Wk2 Grand Cherokee Jeep Build By Offroad Animal

Watch a great build video on this Wk2 Jeep Grand Cherokee by Offroad Animal.

Hey guys david from off-road animal i’ve got an exciting build for you today this jeep grand cherokee 2013 overland 5.7 hemi is getting the works so off-road animals got some cool products that are going on first of all we got a front bumper that sits in front of the bumper and nice and streamlined nudge bar hidden winch then we’ve got some rock sliders a roof

Rack a rear bar bash plates everything’s going on this bad boy it’s gonna look sick we’ve also got some third party accessories going on a warn winch a snorkel led lights uhf radio wheels and tires to give it a nice look and finally an exhaust to give that v8 a nice growl so it sounds great off-road and on-road i can’t wait let’s get going alright first off to put

On the off-road animal bumper we need to take off the factory rear bumper and split it from this lower section here and then the factory rear bumper goes back on we’ll also be putting a tow bar on because they use the same bolts – wrong again so here’s one for you guys who like taking you grand cherokees off-road the off-road animal rear bumper really

Does protect the back of your grand cherokee you probably find that your factory rear bumper and your grand cherokee can act like a bit of a scoop that factory bumper is quite prone to getting ripped off in the sand and the mud and damaging your vehicle we’re here you got the opposite it protects your vehicle the offered animal bumper here protects you a few

Ways number one it’s sitting up higher so it’s a lot less likely to act as a scoop and get pulled off or damaged when you’re going off-road as well as working with the factory parking sensors it wraps around the side of the vehicle to protect the sides if you’re sliding off embankments ruts in the mud whatnot now a few features about this bar that are awesome

Number one 20 millimeter toe points here great for pulling backwards people behind you didn’t quite make it or getting yourself out as well as hi-lift jack points so you can lift yourself up and do whatever you need to do with the highlight jack now it also works with the factory rear tow hitch on the us version as well as australian version works seamlessly

With the factory rear parking sensor so you don’t have to worry about that as well also work with a couple of aftermarket long range tanks now as one tow bar it doesn’t work with it does not work with a strain haman reese tow bar don’t know about the us one but you might as well stick with the factory one there now that rounds out this bumper bar here great for

Protecting your grand cherokee for those who like the offroad and obviously i think it looks pretty cool too so if you got one in these vehicles you know they’re a good-looking cat but we’re gonna make them look even better we got accessories to put on here that it’s gonna enhance its offer at ability and its looks a bash plan underneath to protect this sump and

The front crossmember then we’re gonna put on a hidden winch mount now the hidden winch mount maintains the good looks of the vehicle but it allows you to recover yourself when you’re off-road tow points to do the same thing as well as pull others out if we need to then we have an offer of protection bumper that’s gonna go on over the top of this bumper replacing

This lower fascia here to protect us from small animals and offroad nasties finally finishing off with a nudge box that’s going to take some lights for us and give us a little bit more extra protection back in my heart i gave my heart no custody aha this is offered animals modular front set up for your wk2 grand cherokee now

We’re gonna go through the features and benefits of each of these items that can be run as you can see here all together or separately first of all we’re going to start with aluminium bosch blade 5 millimeter thick protects your sump as well as your radiator it’s got a cool access panel on there for easy servicing with for quick removing screws moving up to the

Off-road protection bumper this offer of protection bumper here replaces your factory air dam for just unclips you’re supposed to take that off anyway when you go off-road or this one replaces it and actually protects some key components that you really don’t want to get hurt and damaged when you go off-road first of all if your cars equipped with acc or adaptive

Cruise control radar it’s got a nice guard that protects it if you don’t have the adaptive cruise control there is a plate there that finishes it off anyway now on the left hand side of the vehicle you have your washer reservoir which is very vulnerable so they offer protection bumper also protects that and on the other side if your vehicle is equipped with air

Suspension a protection compressor now it wraps around the front of the vehicle to protect it from off-road nasties rocks even small animals embankments trees roots whatnot so it’s really going to protect the front end of your vehicle from a lot of construction it’s not a bull bar except bumper it sits nice and tight to the vehicle and it looks awesome now that

Brings me to the hidden winch mount the hidden winch mount fits nice and neatly behind the factory bumper bar and allows you to run a winch behind this number plate flip you’ll see the fairlead with the rope coming up behind there is a warn 10,000 pound winch at a bar with synthetic rope now this winch is great for self recovery and it’s completely hidden behind

The factory bumper now a cool thing about our offered protection bumper it’s got an access port here that allows your hand to go through and reach the clutch lever and allow you to free spool the winch out you can still use the power of the winch out if you want but it’s really cool feature of being able to access a hidden winch is free spool now we have some red

Toe points here these are rated toe points and the offer of protection bumpers actually mounted onto those toe points or you can run those toe point completely separate all by themselves now the nut bar is a great piece of equipment for mounting accessories like the super right steady life bar we have in there or the gme antenna it’s a two and a half inch nudge

Bar and you can just simply put some clamps on there and mount a lot of accessories now it’s also great for pushing away small brush and whatnot so it does still protect the front of your radiator and the front of the vehicle also cool things this nunchuck works with your factory sensors so if your casa fitted with parking sensors you don’t have to worry about

The nudge bar setting them off that pretty much rounds out the front of our wk2 with off-road animal products which gives you a nice aggressive yet sleek look on your vehicle nice and close to the car but you still got that protection and ability to self recover there’s no better no better feeling there’s no bob that i can that’s right now we’ve fitted

My most favorite accessory to this grand cherokee the off-road animal rock sliders they look amazing not only do they look amazing but they work really well i highly recommend you put rock sliders on your vehicle if you go on off-road 100% necessary if you ask me their purpose is to protect the vehicle when you go on off-road and these cool ones here do that

Superbly not only do they protect the vehicle this version acts as a great step for accessing the roof rack or even getting in and out of the vehicle with this cool tread plate on here which feels nice to touch it’s not gonna hurt to your bare feet but also allows you not to slip off unlike tread plate when it gets wet gets slippery this doesn’t another cool

Feature it’s got these high life jack points here that allow you to raise and lower the front or the rear of the vehicle independently and when you go on off-road and you might need to change a tire perfect for that this version has the bulk on step but we also have another version which is just the rail by itself so it keeps it nice and tight to the vehicle to

Protect the vehicle but you don’t have the step personally my favorite is the version with the step to protect side of the vehicle like i said make sure you get yours to protect your nice grand cherokee when you’re going offroad so this overland rides on air suspension which is nice and cushy travels quite well off-road an on roads now we needed to get

A little extra height to fit the larger tires on so offer odd animal made some adjustable links for the suspension to basically fool the sensors to think that you’re an off-road one all the time now the problem with writing an offer at one all the time is the shocks like to knock a lot and cause a lot of commotion you can hear it inside the vehicle it’s a little

Off-putting so awkward animal has made some new rear shock of lowering brackets these brackets lower the rear shock by 30 millimetres to match the raz√≥n height of 30 millimeters from the links that way you’re not going to get the rear shocks knocking and causing commotion inside the cow we’re still working on something for the front likeliest up top spacer now

The race height gear allows us to run a larger tire so we’ve got some goodyear dirt tracks on this vehicle and its size is 275 6 518 which here in astra is the max legal size you can fit on a grand cherokee and i’d actually recommend that’s the max you should put on a vehicle with air suspension unless you want to do a lot of cutting and trimming now these tires

Are fitted on to ultra black wheels model 107 18 by 9 with a +10 offset that offset sticks the tires out enough to give it a nice aggressive look but it will stick outside of the factory guards or flares so we put on some bushwhacker flares here now we’ve color match these to sit nicely on the vehicle and give it that seamless look that oh we sort of look we’ve

Also had to modify the flares just to suit the off-road animal bumpers so just a quick trim on the edge there with a bit of pinch weld because the offered animal bumpers are designed to work with the factory flare so normally you’re gonna be fine with that you don’t have to modify your players if you’re running bushwhacker flares you will have to modify now that

Rounds out this wheel and tire package and the flares gives us that height that we want with the suspension that real aggressive look that we wanted on this grand cherokees achieved mainly from those there as well as the other offer and animal products and finally we put on a murchison product snorkel great for those high country river crossing i wanna be

All i ever need can occur something got me for the priest okay all you guys out there that like over landing turing are really gonna get excited about this one here as you can see we fitted the animal roof rack here loaded up with tons of accessories you can accessorize any which way you like as you can see with us we’ve got the onion off to the side my shaded

Area whenever you need it shovel on the other side we got the spare tire up there we got the storage box with our chainsaw in it as well as the max tracks up the front the square holes in the top of the rack allow you to really accessorize it any which way you want so a lot of dis accessories that offer animal producers can go on there or even other companies

Accessories can mount on this roof rack that’s the cool thing about it what i really like about this roof rack is its ability to take a load to take weight so the factory jeep roof is rated 268 kilos which is really not that much this one doubles the load their way we do that is the mounting system so we have two steel rails either side of the vehicle that use

All six buttons on either side so 12 in total to take the load of the roof that way you’re not just working on one or two like the factory system you’re using all 12 that way in essence you’re not going to damage your roof like competitors can and repairing your roof is a serious serious hassle so make sure you get a roof rack that’s gonna at least double your

Loading of your roof also can be sold separately are the steel roof rails that give it that strength now our rack which includes the steel rails is full aluminium nice and lightweight easy to fall together it’s a really great feature especially with the wind deflector on there to keep the noise down when you’re traveling including the wind deflector this all.i

Linear roof rack is nice and light and weighs just over 20 kilos and it’s also really easy to install and requires no special tools that pretty much rounds out a roof rack here and in fact the entire build so this w k2 fully customized by offer at animal these are going to be off-the-shelf parts for you to customizing your grand cherokee for you to get out there

And enjoy the tracks in comfort and style because not only will you be up there enjoying the features of the benefits of our products but you’ll be joined the good looks of it and people gonna be looking at your car going that looks great i love it

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Wk2 Grand Cherokee Jeep Build By Offroad Animal By Offroad Animal