Why you CANT order a 2023 Civic Type R

What is going on guys justin here and today we’re talking more type r news as well as why your dealerships may be lying to you and why you’re not able to order a civic type r anyways guys without further ado please like comment and subscribe down below let’s get straight into today’s video the first batch of type bars have been sent out finally to north america as

You can see from this photo up on screen they’re at the port headed to the states north america and the first few cars have actually landed in canada as well again there are cars in canada now i assume these are probably going to be these the press cars outsole youtubers and the media can do all the reviews on the cars so i assume that’s where those are headed first

And then of course following dealers i want to say late this year anyway it’s good to see the type bars are finally getting rolled out i see in japan people are doing mods putting them on all different kinds of wheels low lowering spring all that good stuff’s going down in japan right now i cannot wait until it hits north america i cannot wait to see all the content

With this car now that we got all the news out the way let’s talk about the ordering process and why you clicked on today’s video so if you’re unfamiliar with how honda gets their cars sent to them it is all decided by honda head office so for order month 10 order month 11 order month 12 they’ll say okay you guys will have these cards you’ll have this car we don’t

Actually get to order it and pick and choose we cannot say listen i want five crvs 20 odysseys three type r’s in this color this color and this color no it is just randomly given out we do not get to choose at all so if your dealership’s telling you yes six month order weight for a red type bar they’re lying to you they don’t know if that car is coming or not they

Just assume that’s like how we would assume we’re gonna get a black civic ex model within the next six months it’s it’s it’s likely but it’s not for certain now our dealership here we have not received one blazing orange si from new and the car has been out for a year now so just take that in for example even at si in this specific color you’d be waiting for it

Over a year it’s not like okay let’s spec out your car you want the black seeds with the white exterior this package that package and then factory order and then you wait the six months for your card to be built there is no specific car designated to you with a honda or a toyota for that instance so just keep that in mind if your dealer’s telling you oh it’ll only

Be six months only be eight month order it’s at complete random anyways guys i hope you guys did enjoy today’s video just thought i’d give you guys a little bit of insight a little bit of information on how this ordering process works at honda i hope you guys did enjoy again best of luck to everyone trying to get a new type r they are in crazy high demand as you

Guys know anyways guys thank you for watching today’s video if you’re interested in any honda vehicle please feel free to reach out if you’re in the toronto area i’d be happy to take care of you thanks for watching and i’ll see you guys in the next one peace

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Why you CANT order a 2023 Civic Type R By MrJustinCars