World Record Showdown Lamborghini Urus vs Tesla Model X P100D 1/4 mile Drag Racing

Watch the latest challenger, the all new Lamborghini Urus try and take down the Tesla Model X P100D ludicrous down the 1/4 mile at Palm Beach International Raceway.

Everybody brought your dad comes here we’re back out with the lamborghini eris and luke of course he’s not old enough to drive it yet but so i think i might be driving it but we’re going out to palm beach international raceway to race the tesla model x the same guy who set the record running 11 to 11 3 in the quarter-mile it’s nice and cool that we only get like

A week of cool weather here so i think i think we’re gonna do pretty well in the earth’s we’ve seen some other videos where the with a tesla beat it but i’m pretty confident that we’re gonna get it what do you think i think we’re gonna smack it i think you should raise your much lighter than i am yeah yeah but you can drag race yeah yeah completely nhra certified

Alright so in preparation we asked them to take everything out of the car no bags notebooks you take the floor mats out to no floor mat oh you left that’s five pounds floor mats are was a heavy s floor mat no they’re thin pieces of priya yeah i mean what is that i can’t have that in there that’s heavy no but these things are that’s like a pound right there i’ll

Take it out when we get there all right we’re ready that out we got about an hour now drive to the track and let’s get it done let’s get the lamborghini revenge on the tesla way sorrow drive in the woods i was thinking about flying down somebody else okay dog demon yeah but like right now it’s this test and – and i got to get this race done because my buddy can’t

Come up for the x and the whatever and i feel and i just put tires on so uh yeah i saw you put those tires on i was interested on my resume alright here’s jason and the model x p 100 d over there it is actually uris what’s up buddy yo yo hold on too much man i don’t know are you yeah no i’ve already been b once in my life you got it yeah no problem i don’t know

We’ll see he’s definitely gonna win in the rap battle when i was driving so 650 pounds all right so we’re about ready to race model x p 100 e versus the uris both cars are stock and i think it’s gonna be pretty close this is jason and he’s got the current world record for the world’s quickest suv horn in this car here at the track i personally think i’m going

To get him in the years we’ll see if i could catch him the numbers are really really close and it’s gonna be our reaction time and he’s deaf we got the advantage of reaction time because he races this thing non-stop i’ve actually never drag race the years before so i don’t want to red light already but it’s gonna be i mean this thing’s definitely gonna get off the

Line we’re gonna see if the ears can catch it i think it’s gonna be really close right now we gotta wait for the test low because it’s not the battery’s not completely heated up so we got like a couple minutes left i think it says estimated five minutes we got ludacris mode on ludacris plus so we got launch mode everything’s gonna be ready to go all

Right so we’re ready to go first run against the tesla i’m a little amped up because i just ran nine seven mclaren so here we go first run against a tesla model x yeah i got him that’s like that was close wow just a tiny bit and then you were catching up and then i just kind of held off no it didn’t crazy all right listen to our three oh you got me that time

With the light yeah alright man whoever gets the job wins the race it’s one to one i gotta come off sooner i thought he was gonna red light he came off so early at that time wow all right i gotta i spun off the line but i got him off the uh off the launch and i should be able to hold it off into a passive finish line mm there we go that’s two out of

Three yours has it wow so there’s a new king of different suvs no doubt about years is a beast set a new world record super super excited this is awesome you got the jump whoever gets a jump on that race takes as you can see by the other thing so we got the tesla model x previous king in the suvs and the eurus beat it by just a couple of hundreds i mean

It’s exactly a driver’s race anything could happen and wait till the summer wait till the summer yeah actually we had quite an advantage because it’s actually nice and cool out but if it’s hot out typical south florida day the us isn’t gonna run that kind of time summer yeah yeah but super impressive for the tesla super impressive for the lamborghini cuz up to

This time no one’s been able to keep up with the tesla hasn’t even been close look i’m the biggest test fan that was an awesome race yeah we’re racing to win yeah and that’s this way it goes at the end of the day elon come on we need people hundreds i put this bottle three batteries in this thing give us some more speed we want it it’s been two years right yeah

We’ve had our model s x and p 100’s for over two years so you want to go faster cars are catching up so come on let’s bring it up don’t let the test we’ll stay down for that long right yeah and to celebrate we got the boring flamethrower i don’t know where you don’t gonna point that towards me ya know i need to heat up the tires in the mclaren that’s a thumbnail

Right there so there you go thanks for watching everybody it’s a driver’s race i mean a reaction time basically won the race is even though the euros had just a couple hundreds on the tesla winnings winning and there you go also we ran the mclaren got nine seven in the mclaren bones stop we’re gonna stay out here for testing a little bit thanks

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