-422-6501 check us out online mitsubishi.com and comment below if you have any questions and we’d appreciate it if you liked and subscribed as well alright everyone thanks for watching

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Why is THIS 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander SO Special? By McClinton Chevrolet \u0026 Mitsubishi