Workin On An Old 1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneer (Tailgate Window Breaks)

Just doing a little work to the 1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneer… and while installing seat belts the back window mechanism decided to break.

All right guys welcome back to watch your step the wagoneer edition and today we’re going to put some seat belts in the back of the jeep because well we’ve got a severe lack of seat belts in the back so we’re going to steal a couple from up front and steal a couple from the old wagoneer hopefully it’ll go smoothly it probably won’t all right so these are the

Old back seat belts from my old wagoneer this one well this one’s not a wagoneer seat belt this came out of an old 1961 chevrolet c10 but i used it in the back of the uh the old wagoneer seat belt so we’re gonna put that in the back of this wagon here now and i’m also going to try to steal some unneeded seat belts from the front and these old seat belt bolts

These are torques like t50 something like that don’t quote me on that i could be wrong but they are notoriously hard to get out of these jeeps so we’ll see how easy this goes i didn’t think that was going to come out need that and then we’ll put this right back into place see that was the extra seat belt for the third row seat in the front of the wagon here

That we ain’t got no more we took that out so we don’t need it so we’re going to take that and put it in the back of the oh man i think i just put this seat belt in there backwards oh well we had some kind of good luck with that other seat belt that surprised me so let’s give this side a try close your ears guys well we just ain’t having no such luck with that

One and i really need this for the back ah this side ain’t going so well come on out of there well that’s gonna take more than this little drill this just ain’t the day for me owning a wagoneer apparently this old glass window and the tailgate here well they never work on these jeeps and it did work on this jeep and i bragged about it working on this jeep and

You know what that’s where i messed up when i bragged about this tailgate window working in this old wagon here because you know what it stopped working today well as you can see windows still stuck out that’s about as far down as i could get it and well i don’t think it’s on its track anymore so i got to take this panel off see what’s going on in there oh

Yep i see the problem all right the first thing i see in here is it looks like somebody’s gone through the trouble of replacing this window mechanism in here or at least these regulator arms right here that’s uh that’s all shiny stuff right there but look here the track that the window actually sits in is broken so let’s see here let’s see what we can do press

Up some more up a little bit more all right stop there stop there we got to be real careful now we got all this glass hanging out all right so you can see where it’s broken off right here so basically it just needs she’s gonna need another uh track or whatever it’s called on the bottom of that window glass there yeah this regulator that’s new that’s pretty cool

Well here’s another problem that weld is broken off of this arm right here that rides on the regulator so that’s not even connected to the glass anymore and not to mention this big old bend we got right here so basically that window’s gonna have to come out that’s gonna have to be replaced all right well it’s another day because i started doing the seat belts

In this jeep and then i couldn’t get that bolt over there out so i could steal the front row seat belts and stick them in the back and then while i was working on it the back window broke so it’s another day and i’m back working on the seat belts again come on all right all right here we go is it going to break or is it going to come loose place your bets so i

Actually haven’t driven this jeep in a while it’s been a couple weeks maybe a week i didn’t take it last time i did film sidestep adventures i drove the other jeep the grand cherokee because this jeep is pretty good but it does have some issues the alternator is acting up which i knew that when i bought it i just drove it anyway and it’s got an exhaust leak the

Exhaust manifold and i really want to fix that i don’t like having exhaust leaks in my vehicles although most of them have one somewhere um so i want to fix that and so i just stopped driving the jeep because if i continue to drive the jeep i know me i won’t get around to fixing it i’ll just keep rolling with it just like it is so had to put it in the back in

The backyard stop driving it and focus on working on it all right now let’s get this out man that bolt ain’t moving bring me the bring me a breaker bar bring me a break we’re about to break this socket you know you know what i don’t really want to break this socket either maybe i should you know what i should do i should like tentatively put in seat belts in

The back that’s what i should do so i have a feeling i’m going to break that socket trying to take that bolt out and then i’m not going to be able to install the seat belts that i i do have for the back of the jeep here and that would kind of suck so i’m going to go ahead and put these in of course i think i may have already showed you guys this but just in case

I did um like this seat belt this lap belt is from uh old 61 chevy truck i had it does work with the jeep seat belts uh just kind of old tech seat belt and this of course is the one that we stole from the front of the jeep so let me go ahead and that one will go there this one will go over here and then it’ll it’ll be friends with this flat belt here and i’m

Going to go ahead and get those screwed down this way we do have some seat belts back here for sure and if i can get that that other bolts out and get that other seat belt from the front that i want to put back here then i’ll just take the bolt out do it like that do the work over again there we go there we go very good and tight we’re getting tight don’t break

Don’t break don’t break don’t break okay all right there we go we got seat belts now i hope you guys have your heavier votes set in and your bids set in as to whether i’m about to break this socket or not because you know what broken plenty of these sockets doing this exact thing on these uh on these old jeeps so let’s see what happens this time oh did you see

That it’s turning it’s turning i don’t believe it i don’t believe it look at that it’s turning all right look at that we got us a seat belt toss it on into the back put that one back right there reinsert this screw tighten it back down do the same thing in the back and we got all the seat belts and all the places i wanted them to go all right everybody that’s

Been the most recent update to the old wagoneer here my rooster says hey and you can see what i’m doing i’m putting seat belts on it i’m still removing wood grain from the side of this jeep in fact i just got me a new wheel here because my other one broke and uh that’s where we’re at with this wagon here i’m sure we’ll be bringing you another update maybe once

The exhaust leak is fixed but until next time i’ll be here removing all this stuff oops i had to drill the wrong way hold on let me try that again all right there we go until next time i’ll be here removing this stuff

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Workin' On An Old 1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneer (Tailgate Window Breaks) By THE OLD BYRD FARM VLOG