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Welcome Back to Spent2Much Diecast!! What’s Up Crew!!! Today we will be unboxing the 1:24 scale Wolverine & 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. This is but out by Jada Toys and is part of there Marvel / Hollywood Rides Series.

Welcome back to spend too much diecast what’s going on crew we have a new unboxing today so welcome back to all you crew members and welcome to anybody that is new to the channel we are going to be doing a new unboxing of the 2020 chevrolet corvette stingray with wolverine nice so if you guys ever watch i do try to put up some sneak peeks of new jada cars that are

Coming out this year and this is one of the new ones so for marvel they do have a couple new ones coming out like doctor strange and thor if you saw my instagram i just put up that they are releasing a thor and they’re released in a whole bunch of new models throughout this year so i went ahead and had this on pre-order actually a couple months ago and it finally

Came in so i am super excited to get this one open for you guys look at that wolverine so again it is the marvel x-men this is put out by jada and this is part of their hollywood rides series which is again part of their marvel series they got a whole bunch of marvel cars a whole bunch of dc cars they did dc bombshells back back in the day well i shouldn’t say

Back in the day that was pretty recent so here we are wolverine and the 2020 corvette stingray figure and vehicle scale 124th they only released this in 124th so um sometimes they release them in 124th sometimes they release them in the 132nd with the car sometimes it’s 132nd car and figure so as of right now all i know is that they are releasing this in the 124th

Scale only so what we’re gonna do go ahead and get this thing unboxed and we’ll take a closer look at it alrighty guys and we are back this one is going to be cool this one looks like a very nice casting all right so we’re going to start it off with the item numbers um these sometimes have one two three item numbers we will see so the box is 33354-3354 so that is

Your box item number sometimes the figure has one and this one does not that is not the item number so no item number on the figure and what does the vehicle say so three three three five five three three three five five scale 124th is the 2020 corvette stingray the chevy corvette stingray so and of course this is a new casting they do offer the stingrays in a

Bunch of different colors this is actually the first time we are getting a stingray i don’t collect stingrays but i do collect the marbles so here we go with this one so i guess what we’ll do is go ahead and start it off with the figure this one’s a little bit shorter this one is two inches tall and he’s got a two inch um stance so oh this one is really cool all

Right legs die cast body die cast oh arms die cast wow all right so this entire figure is die cast sometimes they have the arms as that rubbery style but they actually did the entire figure as diecast i don’t think i have what do i do i got one right here we actually did this in another unboxing so this was the stitch figure and you can see the arms are rubber

So not all the time the castings are a hundred percent die cast but this one it actually is so that is cool all right so take a look at that there you go with the black mask the white eyes he’s kind of doing a grin with his teeth nice gold and blue of course he’s got the flesh color for his arms black gloves with the his retractable claws black boots his belt

With the x on it that’ll focus but overall a good character nice gold it’s like a darker gold not like a yellowish gold so like that’s yellow that’s gold so it’s more on the gold aspect very cool figure stands nicely perfect balance and everything so that is cool love the figure i love the figure in the vehicles i love when they started doing that and when they

Started doing them in the 132nd scales that was even better too all right so like i said this is the first time for us unboxing a um stingray so we’ll take a closer look at it and then the nice thing about these sets and they’ve been doing it since the bombshells and everything else they mock the cars after the characters so let’s see if we can notice anything

Offhand i noticed one thing right away um well not right away just recently so we’ll see if you guys notice it too but here we go for the front end everything inside here is plastic it is black and then you got the two-tone gold and blue which is mocked over his uniform so that’s cool it’s got clear headlights all right going to the side you have the rubbery

Style side mirrors then you got the x logo which is kind of what is on his belt there are the wheels calipers rotors back there all right this is what i noticed and it’s a little bit better on the other side got a little paint defect there but do you see the silver on the bottom of the car yep it’s his claws so they added a little bit of silver paint down there

To represent his claws that is cool so we got some black detail here again color for the uniform take a look at the inside they didn’t do anything special it’s all black does have the gauges back there so that is cool same wheel on the back all right going to the back of the car you have the bottom here is plastic same with the lip here the chroming they’re

Actually gray not chrome that is plastic the bumper is plastic these inserts are plastic the taillights are plastic does have the corvette and the marvel license plate it does have a blue spoiler which is plastic i think that is supposed to be the stingray logo the window in the back of course the motor is in the back so i guess since we’re back here we’ll take

A look at it so they do put a little bit of color on the top just the fact that you can see that through the window otherwise everything else is just black plastic side will be the same there you go see this one is a little bit better i wish they would have put more the silver on the top here got a little bit like this one’s even worse they didn’t paint it as

Um solid like you can kind of still see the yellow coming through but i’m assuming those are supposed to be his claws and then for the trunk in the front is nothing but plastic and then you do have the chevy or the that’s the corvette logo right there corvette logo and then that’s the stingray so there it is that is really cool so if you guys are x-men fans

Wolverine fans i know we should be seeing wolverine in the new deadpool movie coming out logan so that is cool this is the first x-men series card that they have made so far i haven’t heard of any other ones they’re going to come out with but i mean they could do so many they could do magneto they can do professor x we can see phoenix cyclops the beast would be

Kind of cool so maybe eventually they have a line long as they keep the the licensing for marvel they could run with this for a long time and give us a whole bunch of cool cars and figures so good job i will say i am loving this marvel series and i do have a lot of marvel cars that came out last year in the year before um so i think we’re gonna start doing some

Of those unboxings as well so we can get caught up with that because now with this new stuff coming out we are so far behind i mean i still got groot from two years ago black panther from three years ago all the spidermans they came out with so definitely definitely definitely go ahead and hit that subscribe button that way you can join the spend too much diecast

Crew then hit that bell notification that way you guys get notified every time i put up a new video that way you guys can keep up to date with all this cool stuff so i do want to say thank you to all the crew members out there who like share subscribed um comment all that good stuff thank you everybody like i said if you’re new to the channel go ahead and hit that

Subscribe button join the crew become a crew member of spend too much diecast so we do have some big plans coming up for next year and i will continue to grow this channel with you guys and i appreciate each and every one of you especially all the crew members out there but definitely really cool stuff here with jada so i appreciate each and every one of you so

There we go did you guys add this one to your collection yet are you going to is it because you’re an x-men fan or do you like it because of the stingray so you actually have two kind of people the marvel fans for x-men and then if you are a stingray fan and you want to add a stingray to your collection there you go there it is awesome alrighty everybody not too

Long of video but it was a awesome one and it was a new car so i don’t even i haven’t even seen these in stores yet i pre-ordered it online so there it is from spend too much diecast again thanks everybody who watches like subscribe shares i appreciate each and every one of you also make sure you go check out our facebook instagram and our own website everything

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Wolverine & 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray By Jada | Marvel | X Men | Diecast Unboxing | Hollywood By Spent2Much Diecast