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World Debut – Meet the New 2023 Ford Maverick TREMOR: Is This Fords TINY New Off-Road Raptor?

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Hey andre so um what does the color orange signify on a ford truck you know what it signifies fun strength and affordability no well i think that’s what ford wants you to say so thank you andre that’s a good ford commercial but no i think it means that there’s a new tremor in the world it is that’s exactly what it means so this is a world debut of the 2023 ford

Maverick trimmer so the tremor family is growing yeah do we have the other tremors in the family i was afraid you were going to ask me that oh oh there you go here it is so the first tremor i believe was that one right the super duty yep exactly so remember you went on an original unveiling of this it had a lift it had bigger tires and it now has a winch yeah and we

Actually reviewed when i got to take it to moab and i was actually impressed you know it’s it’s a nice uh affordable way to make a truck off-road worthy and the beauty of a tremor package i think in ford’s lineup is that it would cost you more to buy all the individual parts than it would to actually get it from the manufacturer and also they crash tested with the

Winch and it’s all certified it’s got 35s but we’re not talking about that are we talking about this one no how about how about the ranger trevor so i think next um the game the ranger trimmer similar kind of uh formula right they gave it a small lift bigger tires but it didn’t make it any wider it’s not a raptor right so the tremor really in the in their lineup

It’s not the ultimate raptor truck uh and it’s better than fx4 right it’s somewhere in the middle all right so let’s get to the meat of the story here and that is ford has just announced that there’s a new tremor in town yes and this is the maverick tremor so what about the nitty-gritty what do you get when you go for a tremor maverick yes so i want to start with

This roman because i had a chance to drive a maverick fx4 package yes which is basically an off-road version of the mini truck this is a compact truck in the fourth lineup and it was pretty good it had one problem one major problem no skid plates uh it kind of had a plate round brown clear ground clearance was a huge problem so ford is trying to address this they

Gave it a one inch lift oh that’s good is that enough yeah you know for a compact truck it’s enough so if it were you know a bigger truck i’d say no but one inch is good so yeah so total ground clearance is now 9.4 inches so if you think about other kind of light off-roaders right uh what comes to mind is like for example the outback the subaru right that has 8.7

Inches of ground clearance this has 9.4 so this is more than a lot of crossovers and they gave it a new all-wheel drive system really sophisticated really okay and how about tires they kind of kept basically the same fx4 tire which is already a pretty meaty one but they gave it the unique wheel so let me show you the wheels oh a lot of we’ll talk about trim later

Uh you can kind of still see the wheel in this picture they gave it a unique design and also a highlight does that orange color uh also go into the interior of the truck totally let’s see the interior so yeah so uh oh by the way by the way what motorcycle is that i was looking at these pictures i have no clue you know we have a bike channel and by the way guys

If you’re looking for a really cool bike yes head on over to tfl bids case and his crew basically took a 1970 honda trail 70 and completely stripped it down put it back together and they’re doing it as a charity auction uh for ride or down uh so go and check out tfl bids if you want a cooler bike than that to put in the back of your chamber so what motorcycle is

That let me know in the comments because i have no clue and i’m not a big motorcycle guy either and i was looking at this it’s not electric no um it has a carburetor right yeah right so let’s keep going okay so you asked about the interior so let’s take a quick look uh let’s see what they did to the interior so right now we’ve got a lift uh different wheels uh

And stickers right an all-wheel drive system and an updated all-wheel drive system okay all right there there we go we keep moving oh now this is how you find the the valve that’s smart i’m serious that’s a pretty thoughtful thing yeah it’s okay yeah the question is when you replace the tire will they do the same thing yeah that’s a good question it’s it’s a wild

Piece oh they’ll have to because there’s a hole there yeah okay duh uh so it’s a wild peak um 235 65 17. so they kept a 17 inch wheel uh package and stickers um and uh we’ll talk about pricing at the end of this video and also availability because a lot of uh viewers are probably saying oh that’s great guys but we can never buy it yeah the 2022 is already sold

Out yeah but we’ll mention uh more information oh yes and dude um before we get to the interior they gave it a really good approach angle 30.7 degrees of approach depending the toe hooks tommy would be really happy about this uh they added a couple of the skid plates uh the departure breakover angle was still eh the data is the breakover angle is 19.9 and the

Departure is 22.2 which it’s okay it’s not it’s not the best so by you saying it’s a better all-wheel drive system i take it you can’t get the two-wheel drive no and it’s only available the 2-liter turbocharged ecoboost engine uh only all-wheel drive but they gave it the based rear locking differential basically so it’s not like a selectable well it is a selectable

Locker but it’s using clutches um so you could overheat those potentially yep um but it’s also available those clutches are available on the bronco sport well there it is oh so yeah they did bring the orange accents into the interior of the truck it’s subtle it’s stitching we’ll we’ll show some more right here so tremor and the stitching and there is another

Oh there is the rear locker yeah yeah rear locker uh kind of front to back split right um and also all the off-road modes all the drive modes are still available including sand and mud what’s this burping snail that’s not a perfect snail what is that button extraction control okay i think it’s supposed to be a tire that’s isn’t it supposed to be a tire that’s

Spitting dirt yeah or a burping snake okay uh we also have hill descent control but now also trail control you know that off-road uh basically cruise control okay yes and how about this don’t go there don’t go there it’s uh uh auto hold okay so when you let off the brake it’ll hold you on the hill gotcha well but they’re showing some mud and rats mode as well so

All those driving modes are available including towing including slippery and normal are you gonna ask me about towing andre what about towing oh so look so uh this this lady uh brought her they brought their atv these guys look like they just had a massive argument i mean she’s got them look don’t don’t even dare talk to me look at her face you know like when you

Get an argument with your wife your girlfriend and she stares out the window and you’re like oh this is not going to be a comfortable ride i don’t know why i don’t know why that happened but um so 2 000 pounds of towing so it’s not a lot no you know they also have the 4k towing package on the regular maverick so this model does not get it but you can kind of see

The lift right you can kind of see the taller appearance there i say they’re maxing it out with that they probably are yeah so this machine what would weigh like 700 pounds yeah in the trailer so they’re probably maxing this thing out yeah exactly i like it i like the orange there too how it kind of ties into the turn signals it’s all really good i like the color

Too that kind of almost easter egg uh light blue it’s kind of cool it’s kind of trendy now right these kind of uh uh concrete or pastel pastel colors that are pretty cool yeah so you’re probably wondering about pricing i am how much does this bad boy set you back two thousand nine hundred and ninety five dollars it’s a package so you can order a maverick you

Could check about you know it has three thousand dollars basically yeah so it has to be an excel two-year-old area yeah you cannot get it in an excel work track so unfortunately so how much would that actually be if you added it to the cost of like a like a lariat it’s probably like in the 40 low 40 thousand dollar range so cheap yeah so it’s actually entering

Like lariat tremor it’s actually almost entering like the ranger territory really certainly yeah you’re at the ranger price for sure yeah definitely in the range of territory and speaking of other trucks there’s only really one other truck that competes with this right and we actually have it for a long term uh review and that is of course the santa cruz and

The santa cruz at this point offers basically two engine choices but no uh hybrid even though it’s um you know they have unavailable they will have one available so yeah and really the other thing that the santa cruz has with the bigger engine is a dual clutch which we have found does not work great off-road so talking to you there hyundai if if you’re you know

Looking at the competition slap that uh hybrid into the santa cruz and maybe give it a lift and some bigger tires and you’ll be right there with ford and i think um in the truck world uh there’s so much competition that they don’t leave a segment uncompeted for and since hyundai is new to the truck world maybe this might be a good way for them to understand how

People cross shop things yeah and they said the order banks for 2023 mavericks open in september okay and they’re going to start building them this fall so technically gosh by the end of this calendar year maybe early next year you’ll be able to get new models of mavericks so um obviously the question you guys might be wondering is if there’s a tremor will there

Be a raptor we don’t know well uh there’s a lot of other news right people are there are rumors playing about a plug-in hybrid uh hybrid oval drive maverick an ev1 ev1 uh there’s rumors about the raptor we don’t know anything of sorts uh we all we know is now is the tremor is going to be and we do know that there will be a ranger raptor and more good news roman

Yes they’re also opening order banks on other popular vehicles like they have 50 the transit the explorer so next model year is in full swing 2023 all that is coming well thank you guys remember check out if you want to stay on top of all the latest news because andre’s busy writing up stories the new lightning police truck yeah yeah we haven’t even

Talked about that so all that is at thank you for watching see you next time

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World Debut – Meet the New 2023 Ford Maverick TREMOR: Is This Ford’s TINY New Off-Road Raptor? By TFLnow