Why the 2019 Porsche 718 Boxster IS a REAL Porsche

Flat four engine, check. Mid engined layout, check. 300hp, check. Floral shorts, check.

Welcome back to another episode of discover cars today we are checking out the seven one eight boxster from porsche this has been somewhat of a controversial car thanks to the four-cylinder engine instead of the flat six but i’m here to tell you why this is still a real porsche if not more of a appropriate car for the boxer and the seven one eight name now

Let’s talk about the engine that’s what we’re starting off with this is a reason why this is still a real porsche and i’d love to show you what the engine looks like except it’s all covered up in the middle so the reason why i think this is more of a porsche in terms of the using the seven one eight name is because the original seven one eight back in the

50s use a flat four as well now the argument goes yes it’s 500 kilos and yes it was naturally aspirated instead of chucking a turbocharger on there however times have changed cars are heavier and safer and also the power is definitely a bit more up than what they used back in the 50s to be honest it’s good to do a throwback like this i mean not everything

From early twentieth century german has to be that bad does it now that flat ford definitely has been improved for the 21st century we’re looking at 300 horsepower and 260 five kilowatts just for that robot sling that we use here in australia and 5.9 seconds to 100 kilometres an hour or 60 miles an hour that’s really decent for a turbocharged flat-four at a

Base-model range also this sports exhausts on the back does sound very flavorful i lots of pops and bangs and makes it feel more alive and that’s the thing with the flat ford porsche really made sure that they’re not losing their character with their engines by removing two cylinders because that flat six sounded marvelous when you’ve decided to rev it out

But this flat four has plenty of kick it makes it actually feel like there’s an engine present rather than waiting at the top of the rev range for it to come alive you can’t deny it is a good-looking car some specs with the smaller wheels don’t look quite as complimentary as these wheels and this gt silver paint but i mean come on it is quintessential sports

Car like you have this massive air intake down here and the body sort of sculpts the air down and it looks like in the wind tunnel this is just pushed the metal in to allow for maximum airflow to the mid-mounted engine you’ve also got a nice sharp front end with these awesome haunches that you can see when you’re sitting inside the car and the rear end just

Looks nice and finished it also has a pop-up spoiler which neatly integrates with the rear deck lid so it really does look sleek and slender up without looking too narrow or too same same on the front and back the design of this car is a bit of a throwback to the original i mean it’s been evolutionary with the boxer but again 7 1/8 you type of one from the

50s and it will look similar give or take a couple of years since this is mid-engine it has space for a reboot as well as a front boot and this front boot isn’t sealed down alfre myrrh but this front it allows for you’d put plenty of space for groceries bags i would recommend putting people in there but it is an opportunity because it is that big so plenty

Of space back here and it does make for a car that you can take away at weekends i know make a convincing case of people showing their partners it’s quite accessible for a sports car to get in here it’s not nearly as aggressive although as some other sports colour porsches make the seats are very comfortable the interior is a nice place to be i love the fact

That they always throwback to like the carrera gt and the other sports cars that porsche developed in the early days where the actual dash meets the center console so it’s rather a sweeping thing rather than just ending and painting off like an early ferraris did great place to be big rev counter in the middle typical porsche inside nothing extremely special

Different about this car i’ve got the roof down because who wouldn’t in a convertible it’s like what you pop like a can of cocoa and you get that like noise that just sort of opens up and makes you feel sort of relieved and happy that’s the same way your stress just goes out the roof and the cool thing with this seven one eight is the engine now people don’t

Like the answer i’ve seen chris harris stop you know plenty of people and professionals who have planned to say on a four-cylinder engine for porsche but in my opinion it is the better car and the better engine to put it in because the seven one eight like i said back in the 50s was originally a sports car like force on the sports car that’s what it was a

Four-cylinder sports car that you know with superlight mid-engine good for racing now this is definitely a bit heavier but it does have the power to support it it actually feels like something’s here i’ve driven that six-cylinder came in and a 6-cylinder boxer and it just doesn’t feel like something’s there until you start to really ring it out but when you

Look at that digital speedo and trust me i know you kick this speaking hops really quick and almost too quickly for you to comprehend and when the rev range starts kicking out and you get that beautiful sound but it’s only really good for back road driving and track days now the four-cylinder is really the key part of the car it feels like you’re that kid

Who’s like seem like i just hopped up an adderall or had adhd in your class that’s what this is like when you start to get it going it’s really peppy really talky i hate that word peppy but it is a good way to describe it because it’s just ready to go whenever you want it’s not like that athlete who does long distance marathons and sprint’s at the end that is

Like the porsche flat six plenty people love that but in a real world setting when seas are getting more crowded and there’s more more traffic and you got to be ducking and weaving between cars especially being in a car this low because you do realize that some people’s mirrors actually are above the roofline so they even don’t necessarily see you when you’re

Next to them so it’s important to have that sort of speed to get out of situations like that and that’s when the seven one eight 4-cylinder really comes into play i wouldn’t recommend getting this car with the sports exhaust system because it sounds mean it gives you plenty of pops and cracks and you’ve got so much power from that turbo kicking in pdk is

Definitely the peak for the turbocharged cars of porsche putting out now i love turbocharged four-cylinder you know can manuals but it’s just waiting for that boost to come back on it’s a bit annoying to wait for that we’re in a you know a porsche or something similar you’re going to have the pdk do all the thinking for you and you’re going to have plenty

Of go with the engine i love this car so much it’s so fun because the 4-cylinder sounds alive i know it does sound similar to some other engines that are out there but this sounds a bit in between an audi r8 v8 and a subaru wrx sometimes i know that is such a sacrilegious thing to say but you can’t get away from that at some points of the rev range inside

It’s super comfortable i don’t feel like i’m stressing anything there’s no hard bucket seats it’s a very comfortable a sub 8 and a very manageable sports car if you’ve never driven a sports car this is the car i would suggest but man that sports exhaust is such a must in this car it’s just ready to go and it’s just so interactive but you can make it settle

It does have automatic start/stop when you set of traffic lights as is quite a manageable car but man if you want to get this car going it will go it will actually go and trust me 4.9 seconds on paper doesn’t seem that quick bit you’ve never experienced 4.9 seconds if you disagree with that because it is a quick car has my pick for a fun sports car for about

100-120 around there it’s just that mid-engine layout you feel planted the whole way through you don’t feel like the back is going to kick out when you put the power down you don’t feel like the front is pulling forwards and that exhaust is just popping in bang i just love it it sounds really good and it doesn’t sound droning either it sounds really really i

Guess authentic and it makes you think of those cars back in the 50s when you’re racing but anyway i’m pulling up let’s go have a chat about the discover car score see how i rank it and check it out now after all that that leaves me to keep a discover card score for the 7-1 a boxer now starting up with practicality usually gets a 5 out of 10 easily is because

It’s a two-seater sports car and let’s face it there are plenty of other cars if you want to take bits and pieces with you just going to fit a bit more so 5 out of 10 for practicality for a 7 1 8 now moving on to the daily category this gets a 7 out of 10 that is because of the turbocharged engine and yes the key word is turbocharged and naturally aspirated

Engine in porsche and need a bit more revved to them need a bit more grunt hence why you might be rating speed limits for you really want to push the car where a turbocharged engine like this will go off the lights respond quickly hence why gets a daily score of seven out of ten compared to its 6-cylinder brethren now performance is a solid eight out of ten to

Mid-engine car this will lap rings around the 911 if you step into base 911 and a base seven one eight and you haven’t had any experience of number four you will do a faster lap time in the seven one eight just because of the mid-engine layout but that leaves me on to the final score of cool factor and cool factor is a seven out of ten for this one the fact that

It’s a base model and the fact that it does have the four cylinder just doesn’t quite see as well as the six cylinder at the top of the rev range that gives it a seven out of ten only really the car the boxster s and the gt four would be scoring higher because they are a bit more exciting thank yous a total score of a solid seven out of ten for discover car

Score this mid-engine car is definitely one to be reckoned with and it definitely plays right homage to early porsches with the four cylinder engine and i definitely think it’s a right step in the direction for the boxster range if you guys really liked this video subscribe if you like this video make sure to press that like button and yes i’m wearing my

Shorts on that note i just want to say huge thank you to the porsche and a camera this cars currently for the sale at the porsche and a camera a bit just located in fish week and as always guys it’s been a pleasure we’ll see you next time this has been discover cars and this is the seven one eight boxster thanks for checking out

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