Will the 2023 SUPERDUTY be worth the UPGRADE???

In my videos I talk about my experience daily driving my 2020 F450. My truck has updated 6.7 Powerstroke with 1,050 LB-FT of Torque and 475hp. I also feature my 2019 F250 with the 6.2 L gas v8. Comment below and thanks for watching!

Is it going to be worth it to upgrade to the new super duty earlier this week they’ve released the new model but i’ve got a 22 and a 20. the way this truck looks and the time that these trucks have been out we’ve got the outgoing models here we’ve had the 10 speed out for a while this 6.7 power stroke was a relatively new engine at the time i mean the whole engine

Itself wasn’t new but it did have some higher power numbers we got the thousand fifty foot pounds of torque when it came out this truck being the 22 means that it’s got the 7.3 that’s been out for a while plus the 10 speed that’s been out for a while and that’s relevant because with all this excitement for this new truck we’ve all kind of forgotten that you’d never

Want to buy the first model year and this model year is going to be a big change for the power stroke lineup and for the super duty lineup so the topic for discussion is do we really need these these new features and these updated trucks now here is how i’m using my truck right now i just finish the video this is kind of like an office for me as you can see i’ve

Got my computer just sitting right here and you know this that ford offers this new system that opens up and closes and lets you turn your truck into a workstation but is that really necessary if you can just set your computer down as is now if i need to set my computer down like so because right now i rendered out a video i’ve got my laptop plugged in right now

The truck is not running but we have another modification i installed an aftermarket power inverter in the back seat and i can charge my laptop with a key off unfortunately you can’t charge anything with the key off but just this laptop doesn’t smoke the batteries too bad and it doesn’t draw them low just if i’m gonna charge it for like 20 30 minutes is better to

Not run the engine in my opinion i maybe i’m pushing the limits but typically when i’m working on my computer i just set it on my lap like this and i type and i don’t know if i necessarily need a foldable station to go here if i can just put this here anyway what do you guys think another thing that really interests me is the reclining seat that ford just came out

With on the super duties but what i do is i just press number two and my seat reclines all the way back to sleeping position granted this is as far as it goes doesn’t lay all the way flat but i’ve never had a problem falling asleep like this but as far as the rest of their interior being so much better with the new model i could just jump in my wife’s f-150 if i

Want to experience the new super duty interior granted the f-150 still has the horrible cup holders terrible and this gimmick is just that a gimmick but i will say this i do really do like this interior it is very comfortable and is very nice and i am very happy that the super duty has this but is it worth the upgrade and how much more are they gonna cost are they

Gonna be able to get the parts to build these trucks or is it going to take years and years and years to deliver the product comment below and let me know where you guys are and what your thoughts are but my name is sean this is ds trucks hope to see you guys in the next video over and out

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