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Why The 2022 Porsche Macan Is A Premium Mid- Size SUV

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2022 Porsche Macan !

What’s going on again it’s your boy with hunting game nick back again today with another beautiful vehicle and today we are at porsche of north atlanta and we are checking out the new 2022 porsche meikon or making am i gone i don’t know how to pronounce it y’all get in the comments and try to pronounce it for me so i’m gonna go and take you guys around this vehicle

And show you some of my favorite parts give you a little bit details and let you know what i think about the 2022 porsche maycon hey also if you’re new to the channel go ahead and hit that subscribe button if you’re old to the channel we really really appreciate the support and if you want to get some merch you can go ahead and hit get you a

Good deal give you some good merch it really hurts the channel let’s go things first let’s start with the studies the statistics this card goes zero to 60 and 4.6 seconds unless you got the chrono sport package and then it will go to zero to 60 and 4.4 seconds and the top speed is 160 miles per hour now we’re talking about speed we got to talk about the wheels

Because the wheels is what carries you right so these wheels right here i love them they are fantastic i think they’re like a steel gray and the black caliber behind it i feel like it dresses it up very very well and the red exterior just makes this thing pop i really really really like the rims the rims are nasty some of the breast rims that i’ve seen come to the

Factory you know some of these rooms they come from the factory they just look like hubcaps you know what i’m saying but porsche great job on the wheels of the mekong and i also like this little thing right here i guess it’s like a side skirt it’s like a i don’t know like a a like a a uk flag design or british flag design i’m not sure which one what country but

It reminds me like a flag and i got the designs in it i feel like that’s dope super dope another thing that i really really like about the porsche mekong is the back now the porsche right here it just looks beautiful the way they have it set up this is it feels chrome yeah like it has chrome letters and i also love how the backlight extends all across the back so

It’s no mistake if somebody hit you in the back of this they were texting 100 because there’s no way that you’re not going to see this black light come on it’s dope now let’s hop in the inside let’s see what the interior is cooking with let’s go so before i step in the whip the first thing i notice is this car is wrapped in leather everything right here is black

Prime leather this thing right here is pushing p pushing p in the porch with them let’s get inside i’m gonna tell you how it feels so getting that not too hard getting in now i think this car right here is out of battery so the seat is kind of way back so forgive me if you see me like sitting in the seat like this but the seat is very very comfortable i like

The dash has a little bit of a digital aspect to it here to the right and at the bottom so you can keep up with the top speed got 175 on a dash like i said we got the top speed of 160 and this is not working right now but this is the infotainment screen it looks very big um and i feel like it’s probably very very nice when it’s on but looks like i’m not finding

Out today because it’s dead another thing that i like about the interior of the 2022 porsche mekan is that it has a digital clock that’s a piece right there that i feel like has been missing from a lot of vehicles you know they started like removing them but back in the day having a physical clock was like a big deal so i’m glad that they kept and you know they

Kept that and they stayed with it and it’s also like very smooth here everything is like very glossy you know straight to the point it’s very smooth it looks very clean and professional it’s like a polo top and i’m saying it’s not going crazy but you know it’s expensive just by the way that it looks you know what i’m saying and also they have this porsche symbol

In the head wrist to let the drivers and the passengers know what you’re really riding in i feel like that’s very beautiful right here a little bit different never really seen this before um but you know the gear shifter is a little bit different um it seems that when the car is on you push this down to move it back you push this down and you move it back so

That’s new we also got the parking brake right here you know you feel me so let’s head in the back seat and let’s observe some more let’s go right now i’m in the back seat of the 2022 porsche macon and to say the lease is pretty tight back here so if you got four or four size adults i don’t know how it’s gonna work out especially if a couple of those adults are

Over six feet because you know i’m six feet myself so sitting back here is kind of tight it’s great for kids but i would not recommend for adults and also it’s no entertainment in the back but maybe i’m just from the era where having tvs entertainment in the back was big you know we’re in a different era now everybody got ipads and phones so that’s your entertainment

So i guess that’s why the companies aren’t really giving a lot of attention to that another thing that i really like is the sunroof right here extendo you know it’s wrong i got to go all the way to the back so the kids can enjoy it too but adults in the back can enjoy it too and i really like that because when it’s a beachy day and you’re in malibu or you in miami

Or i don’t know why you would have it down in new york but but for some reason you had it down in new york you can feel the breeze you can feel the wind you can enjoy the sky very beautiful touch very beautiful feature this car right here is 72 000 i’m gonna go out and look at it some more and i’m gonna tell you if i would spend 72 racks on the 2022 porsche nikon

Let’s go after a couple minutes really like a couple seconds of deliberating with myself i’ve come out to give you my final final thoughts on the 2022 porsche mekong now it is a very beautiful vehicle but for 72 thousand dollars unless i’m just in the upper class and i just want a vehicle i could just throw some money at and i really really like it you know i’m

Not really buying this unless i’m in the upper class and the money’s just going crazy like that not just you know money not a thing i’ll buy it then but if i just really are trying to find a vehicle that i really really like from porsche that’s the suv i’m probably gonna go with the porsche cayenne a little bit faster a little bit bigger you know a little bit better

Probably too so that’s my opinion on it but i know some of you guys will probably love this vehicle so get down in the comments and let me know what you think once again it’s your boy 100 game nate go ahead and get some merch from highlight me in the comments if you’re new subscribe if you’re old thank you it means so much to me that you’re

With the channel thank you so much i’ll see you guys next video let’s go so like they finally give a when they see numbers climbing most of my family don’t even believe

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