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Widebody Overdose, Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge / The Supercar Diaries

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The Supercar Diaries #55 / Spofec Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge Overdose

Today we thought we’re just gonna give you a brief look at a car that we’ve just finished the workshop is so full at the moment and this is gonna roll right out of it hey we’ve had the culinary overdose on the channel before but that one was in a sort of a darkish color and i feel that uh with the current color of this car you get to see the car that

The actual culinary the actual shape and all the features of the overdose kit a lot of ways also with the sounds of it this one has a sport exhaust system that makes it sound rough 92.6 which is what you want to have if you’re driving a rolls-royce gosh okay so let’s talk about the keys has been the thing on the channel so far the infamous quality check

I don’t know what that is and why it’s so flimsy but nevertheless for looks we’ll give them some good points because there’s a very sexy key with the black then the charcoal in the center the silver bits and the red as you have guessed ah when we look closer at this car we see the same red all over and striped down this side down here as well brake caliper that

Little line over there and don’t forget with rolls royce doesn’t matter what direction your wheels turning these puppies always stay in that shape this is a black badge of course which means that the sweet darling spirit of ecstasy is in black this whole grill as well again with the color centration there and what we’ve done with this one that we didn’t have on the

Last one that we filmed is that we now also offer led strips down here at the bottom which looks super super funky love just how they’ve played with the colors it’s all shiny it’s all brilliant but in a sense combining this black this sort of should we call that smokish black chrome and then of course the greatest thing about this car is this fantastic color it

Is a special spec this i think it just looks fantastic now the thing about the overdose is that it is just so big it’s wider than two meters which is absolute colossal piece of car it’s so cool that this actually offers you the best of both worlds cliche but really you can actually go off-road in this car if you so wished wouldn’t recommend it i think weight

Depth how much was it 60 centimeters or something which is proper however brilliant black accents all throughout the car over here and over here and this is a really good addition because in some of the other ones this is silver so you have a whole car spec especially if the car is in a darker color and that sort of just doesn’t look really nice 24 inch rims

Wheels on here makes it look great it’s got our lowering module now it’s not a sport suspension it’s just a lowering module which means that you can get this car to ride a lot low or for example also to when it’s in static mode actually stand a lot lower it goes lower than this even but that’s then just for it looking like and flexing for driving it automatically

Lift itself to another height and then also for wading through water and whatever you want to do drive through your own garden you can actually go much higher now you can see i want to get to something but i’m kind of not getting there yet but bear with me because it’s going to be special here the blackened outlets for the exhaust actually in there this is not

The actual outlet that’s part of the back of this car which is also all new because wider there we go and the exhaust if you see it from the bottom i saw when the car was actually on the ramps it’s crazy how huge this exhaust system is it’s fitted with a sport exhaust system so it sounds fantastic you’ve got a flap for neighborhood friendly mode which i think in

A rolls-royce nobody’s gonna ever think that you guilty for making noise but in this one you can the car also has a power increase it’s up to 707 horsepower and 1000 newton meters of torque from this twin turbocharged motor up here it’s an absolute joy to drive this all brand new this is why it’s not even 100 key yet that blackened out diffuser this lip here

As well just looks absolutely stunning of course look at that rolls-royce can even make a boot look amazing this is just superb stuff ocean i’m going to get to that bit but it’s really exciting you ready for it ladies and gentlemen hence the color on the key look at that absolutely stunning is this blend of red and black leathers real metal this is all

Real i was hoping it would all make a thing sound like this like that superfluous quality in here superfluous style and an absolute dream to drive there we go soft close no no not oh sorry i pressed the button we didn’t do this interior but here’s the thing we can and we can spec it in just about 100 different variations which is what i’m showing it to you so

If you bought yourself a culinary and you’re saying like oh my goodness that looks amazing i’d love to have a really fancy color in my culinary for an interior then as much as we can tune cars or individualize them on the outside we also do it on the inside no matter how intricate the work whether it’s the seats or the linings or the stitching or the floors all

The ceilings the whole thing you can all have it done at navidec everybody’s doing the interiors with us the infamous umbrella did you get with your rolls as we said last time a really nice touch but please do make sure that you put it in properly because if you don’t and if you close the store electronically like that you have to actually josh why does this

Never work like that it’s me doing something wrong if the umbrella is not all the way in there’s going to be a big damage there and you’re going to have to pay for that i think it could be somewhere in excess of 6 000 euros to have that fixed if you guys enjoyed that give us a thumbs up follow us on youtube you can also follow us on youtube you don’t say that

Subscribe to our channel on youtube you can follow us on instagram at nobbytechgroup or me personally i’d be on the cook thank you so much josh holding the camera see you guys in the next video ciao you

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