World Car Design of the Year: Hyundai Ioniq 5 – Exterior


Joan what are you doing what i’m i’m at the house i’m getting ready to come to the office all right well don’t leave uh i’m gonna be there in two seconds don’t leave what you’re on your way over here now i’m on i’m on the way to your house i’ll be there in like point two seconds i want you to come outside okay all right you ready yes bye all right bye come

On boys let’s go see oh look what austin brought we are now aware that the vehicle we are standing in front of is the brand new all-electric hyundai ioniq fox yes so really what we’re gonna do is i’d like you and i to go through it we’re gonna start with the exterior of the vehicle okay we’re gonna jump to the inside we’re gonna discuss the technology

We’re gonna obviously take it for a test drive and then i want to touch base on the charging capabilities and how this vehicle actually turns do i get to driving of course what are your first impressions of this vehicle from the outside but you know what my first impression really was it’s it’s actually bigger than i thought okay okay fun fact this vehicle the

Wheelbase so from wheelbase to wheelbase is larger than kia’s telluride or hyundai palisade which is the same platform they’re a three-row suv so this no it is roomy it is so much more room inside than you even think it is because the design it looks so much smaller than it actually is right we’ll see that when we get to the outside inside of the vehicle i like

This yeah i think it makes it it’s like a three-dimensional kind of feel to it okay very modern looking and i love the wheels i don’t know what you call this black like that a black alloy wheels what it is so these are the standard 19-inch wheels because this is the s e um with the big battery pack so this is a single motor in the back okay it’s a state the

Extended range battery pack so the se version comes with these wheels when you get into the upper trims you get the really really cool 20-inch wheels which but i like this design i don’t normally see that it kind of looks like a ninja star right and it kind of matches like this so i think it ha to me it has i’m impressed with the style yep um so when you have all

I like the white on white the handles ah so you got toy now the one thing and angelo if you could zoom in on this this actually be really cool so see this little square this is replicated on the entire vehicle and it’s meant specifically for a reason they call it their pixel oh so on the outside you got a little pixel there and if we come around to the side is

A very unique shape again the wheel base is so much stretched out they did it on purpose to be able to put more battery and capability in the floor um and real cool thing about this one again it’s rear-wheel drive oh so okay that means it’s more fun to drive come around this side this is where your charge port is okay and if you notice on the charge port there’s

Those little little dots again hold on all right so there’s these little dots again right yeah you can do it one of two ways you can hold you see that on that the key fob okay so if you hold it it will present itself and then within the charge itself this is your status okay so right now this vehicle is about three quarters charged gotcha so we’ll show we do the

Charging when you plug it in these actually illuminate um and tesla does not have that they do not but they have the little little light to let you know go into pulses that it’s yes if we look on this square inside the headlights they literally look like the little pixels if you look inside the headlights themselves the pixels are replicated again inside of the

Headlights that’s impressive and then if you look on these reflectors down here now again this is the sc so it’s the um it’s not the one on the upper echelon the higher trims these actually change color they actually change color to orange so your turn signals are in here as opposed to down here so one thing we always check we’ve done on the tesla we’ve done on

The maquis we’ve done on the tyco this is the frunk yes we were talking about this uh earlier that i wanted to show you something unique okay is something gonna pop out did you say it’s something gonna jump out i never know all right open the front okay so this obviously is not as big as your tesla it’s not like the maquis but it does give you a little bit of

Space you know if you were to put like cleaning products or yeah it’s just not as deep as the tesla right now the really weird thing is we’re so used to gasoline engines being up front right so when you open up this little space there’s your you have all of your steering system that’s actually in here to me this is this is the battery here yeah no this is just

The this portion of the battery charging system but then there’s like the steering and everything else in here oh wow and then there’s the coolants for the batteries itself and then your washer fluid which again there’s one two three four fluids on this vehicle and that’s all you have to check okay cool so outside let’s scale it on a one to ten ten being one of

The most beautiful vehicles you’ve ever seen in your entire life where would you put this in my entire life i mean i’d say it’s like an 8.5 that’s actually really high i mean i’m like i’m really impressed with this car i’m gonna go with eight yeah at least 8.5 to match yours as well i think this is one of the most unique evs on the market and i love that hyundai

Took this approach to it yeah it wasn’t just a copy and stamp of something else it’s unique completely its own thing okay so next we’re gonna jump into the inside okay take a look at all the fun stuff

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