World Premiere of Rolls-Royce Dawn at Frankfurt IAA 2015

Watch the unveiling of “the most social and relaxed Rolls-Royce we have ever produced”. Torsten Müller-Ötvös – Chief Executive Officer of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars – introduces Dawn to the world at Frankfurt IAA 2015.

Good morning morning ladies and gentlemen it’s really a great pleasure to be in frankfurt once again and to welcome you here all to our rolls-royce press conference i’m also very pleased to welcome to our stand the chairman of rose rose motorcars and member of the board of management of the bmw group peter schwarzenberg peter it’s great to have you with us here and

Helping us all to welcome to the members of the board of rose rose motorcars ladies and gentlemen as i traveled here to the er very early this morning i was reminded that it is just darkest before the dawn and this early morning darkness is where apparitions such as tenten’s ghosts or wraiths i imagined only to be chased away by the energizing bursts of an early

Morning sunshine as one awakens to a new dawn and what we call the endless possibilities of a new day however the rolls-royce ghost wraith and also our pinnacle phantom are no apparitions they are very real reason why our company has enjoyed five consecutive years of record sales culminating in over 4,000 new rolls-royce’s commissioned in 2014 and the desire for

A pinnacle super luxury motorcars that customers and media like all the best cars in the world is the result of the authentic luxury offered by rolls-royce motor cars at rolls-royce we intimately understand what a truly authentic luxurious item should be it’s unique it’s handcrafted it’s comfortable it’s beautiful and above all it is rare and ladies and gentlemen

All these attributes are hall more of the new rolls-royce you are here to see today the new rolls-royce dawn has been inspired by one of the rarest and most beautiful rose roses ever the rolls-royce silver dawn drophead coupe a only 28 of these beautiful cars were hand-built by rose rose coach bill as in the late 40s and early 50s at a time when the world was

Emerging from great austerity and people were keen to resume and embrace la dolce vita and today a younger more mobile and social breed of customer wishes to enjoy the sweet life by joining our exclusive family of rolls-royce owners so moved by the authentic luxury of the beautiful motorcars we create at the home of rolls-royce in goodwood they have asked us for a

Definitive contemporary interpretation of open top luxury motoring which they are unable to find elsewhere in the market today a beautiful genuine four seater super luxury drop head and so ladies and gentlemen we have responded to their requests and as you are about to see our new rolls-royce thorn is strikingly seductive like no other rolls-royce drophead before

It’s an informal take on super luxury stylish and desirable it really is a car you can drive and enjoy every day and it will be the most social of super luxury motorcars or quite simply it represents a new dawn for open-top super luxury motoring so ladies and gentlemen it gives me great pleasure to present to you the much-anticipated rolls-royce dawn thank you

Ladies and bandit isn’t she beautiful and you will also notice that i haven’t lowered the roof of the new rolls-royce thorn yet and this is deliberate as what i’m presenting to you today is two cars not just one the new dawn resolves one issue that most other manufacturers can’t making an open-top car look beautiful with the roof up indeed with the hood up the

New rolls-royce thorn is not only exquisite but it is the quietest drop head on the market today the roof holds down rapidly at speeds of up to 50 k and it is the quietest folding roof ever created opening the roof lets the sunlight in and the full beauty of thorn bursts out and it becomes a totally different motorcar as you can see the beauty of new dawn’s design

Continues throughout its coachwork striking all led headlights provide the signature for the car adding a level of concentration to the masculine tone of the front end and by comparison dawn sensuality that is epitomized by the seductiveness of this well over the rear wheels and a unique feature of the dawn cabin is the rising belt line that lifts towards the rear

And circling the occupants and protecting them like the turned up color of a jacket and the beautiful wood on the tonneau deck showcases our unequaled rolls-royce craftsmanship and from here the eye is naturally drawn into the beautiful interior by way of this carefully crafted waterfall element which cascades down between the full-sized rear seats and of course at

The heart of thorn lies our celebrated 6.6 liter v12 twin turbocharged engine which delivers effortless relaxed yet swift cruising ladies and gentlemen dawn is the most social and relaxed rolls-royce we have ever produced so imagine yourself and your friends cruising down the pacific coast highway or along the cota sewer in this beauty there is sensuality combined

With fun and ultimate luxurious comfort and it is the best place in the world to be ladies and gentlemen thanks for joining us today and now please take a closer look at our beauty thank you very much you

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World Premiere of Rolls-Royce Dawn at Frankfurt IAA 2015 By Rolls-Royce Motor Cars