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Why The NEW Maserati MC20 Is So Expensive

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Nothing in the maserati mc20 is cheap nothing’s off the shelf or comes from the bin of another manufacturer it’s all bespoke and it’s all created locally and that’s the first reason the mc20 is so expensive there’s an extensive use of alcantara in the maserati mc20 with the refined material being liberally used to create an effective and comfortable cabin to enjoy

There’s even a special production run of alcatera that’s used on the steering wheel that helps to boost the driver’s grip particularly when quartering at speed and who doesn’t want that sort of help don’t worry about sweaty bombs while putting the maserati in c20 through its paces the alcatera material is breathable so grip is comfortably maintained the specially

Designed driver seats are also finished in premium leather the type only found packing sports cars rather than having leather that’s been tanned for a few days maserati has used leather that’s been tanned for months to deliver the maserati mc20 comfort levels and price tag the vehicles used in the maserati mc20 are top-notch and designed for the supercar to be

Used and enjoyed on a regular basis you can opt for the carbon fiber package to replace the mix of leather carbon fiber and alcatera in the cabin and doing so will create a very striking and futuristic looking environment the maserati mc20 took more than two years of design work that saw every single element from the interior and exterior design being thoroughly

Researched and planned by maserati experts designers sat with technical engineers to laboriously create the stylish offering just like our merch that you can find on the link in the description below and since everything for the maserati mc20 is designed and made in the italian region of modita it means there’s a price tag attached to it there are probably cheaper

Alternatives but the italian bigwigs at maserati are interested this is an authentic italian sports car to experience however you can’t deny that the interior is sublime and there is excellent use of premium materials to deliver an astonishing supercar to impress him more on that later open the hood of the maserati mc20 and you’re looking at an impressive new

Generation of maserati engine with more than a passing resemblance to a formula one creation the twin-turbocharged 3-liter v6 will roar in a life it’s called the neptuno and creates 630 horsepower with 538 pound-feet of torque remember though that this is a very light mid-engined car with a lightweight mono-q frame and carbon fiber body so all that power will be

Used effectively maserati says the driver will enjoy 2.27 horsepower per kilogram of car that’s one of the best ratios of any sports car currently in production in the world the power is sent to the rear wheels using an 8-speed dual clutch gearbox and this smooth charging performer delivers the power effectively you will really see the difference on a track day for

Example when you’re competing against other drivers the maserati mc20 has undergone more than 2 000 hours of testing before reaching the showrooms and it’s been driven around the world on a variety of services from snow to desert and city streets the performance is excellent as a result and that should go without saying considering the price the car will spread

From 0 to 62 miles per hour or 100 kilometers per hour in just 2.7 seconds that’s an incredible supercar performance however it then goes on at a blistering pace to achieve 124 miles per hour in just 8.8 seconds it’s here that the f1 inspiration really plays a part since the mc20 is performing at f1 levels and would give some of the big game cars a run for their

Money give the maserati mc20 a straight run and you’re looking at a top speed of 200 miles per hour or 322 kilometers per hour the designers and engineers have worked flat out to create a car that will deliver 100 kilograms of downforce at 150 miles per hour it offers bhp at 7 500 rpm this is a v6 that thinks it’s a v8 thankfully the maserati mc20 also has brambo

Carbon ceramic brakes that sit behind 20 inch forged wheels and are linked to double wishbones that have an independent steering axis for better performance the mc20s cabin is designed to be an enjoyable supercar experience and there are two 10 and a quarter inch screens focused on the driver plus the digital rear view mirror is easy to use that’s not always the

Case in other cars and you could turn it off and use the traditional mirror however be aware that you won’t see much from the rear window and the rear camera helps to make reversing a lot easier the digital instrument cluster works well and it’s easy to use there are no physical buttons for the car’s climate control so things can get fiddly otherwise the screens

Make most functions easy to access the infotainment system is also smartphone compatible and has a wi-fi hotspot the maserati mc20 is also expensive because it’s undoubtedly the not just cachet since it’s the car of sports idols and celebrities around the world it’s also a great way to show you can afford a stylish and impressive supercar the exterior design helps

It stand out from a crowded market with simple clean lines and aerodynamic functionality there’s a hint of yesteryear supercar prowess and it’s a lightweight offering that weighs in at just 1500 kilograms this is a old design for a supercar today with split diffusers and an aggressive rear stance maserati has used carbon fiber for the body’s creation and while

This isn’t a cheap material it doesn’t weigh a lot and helps to boost the performance particularly the racetrack everything is designed to offer aerodynamic fun behind the wheel having spent thousands of hours putting together the design of the maserati mc20 and building just one prototype the designers and engineers then toiled on computer models to hone what

They created into this delicious head-turning supercar to put that into perspective the mc20 has much less drag thanks to its aerodynamic features than a standard car that styling boosts its sprinting time and handling don’t forget too that the car’s pirates are not only made in the region but that there’s just one factory putting the maserati mc20 together which

Also adds to the price everything is finished by hand and to underline the technical details and specifications involved it can take one year to build the mc20 from scratch this even extends to the paintwork with the finishing touches being added by hand all the technology used on board the maserati mc20 is tested to the very limits before it’s handed over to

A customer this is a time-consuming process and not every mc20 will pass the rigorous process that’s another cost the company has to carry just about everything you need is added to the car particularly if you want to boost performance and safety the options and customizations list for the maserati mc20 includes full carbon seats plus six colors that have been

Created exclusively for the mc20 and a 12 speaker sonus faber sound system that has obviously been sourced locally you need to be careful when looking at the options list because what starts out as a very pricey car becomes very expensive when adding these items for example you could opt for the carbon fiber pack at more than forty six thousand dollars or the

Black roof at five thousand dollars and even having the neptune maserati badge stitched into the head rest will set you back 1200 bucks there are four driving modes to enjoy the maserati mc20 and you access these using a drive mode selector that’s mounted on the car central tunnel the modes are wet gt sport and corsa all four modes deliver what they promise and

The three of the softest settings are great for driving around cities that’s because they’re very forgiving for a driver new to the car the corsa mode is really aimed at track days and it delivers grip to show what the mc20 is capable of there’s also an esk off button which will deliver all of the madness from the engine to the tires each of the modes will alter

Metal sensitivity and engine map exhaust valves and the firmness of the suspension when you get to enjoy an open road the exhaust noise is exhilarating and the excellent grip particularly when quartering at speed makes this a fantastic car to enjoy there’s also fantastic weighted steering that delivers good feedback to make this a great car for track days it’s

Also worth mentioning that the automatic transmission has excellent ratios with responsive downshifts and no drama when progressing up through the gears there are rev-matching blips in the throttle but the overall effect is a card determined to progress as quickly as it can without scaring the driver while the maserati mc20 is a super car packed with technology

You should know that maserati is currently the only car maker using a passive re-chamber system in one of its vehicles this is a clever piece of technology that uses a pre-ignition system that enables a more regulated burn through the cylinder to develop more power the pre-chamber ignition uses a second spark plug but the car will choose to use one system or the

Other or even both systems and this depends on the engine load the main aim is to deliver more fuel efficiency or to meet the demands of the driver without messing around with the valve timings don’t lose sight of the fact that while this is a bespoke maserati with butterfly doors and all carbon construction it really is a track ready car that’s simply great to

Drive every day in many ways the mc20 is almost gt like in its handling you could travel across several states in this car and be comfortable doing so though the fuel build might make you think twice about undertaking that journey the mc20 is up against stiff challengers but none have the old school good looks of this supercar if this car appeals then you need to

Know that it’s quicker than the likes of the porsche 911 and handles better than the mclaren 570s and the ferrari f8 tribunal as a fantastic well-made and well-designed supercar the maserati mc20 for 2022 has been well received by industry experts nearly every review gives the car full marks and pays tribute to the design and handling with car and driver giving it

A 9.5 out of a possible 10 points and loading its quick acceleration and sharp handling and so the maserati mc20 is expensive because it boils down to the fact that this is a bespoke handmade beast of a supercar that delivers thrills and impressive levels of handling and since so few of them are made it’s a car in demand and that will push up the price and make

It even more attractive but don’t lose the sight of the fact that this is a great automotive creation that deserves to be driven to its absolute limits and enjoyed as such click here to see why the porsche 911 gt3 touring is so expensive see you there

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