Will The New Hybrid Jeep Wrangler Make it?

Got the chance to go play Offroad for a little bit with the girls and my brother in law wanted to test out his new Hybrid Jeep Wrangler 4xE on the trails. Would I say I’m impressed…watch to find out! The FJ Cruiser struggled on the mud a little bit but hasn’t failed us yet on the trails. Please Like and Subscribe!

All right right now we are out at the trail where i started working on that off-road trail and my brother-in-law has his new i don’t even know what you call it the jeep wrangler i can’t see the badge on the back it’s like the new hybrid wrangler it’s pretty sweet looking and he wants to try it out it’s been rainy today so it’s kind of muddy and slick we’re getting

Into the trail so i’m gonna switch this camera around now should have brought a gopro today didn’t think about it seem to be doing pretty good over the first logs looks like he’s having a thoughts about there’s a bush over there on his right you get close to you moving over there it’s kind of rubbing down the side of his jeep probably don’t want to ding it up

Too much okay i need some water in just a second sweetie let’s see what this looks like from on the ground i haven’t watched somebody make it through this part it’s got a pretty good turning radius it looks like got it no i don’t have any milk for you here i’m sorry sweetie i’ll make it he’s up on the big rock this is foreign yep since we’re here with

Them i’m gonna hop out so i can go help guide them okay i’ll be right back i’ll leave the window down so you can hear me i thought you were gonna have it that time and then you stopped once you got up on there yeah it’s kind of like one of those things where you almost have to like it’s why it’s flat on top so once you get up there it gets flattened out but if

You kind of can keep that momentum going as you go then i think you would make it i thought you were pretty close that time here there’s a rock here in front of you i can move out of the way oh that’s sharp what’s up doesn’t look like anything’s wrong with it you got some muddy tires that’s about it so there’s a big rock right here if you can get to that side of

It so you’re not rubbing against it or bumping it so if you start there kind of if you can keep your momentum going then you’ll probably be pretty good maybe not that’s so close your bumper and everything clears that rock nicely loose see i don’t think i clear that rock i think i hit it i catch it if i try to drive over it it might just be not enough tread on

Your tires they might just be too much of like a street tire s made it nice and slick yeah you can turn left though and drive forward from here right now foreign there you go you made it oh yeah he muddied that up nice but he got it you want to go off-roading all right now it’s our turn he made it because we had to wait for ian to get out of the way because

Ian was going up the steep hill yeah we’re following them right now almost buddy nice and slick now yeah you’re welcome okay so eleanor tell me tell me how it was it was scary but kind of cool right like we went up that mountain aha like somebody now you did it all right so we had to turn the camera off to put my phone down to make it up that hill it took us

Three tries that time ian went up i mean we did it the first time earlier as you saw we did it in one try that try just took three tries to get up it’s nice and muddy uh ian made it up too with his jeep he has a fully stocked jeep i mean we are in a fully stock fj aside from some all-terrain tires that are like 31. not even a 31 inch i guess about the size that is

Comes on the fj we just have a little bit more of a tread on our tires but he is in a fully stock after or fully stock jeep we are fully stock fj we both made it through no problems at all that was fun where we got some mud on the tires now that really made it a ton of fun we’re gonna go explore the rest of their land they have 55 acres up here so we are i’m going

To see oh we’re sliding around that’s fun see what there is see where we can make some more trails maybe in the future so let’s uh go for a ride i should have brought the gopro today didn’t think about it didn’t know we were gonna do this we’re gonna see if this road is open foreign trail is is right down this giant hill as you can see there’s sheets across the

Way oh some a deer just ran across in front of us next week yeah you’re kind of scared about going downhills that’s it’s not a big hill you just like to go up them so that was a tree branch sliding down the side of the car look at that we’re making it through laurel so right down there is that creek foreign to look a little bit overgrown oh this is where i

Was talking about i might make a good campsite okay so this links back over here all right so there’s a big tree down right there i don’t know if you can see it right there we’re not making it across that tree with the fj that’s for sure but there’s a way out right here i believe so i’m gonna attempt sorry dropped my phone uh i don’t know if this is the way i was

Holding it before or not it might have just flipped upside down we are going to try to make it up this little passageway right over here to the right i don’t know if ian was following me or not we are going to find out yeah laura foreign sounds gnarly up there on the roof doesn’t it i’ll leave on the car i don’t know it’s a good question all right we made

It back up here to ian let’s go see him and we can talk to him and it fell off all righty that’s what i was thinking i was like where it’s fine get out of here spider foreign foreign foreign foreign and they’re off there he goes down the hill such a cool view up here what’s that laura say it again yeah you do that’s my laura ian emma thank

You again for letting us play out here on your land we have so much fun doing it testing out our vehicles and just exploring kind of the area um it sounds it looks like ian’s having fun testing out your jeep too sorry emma but uh can’t wait to do it some more so thanks again we’ll catch you next time don’t forget like subscribe feel your heart race all right so

Just for reference that is where that tight trail is that we drove down before and it came out somewhere let’s go see if we can find it that’s not where it came out there it is i don’t know if we’re gonna go up that hill again but we’ll go back there in the woods to look at it for a minute ah we’re kind of just getting ready to get out of here for the day

And we’re getting tired and that’s when accidents happen so we’re just gonna take it easy right now we’re gonna go take a look back there and uh then we’re gonna head home let the dog out let fritz out and then we’ll go play it eleanor’s for a little bit yeah that’s fine i wish that a photo would do this justice right here where i’m standing to right there it’s

Probably about a four or five foot difference in elevation i mean only six feet out for me and you can see the fj sitting up higher than i am it’s sitting up probably another three feet right there and this is just so muddy right now it is so awesome oh my gosh i had to run down that hill there you go that might give you a better view so this is all pretty like

Level through here until about here it starts going up and it goes up in two little bumps and nice big rocks and stuff laying around dude oh i love it so much fun can’t wait to come back here we’re gonna clear paths all the way back as far as we can go on this property so after seeing some other youtube comments and just talking to some other people we are not

Going to attempt to cross the river we don’t want to deal with any of those fines we’re not doing that but we have some fun right here we have some fun up on top of that hills where we just were riding and there’s actually a trail that goes up along that hillside from down by the road from this lower field up to the upper field there’s a road that goes up there so

We want to get that cleared and there’s just a whole bunch of land still down here that we haven’t even yet to explore yet i don’t know that made sense but yeah so we’re gonna get this this is just gonna be fun it’s muddy and it’s just a little bit of a challenge to get up it is possible to do it’s just a little bit of a challenge we kind of have to get it going

I love it it’s so awesome friend can’t wait for you to come out here and go camping and try out the gladiator back here see if it even fits between the trees we might have to i don’t know what ah you can still kind of see where this trail is going to go haven’t gotten into it yet foreign

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Will The New Hybrid Jeep Wrangler Make it? By The Barrier Brigade